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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Sand, Sin and Tequila by Bebe Balocca

Thanks to Bebe Balocca for our Hump day excerpt from Sand, Sin and Tequila. Read on and be prepared to fan yourself down!

“You had your nips pierced, didn’t you?” Arden gasped. “That’s so hot. But, oh my God, did it hurt? I think it’s so sexy, but I’m scared to do it. Do you love it?”

Jess giggled. “Yeah, I do. It hurt like hell when they did it, especially since I was all alone, but I love having my nipples, you know, played with during sex, so I thought I’d like it. It feels incredible, like there’s always somebody tugging on them just a little bit. They just stay hard all the time. It’s awesome.” She tilted her head and asked, “Wanna see?”

“Um,” Arden stole a glance at Ram, who gestured with his hand for her to continue. “Yeah, I totally wanna see,” she said in a rush. “If you don’t mind.”

Jess whipped off her bikini top and tossed it aside. Each of her breasts was crowned with a gleaming silver hoop. The puckered pink tips rose from her golden skin—no bikini line in sight. Clearly Jess had been sunbathing topless in Belize, and possibly right on this very beach. How had Arden failed to see her? Apparently they’d missed out on more than just Hedwig, Magda and Brunhilde when they’d visited Xcaret and Tulum. Arden immediately wanted to explore those rings with her mouth. She imagined flicking her tongue over them, poking its tip through them and tugging ever so slightly, and then sucking on those little peaks…

“You should totally do it,” Jess nodded. She seemed completely oblivious to Arden’s lustful imaginings. “That is, if your nipples are the right shape for it.” Jess shrugged. “They probably are. You can just ask at the piercing parlor.” She leaned back on the reclined surface and idly flicked her nipple rings up and down as she spoke. “They can tell just by looking.”

Arden licked her lips. “What are my nips supposed to look like?” she inquired casually. “You know, in case I wanted to get it done once we get home.” Her own nipples contracted nervously at the thought of sharp metal poking through them, but the vision of Jess’s bosom adorned with pierced jewelry was wildly exciting. “Do they have to be a certain size?”

Jess shrugged. Her tanned breasts moved enticingly over her chest with the simple gesture. “I can check yours out if you want me to and see if it would work,” she offered. “I shopped around at a few piercing parlors before I got mine done and talked to the people there about it quite a bit. I’m not, like, an expert but I suppose I know a good bit about the whole process.”

Ram’s fingertips trace down a path down Arden’s spine. She could feel his excitement prickling into her back like static electricity gone wild.  

“Uh, sure, that’s a good idea,” Arden said, “since you know what to look for and all.”
She started to reach behind her back and untie her bikini.
“Let me help,” Jess insisted. She placed her arms around Arden and untied the string bikini’s bow in the middle of her back. A sheen of sweat gathered on Arden’s forehead as she endured the excruciatingly irresistible proximity of Jess’s body to her own. Her bare breasts, with those sweet little silver rings, were just inches from Arden’s mouth. Jess’s deft fingers found the bikini’s knots behind Arden’s neck and between her shoulder blades. She lifted Arden’s thick hair free of the bikini straps and slipped away her top.

“There,” Jess said brightly. “Oooh, nice rack! I’d love to have big boobs like yours.” Arden’s heart raced when Jess bent down to study her nipples up close. “Hmmm,” Jess mused thoughtfully. “Your nips seem kind of small, but at least they’re not inverted or flat.” She raised her hand to Arden’s breast and then paused. “Mind if I touch?” she asked politely. “I don’t want to invade your space or anything.” Arden nodded, her head jerking awkwardly. She didn’t trust herself to speak in anything resembling a normal voice.

Jess tilted Arden’s erect nipple to one side, then the other. Arden bit her lip to keep from groaning with pleasure. Jess’s small fingers pinched her skin lightly, plucking the nipple away from her breast and then releasing it to fall back toward her body. “Yeah, I think it’ll work,” Jess concluded. Her hand fell away from Arden’s breast. She looked up at Arden with shining eyes. “You could get it pierced, no problem.”

“B-b-both of them?” Arden stuttered. Ram slid his hand around her waist and pressed the bulge of his cock against the curve of her ass.

“Well, let’s see,” Jess said. She rubbed her fingertips over the nub of Arden’s other breast. Arden’s nipple contracted immediately. “It’s pretty hard right now, isn’t it?” Jess noted. “Is it like that all the time, or just when you’re cold?” She took it between her fingers and rolled it. “Or turned on,” she added with a laugh. “My nips get hard as rocks when I’m turned on.” Arden swallowed with effort. Her body was aflame with impatient excitement, and she knew that Ram must be in utter torment. “This one’s good, too, Arden.” Jess abraded Arden’s nipple lightly with her fingertips as she continued. “You know what some of the piercing parlors do?” Jess asked. Arden shook her head dazedly. “Some of them use ice to numb your nips before they pierce them. It makes them really stiff, so the needle will go right through and you’ll barely feel it.” Arden licked her lips. Her heartbeat raced. “Wanna try it?” Jess proposed. “Not the piercing, but the ice part? Just to see what happens?”

“Okay,” Arden whispered.

Arden and Ramsay are enjoying the decadent flavors of the Caribbean – and each other – but there’s one exotic spice that they crave. They’d hoped that this trip to a posh resort would be the perfect opportunity to find the playmate of their fantasies, but it’s the last day of their stay and there’s no third to be found.

Jess is single, uninhibited and lovely, and more than willing to serve as the cherry on top of Arden and Ram’s tropical dessert.  She brandishes a bottle of tequila and the promise of a night of firsts that the Tennessee couple will never forget.

With the ocean waves as their soundtrack and a tented beach bed as their dining room table, Ramsay, Arden and Jess take part in a sweet feast for the senses. It’s too bad that this three-course meal will only be served for one night… or will it?

Not enough for you? You can purchase Sun, Sin and Tequila from Amazon and Ellora's cave. Be sure to stop by Bebe's Facebook page to tell her how much you enjoyed it!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me over to share a bit of Sand, Sin and Tequila. It was a treat to be here on this chilly old Wednesday. Sure wish I were on a plane to the beach right now. ;)