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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thumb up Thursday - Exiles Bane by Nicole Margot Spencer

Today I'm sharing a book that I read quite a while ago, before I even started writing I think, and it stuck with me, so I'm giving it the thumbs up  this week ~ S

This story is set in the English Civil War when Cromwell is on the verge of victory. I tend to stick with medieval or Georgian romances so this was quite a step out of the ordinary for me and I've not seen many romances set in this era.

The story itself is dramatic and exciting and the main villain is very malicious. There are elements of the story that some may find disturbing but in all it didn't bother me. It chops and changes quite quickly, as they find themselves overcoming numerous obstacles and it is quite exhausting to keep up with but I still found myself gripped and rooting for the hero and heroine.

The hero, Duncan, was unusual to my mind, not your typical romantic lead male, but you could understand the heroines, Elena's, attraction to him and he was very dashing at times. Elena was bold and brave though not without her weaknesses which I enjoyed. I thought her portrayal was realistic as I loathe heroines who don't show an ounce of fear.

All in all, a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend it to historical romance lovers.
The year is 1644, Lancashire, England, in the midst of the English Civil War between King and Parliament. Elena Roland, a resolute heiress who suffers precognitive visions, fights to defend her fortress against siege, and against her uncle’s attempt to eliminate her right to the land. She refutes the betrothal forced upon her, but her uncle strikes her down. Duncan Comrie, a cavalier captain and an exiled Scot, is ordered to imprison Elena, and an overwhelming, sensual need springs up between them. All too soon, power-hungry Edward Gorgon arrives to collect his bride.

A unique first person perspective, depth of character, and realism drive this novel of corrupted power, loyalty, lust, ancient curses, love, deceit, and personal torment.

Purchase Exile's Bane here.

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