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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thumbs Up Thursday - Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie

This book defined my teen reading years. I discovered the delights of Mills & Boon (British version of Harlequin to our American readers) at about fourteen and this happened to be one of them - then released as part of the Temptation series.

What instantly struck me about this book is the flawed, very human characters. Zack and Lucy are instantly likeable, with realistic character traits that you just know would meld well together. Zack is an edgy, fly by the pants kinda guy who is slowly starting to come to grips with the idea of his own mortality. His self-depreciating humour is unbearably sexy and his scruffy cop image has forever influenced how I picture my perfect hero.

Lucy is logical, slightly shy and is always doing things for the right reasons. She's a homebody and offers everything Zack doesn't have. She sees her attraction to Zack as completely illogical. Lucy is so like many of us, quiet initially but fun once you get to know. Her many hair colour changes are hilarious as I'm sure many of us have been there!

Ms Crusie's writing style to my mind is completely unique. And I love that. There's no apologies for going against the 'rules' of writing. I saw things in this book that I've never seen anywhere else. The way the dialogue is handled is unusual but so very readable. It flows perfectly and is such a wonderful example of how you can use your own writing style to your advantage. Their dialogue is witty, quick and never fails to capture your attention.

With a supporting cast of a dirty yellow cat, a tough sister, a partner that has his life totally in order, a cop nicknamed 'junior' and a disproving neighbour, this story is full of fun. But don't worry, the romance is still top priority. While the sex scenes are heated, they verge on the more subtle side of sensual and the element of suspense running through it keeps the reader on the edge. The final scenes are dramatically romantic, in a homely, realistic way. The showdown between the hero and the villain is so perfectly normal yet is enough to get your heart pounding. In the story Lucy is shot at, has her car and bed blown up and her windows shot out yet if all seems perfectly  - to quote Lucy - logical. It never feels like anything is forced into the storyline.

And thank goodness, Zack is of course on hand to protect Lucy, whether she really needs it or not...

You can purchase Getting Rid of Bradley on Amazon.

~ S

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