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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Author of the Month: Delena Silverfox

Congratulations to Delena who is our author of the month for April! If you're a romance/erotica author, don't forget to to enter via the tab at the top. Here's what Delena has to say about herself! 

Oh lordy, where to begin?

I never know what to say in a bio. It's never all that interesting! At least, I never think so. 

I am a mother to a wonderful little girl who is undoubtedly a genius (bent on world domination, starting with her stuffies), getting married in the near future to a wonderful man here in the Midwest, and newly published author with Naughty Nights Press. I am a proud card-carrying member of the Romance Writers of America. Joining the RWA was the first thing I did when I received my acceptance letter from NNP, after breaking the news to everyone I knew, that is. 

By day, I am a work-at-home mom with a toddler, freelance writer, and Psych student in GCU's online campus. I changed my major from English/Creative Writing to Psychology after enduring hostile prejudice against sci-fi/fantasy writers in the college environment. 

Writers, indeed any artistic type, I think, has a fragile enough ego without having to wade through the sucking mire of, "OMG, you are not even worth the dirt beneath my boot," atmosphere at snooty colleges. So I changed my major to another hobby of mine and continued to write online. 

When I'm not writing, or doing homework, or housework, or being a mom, I'm pretty sleep-deprived. I love spending time cooking, sewing clothes, crocheting, and researching new topics. 

Yes, I research random stuff for fun! To be a writer, one is a student of life. I am a student of the world around me. 

You can find Delena on her blog and Facebook page.

She was the spoiled only child of a wealthy country lord, with a reputation as "used goods." 

After rumors of her running wild at night with a commoner in taverns, Anya is drugged and forced to wed the Duke of Eodel, the wealthiest and most powerful Lord in the kingdom. When he strips her naked and whips her through the streets of Eodel for the marriage procession, she is humiliated. After weeks in his dungeons, her defiance is exhausted and she despairs at her fate. Once she is delivered to her nuptial suites and locked inside, Anya comes face to face with the darker side of her new husband.

He is a cynic and a sadist.

More than his reputation was on the line when the Duke of Eodel wed the lowly Earl of Allimor's strumpet daughter: untold wealth was his for the taking. All it would cost him would be to wed a wild, spoiled brat in the habit of throwing tantrums when she didn't get her way. In his cruel instruction he finds the pleasure he always derived from a woman's pain as she slowly broke beneath his ministrations, but with Anya he finds something troubling. As she goes deeper into her own surrender, her beauty and passion move him...

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