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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Teaching Tom to Share by Nia Bradley

Thanks to Nia for this hot, hot excerpt. If this doesn't perk you up, then nothing will!
Teaching Tom to Share
By Nia Bradley
Copyright © 2012  by Nia Bradley. All rights reserved.

Tom leant forwards and kissed Rachel deeply, a long sensuous kiss that surprised her with its tenderness. He worked his way down her body; kissing and nibbling at her ears and neck, trailing a winding path of kisses across her tits, paying particular attention to each nipple in turn. She gasped and moaned as Tom worked his way down her body and shook a little with anticipation as his tongue and lips worked her nipples in to stiff little peaks.

Planting kisses on his way across Rachel's stomach and down to her sopping wet pussy, Tom began slowly teasing her. He nibbled and licked her outer lips, tracing the line of each with his tongue and savouring the moment. Rachel groaned, enjoying the teasing but hungry for more, much more. She grabbed Tom's head and pushed him towards her clit, letting out a long moan of pleasure when he began caressing it with the tip of his tongue.

The bed shook in time with the spasms racking Rachel's body as her climax built rapidly, Tom's tongue working her in to a frenzy. She let out a long gasp and arched her back, her tits thrust up towards the ceiling and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her screams were almost loud enough to make Tom stop, but he carried on through her heady orgasm, bringing her down gently until she flopped back down to the bed.

“Fuck me Tom that was incredible!”

Tom just smiled. He had a sudden urge to look towards the doorway but when he did so it was open but empty. He started to stand up to shut it, but Rachel grabbed hold of him and flipped him over on to his back, straddling him with her long legs either side of his hips. She rested her sopping pussy on his cock and with a naughty grin, began to slide herself backwards and forwards on his manhood. She kept her eyes locked with Tom's, biting her lip and letting out shallow gasps of pleasure as her tempo built.

Watching Rachel's tits bobbing up and down, Tom ogled her beautiful naked body. He walked his hands up her thighs and across her stomach, reaching up to her tits and massaging them with his hands. Rachel gave him an appreciative smile and slid forwards just enough to catch the end of his cock with her pussy, slipping the well lubricated length deep inside her in one swift action. They both moaned in unison and Rachel began gyrating and bouncing up and down on Tom's erect cock.

The speed of their fuck built quickly, an unspoken need to just cum together, hard and fast. Rachel closed her eyes and ran her hands up Tom's torso, thrusting her hips up and down and banging the bed head against the bedroom wall with her powerful strokes. She started gasping and moaning in time with her downwards thrust, her face contorting in pleasure racked intensity.

A noise from across the room distracted Tom momentarily. He looked up and could see that Rachel had heard nothing and still had her eyes closed. Rolling his head to the side he looked to the doorway and was shocked to see Naomi stood there, completely naked. Her eyes were locked on to his and the scene in front of her, with her hands she was squeezing her left tit and working her little clit as frantically as she could. Tom could see her pussy was completely shaven, her puffy lips swollen from her excited thrumming. Her perfect little tits were just as pert as they had looked through her sheer top, her nipples distended from her playing with them. As Tom looked up to her face she mouthed something to him, “I want you” perhaps? Her lithe little body shook with a powerful orgasm that had her sinking to the floor, only the slightest muffled gasp escaping from her lips. She seemed almost comatose lay there with her legs splayed and her hot little pussy wide open, dripping with wetness that Tom longed to taste. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tom agrees to give extra tutoring to his attractive 18 year old student Naomi, but gets more than he bargained for when Naomi and her confident and sexy mother, Rachel, both seem to want a piece of him.

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