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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thumbs up Thursday: Pursuit by Andre SanThomas

Today I'm giving the thumbs up to BDSM erotica author, Andre SanThomas and the book I read most recently by her ~ S

This is the second book I've read by Ms SanThomas and was thoroughly worth every penny! I'm definitely a huge fan of her work. Andre is herself a submissive so understands the strong bond of trust between the submissive and the dominant. It is this bond that fascinates me the most and is almost more interesting to me than the erotic scenes. I like the BDSM stuff I read to have that connection and the understanding that it is not about pain or humiliation but about trust and caring, something Ms SanThomas is brilliant at putting across. 

While Garrett is high-handed, authoritarian and arrogant, he also genuinely cares for Botany, his submissive. Lovers of BDSM will recognise this in Andre's writing. Garrett is everything anyone would want from a master and Botany plays the submissive very well. She is an outwardly bold character but inwardly enjoys being submissive to Garrett. No, this is no lovey dovey story, but it is extremely hot and every submissive's dream! Botany also reveals her strength of character at the end of the story, showing that it is possible to be a submissive without being weak.

Andre's writing skills are next to perfect. She really sucks you into the mindset of both characters and this is a wonderfully crafted story, guaranteed to get your heart racing. If you enjoy well-written, realistic stories of submission this is for you, and if you are curious about the idea of it, then this a fantastic glimpse into an extremely erotic world.

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