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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thumbs up Thursday: Enslaved by Christina Phillips

I love a good historical romance and Enslaved is set during the turbulent years of the Roman occupation of Britain, a real treat for a history buff like myself.

Enslaved throws you straight into the action, bringing together the two characters very quickly. Nimue's independent and courageous character comes across easily as does Tacitus' honorable and generous nature. But all will not go smoothly for them in spite of the electrifying chemistry between them. In order to protect Nimue, Tactitus purchases her - an act of benevolence on his behalf but Nimue doesn't see it as so. Having witnessed many of the horrors of the Roman occupation, she is quick to judge Tacitus as no better than any other Roman - something she fights against for a long time as she grows to learn about him.

Tacitus is gorgeous though not as 'alpha' as I assumed he would be. He is strong, determined and intelligent, and he reveals himself to be strongly principled. He has a real weakness where Niumue is concerned and I never tire of seeing a warrior fall under a woman's spell.

Nimue has a strong sense of duty and is an interestingly confident character. Her seduction of Tactitus made for sexy reading. She struggles with how to do her duty and protect the man that she is ultimately falling for as she realises he is nothing like the callous Roman she thought him to be.

Though the story begins and ends with action, for the most part the drama comes from the push and pull between the characters. Well written and crafted, Ms. Phillips draws you into their world and I could easily picture their surroundings without being bored by tons of description. I hungered desperately for them to come to an understanding, to bridge the divide between their cultures but I must admit for a few moments I wasn't even sure if it was going to happen, leaving me biting my nails for quite a few pages!

The sexy scenes are erotic, almost coarse sometimes, but insanely sensual and at its heart - as I feel it should be with any erotic romance - very romantic. Their first moment together is born of really strong chemistry but you can see the budding romance and it makes for some very powerful moments. The scenes are definitely not just about sex and focus beautifully on the human connection while making for erotic reading.

If you enjoy historical romances with some steam, you are sure to to enjoy this and I would expect most romance readers to enjoy it. Although the setting is gripping and enthralling, Ms. Phillips manages not to dictate a history lesson to the reader but simply draws you in, allowing the focus to stay on the two most important people.

Definitely recommended for lovers of great writing, well fleshed out characters and hot, beautiful romance.
In 51 A.D., Druid priestess Nimue is injured and enslaved by the hated Roman Legions. Even though she is drawn to her captor, she’s determined to escape and complete her mission for the Briton king and her duty to Arianrhod, the goddess she is bound to.

The tough Roman warrior who captures her is far from the brutal barbarian she expects. His touch inflames her desires and passion burns between them. Though Nimue does not accept her enslavement, her heart surrenders to her enemy. When Arianrhod appears to her in the form of an owl, Nimue knows the union is blessed.

Roman warrior Tacitus is enchanted by the fiery beauty who shows no fear and challenges him at every turn. Though enslaving her goes against his heart, he’s determined to make her his. No woman has ever heated his blood as she does. But when he discovers her true nature as one who actually communes with the gods, his loyalties are torn between his heritage and a woman who could destroy everything he’s ever believed in.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt and Giveaway: Breaking Laura by J.A. Bailey

Please welcome erotica author, J.A to our blog today. She's sharing a smokin' excerpt from her latest release, Breaking Laura AND giving away five copies of one of her hot short stories, A Private Lesson. Be sure to enter via the rafflecopter below.
Courage sapped by his dark eyes, she swam over to the steps. On her like a tiger, he swam quickly after her and she failed to prevent the surprised yelp as she grabbed on to the metal steps and his arms came around her, gripping the railings. She twisted around to find him looming over her, the water dripping from his hair onto her face. The haunted look no longer lingered in his gaze, instead hunger seeped into it and twisted her stomach.
“You are trying to swim away your frustration,” he stated.
Laura gaped up at him, her shaky fingers curling around the stair railings, just beneath his hands. His body pressed into hers, making the steps dig into her back.
“Are you frustrated, Laura?”
“Are you?” she threw back.
A wry smile quirked on his lips. “Yes. God help me, I am.”
His mouth came down upon hers, causing a gasp. She heard his muffled curse as his hands twined under her damp hair and his tongue pressed into her mouth. Powerless against the onslaught, she gripped stupidly at the railings as her body responded to his touch.
Arching into him, she kissed him back. Even as she fought it, her body craved him. One hand released her hair and worked its way down to the edge of her tankini. Strong fingers invaded under the stretchy fabric and forced their way up until they clamped around one taut, aching nipple.
She groaned as his hand held her hair tight and he plucked at her nipple. Heat pooled in her belly and even in the cold of the pool, hot arousal seeped from her pussy. His hairy legs brushed against hers and she bucked into his cock. Fuck, why did she want him so badly? Was it the way he’d fucked her earlier? Had he broken something inside of her? If only she hadn’t given in and told him her twisted desires.
Laura masturbated herself against his cock as shame heated her cheeks. Spikes of pleasure flicked through her bud as she worked up and down him and his breaths came harder. Suddenly he yanked on her hair and forced her stare up at him.
Her throat threatened to close over as his hand left her hair and found her hips, his thumbs pressing under her tankini bottoms. She couldn’t have looked away if she tried. Hunter peeled away the swimsuit and Laura gulped, her hands still clutching at the bars as she lifted her legs and he pulled them from her.
The cool water rushed about her heated cunt and she whimpered as he flattened his erection against her. Gaze locked onto hers, he retreated and yanked down his swim shorts. Coarse hands squeezed at her arse as he fitted himself against her.
“What do you want, Laura?” he asked roughly.
“You, Sir,” she keened as his teeth came down on her ear and clamped around her lobe. “Oh God, you.”
Laura has just signed up for a term at the exclusive school for submissives. But all is not as it seems. The sexy blonde is hiding the real reason she's there. As the classes progress, Laura is forced to face some truths about her problems with sex along with her growing attraction to her mentor, the dark and distracting Mr Hunter.

Mr Hunter promises to whip her into shape as a sub but before long he is uncovering many of her deepest secrets and desires. But will he discover her biggest secret? And can Mr Hunter really help Laura overcome her issues with his rough methods? 

Laura's first days at Hollybourne school promise to be filled with pain, pleasure and plenty of desire, whether she wants it or not.

You can find J.A. on her Facebook page and purchase Breaking Laura on Amazon.

Win a copy of A Private Lesson below a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday Memes

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's that time of the week again so have some laughs on us.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday Storyteller Interview: Tamara Hoffa

Please welcome Tamara to our blog today who is sharing her latest release and explaining how she creates the perfect hero!
What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hi, I’m Tamara Hoffa. I currently live in McEwen, Tennessee, a small town about forty miles west of Nashville. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to South Florida when I was sixteen. I spent twenty-plus years in Florida before becoming a half-back. That’s what locals call we Northerners, who move all the way south and then… you got it, half way back.
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Roping Love is a short contemporary romance. Chance was Carrie’s first boyfriend, first love, first lover, first broken heart. After ten years they meet again and the sparks still fly. But, Carrie doesn’t want anything to do with the cowboy who stomped on her heart. Chance is bound and determined to win her back. This time he is going to win. He is going after her and she doesn’t stand a chance, just like a calf in a shoot, he is going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from life. Yes, be warned, if you are my friend you may find yourself in one of my books! My first story, Heart of a Soldier was inspired by my two best friends. Both of whom have sons who joined the military. Roping Love was inspired by my own past. Not the romance in the story, but I showed Quarter horses for many years and competed in the All American Quarter Horse Congress, where part of Roping Love takes place.
How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?
I love the line in “As Good as it Gets” when Jack Nicholson is asked “How do you right women so well?” and he replies “I think of a man, and then I remove all reason and accountability”. I think of a man, and then I add… no not really. I just write men I would love to have in my life. Strong, handsome, generous, sweet, hot and loving.
What’s your biggest turn on?
Touch. I love it when my husband steals up behind me and kisses my neck. When he brushes a hand across my shoulder as he passes my chair, and holds my hand as we sit side by-side.
If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
I always wanted to teach. I did teach Cosmetology for a year and I loved it.  
What do you do to unwind and relax?
Relax? What’s that? I have a full time day job, a husband, three children, two grandchildren (who all live with me) I edit, review, beta read, and write. But, if I’m not doing any of that, I am reading. Reading is my escape. That’s why I love to write. I want to give my readers that few moments of living someone else’s life.
What’s your greatest weakness?
The inability to say “no”
What trait do you find the sexiest?
If you mean physically, then I guess size (behave, that’s not what I mean) I love big men. Tall and muscular. But, beyond the physical, I like a man with a sense of humour and a kind heart.
How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
I like pretty steamy romance. But, I DO want it to be romance. So I write it that way (I hope)
Is there any erotic scenarios you wouldn’t write about?
No, I haven’t ventured into anything too kinky as yet, but there is time…
What do you do to get in the mood for writing love scenes? Candles, music etc?

It’s kind of funny I guess, but I don’t do anything to “set the mood” I usually write at night, when everyone else in the house is asleep. The television is often on in the background and I am just lost in my own world. The characters actually make up their scenes, I just write them down as they happen. (Yes, writers are crazy!)
Ten Years ago love slipped through Chance’s lasso. This time “He was going after her and she didn’t stand a chance, just like a calf in a chute, he was going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.”
Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, Chance Ryan. After ten years of absence Chance shows back up in her life. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance has some serious work ahead of him to win back the one woman he could never forget.
Purchase Roping Love on Amazon, ARe, Secret Cravings Publishing and Bookstrand.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hot Hump Day: Highland Haven

Today's Hot Hump Day Excerpt is a bit of a teaser from Highland Haven by Krystal Brookes. It's the second book in the Kilrigh Heat Series but all books are standalone titles. Erin is watching Finlay play shinty (a rough sport which is like hockey and only played in the Highlands of Scotland).

But Erin became distracted watching Finlay who had bent over to tie his bootlace His pert butt stuck up in the air, the light blue cotton shorts becoming completely transparent as they became wet. He didn't appear to have any underwear on. She was willing him to stand up and turn around. Brodie leaned over and whispered something to him. Finlay nodded and straightened.
“OK guys. Practice over. See you next time.” He grabbed his shinty stick and picked up a few balls, tossing them into a box before heading towards Erin. “Are you mad, woman?” His face was scrunched up in an effort to shield his eyes from the lashing rain but her gaze was drawn downwards. He definitely wasn’t wearing any underwear.
“My skin's waterproof.”
He chuckled and wiped his thumb over her cheek. “Maybe, but your mascara's not.”
Oh no! She must look like a panda. She swiped at her cheeks and ran her thumb knuckle gently under her each eye, dismayed by the trail of black makeup left on her hand.
“Come on, let's go back to your place before I ravish you out here on the shinty field.”
As they walked the few hundred yards back to her house, Finlay placed his arm on her shoulder, bringing her in to nestle at his side.
“Your shorts are see-through,” she murmured as she reached a hand down to cup his groin.
“Erin, don't do that or I'll be in an awful predicament.”
“We're only a few yards from my gate,” she pointed out, glancing around for sign of life on the street. When she didn't see anyone, she became bolder and rubbed her thumb along his hardening shaft.
“You're wicked.” He opened the gate and followed her up the path. She reached into her pocket for her key but before she could get the door unlocked, Finlay spun her and pressed her back against the door, claiming her lips. Erin yielded immediately, opening her mouth and allowing him to plunge his tongue inside. He gently tickled her upper palate before tangling his tongue with hers. He held her close, clasping her around the waist and pressing his pelvis into hers. She broke the kiss and dragged his lips along his jawline and down the side of his neck. Something was jabbing her in the side.
“Fin, your stick is poking me.”
“Hmm, I haven't heard it called that before.” He captured her lips in a quick kiss before she pulled away again.
“I'm not talking about the one in your shorts. I mean your shinty stick.”
“Oh!” He laid it against the door jamb and bowed his head to kiss her neck. “By the way, it's called a caman. People will think you are a Sassenach if you call it a stick.”
“I thought Sassenachs were English people.”
“It's also a less than affectionate term for a lowlander.” Finlay now had his hands under her sweatshirt and was teasing her nipples with his thumb as he nibbled on her neck.
“Maybe we should take this inside.” She held up the keys, which were hanging on her middle finger. Finlay barely moved his mouth away from her neck, while he fiddled to find the correct key and put it in the door. There was a click and the door gave way.


When Erin Murray decides to escape her past in Glasgow, she picks the small island of Kilrigh as her haven. Arriving at her new home, she's alone and scared, but is welcomed by the overly cheerful laird's son. But the tall, dark and sexy Finlay must earn her trust--something she's not willing to give easily.

Erinbegins to let the walls of her heart come down, only for her past to darken Kilrigh. Can Finlay keep her world from falling apart and can their budding relationship survive this threat?

Buy now from: Amazon UK or Amazon US

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday Storyteller Interview: Helen Johnston

Please welcome Helen to our blog today. Helen tells about what inspires her and her biggest weaknesses!
What’s your name and where do you come from?
Helen Johnston, Hampshire, England.
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Innocence Lost, is the first of a set of three books, the series is called the Journeys of Innocence. It’s basically a love story, the corny saying “love can conquer all.” You are taken on a journey with twists in it. There are characters to fall in love with, to hate, and everything in between. Vampires that have fangs, and do bite, but not necessarily on the neck... Plenty of hot steamy sex that will tease your senses and leave you craving more...
Where do you get your inspiration from?
For this book I kept having the same scene play and replay in my mind and decided one day, as I was bored with what was on TV, to write it down. That scene is a little way into the book. I wanted to write about a couple meeting, being parted for whatever reason and proving their love for one another was so strong that no matter what happened to them.
I started out wanting to write a book that I would find sexy, enjoyable, and hard to put down. With characters that I loved, and hated, that was believable. I wrote it for myself with no intention of trying to sell it.

How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?
I started with Blake and he was easy to do as he had been in my mind for a few years before I started to write. So I knew what he had to be. Tall, dark, charismatic, everything I could put into making a swoon worthy man went into him.
Do you have a favourite character from your books? Why are they your favourite?
I do, my leading man Blake, because it all started with him. I'm only the one telling his and Siobhan’s story. He has been the one constant thing while all the madness happened.  

What do you do to unwind and relax?
I work full time away from the home, and write as much as I can, so I don’t get a lot of time to relax as there is something always to do. Being married with a family I wish I could split myself into about three parts so I could do everything equally.  But when I get time to myself, I read and a real indulgence would be to read while soaking in the bath with bubbles. But that doesn't happen very often.
What’s your greatest weakness?
Chocolate and handbags.
What trait do you find the sexiest?
I have a great love for animals, so a man has to be good with them and a wicked sense of humour.
Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?
It’s all completely from my imagination.
What do you do when you’re not writing?
I'm either at work, doing housework or some other real life stuff. I only wish I could write full time...
Tell us something that might surprise our readers.
I started writing seven years ago, and didn’t know how to even turn on a computer let alone know how to work the Micro Office Word. I've had to learn everything myself from scratch.
Helen Johnston grew up in her home town in Hampshire, England. Her childhood dreams filled with the desire to become a dancer. An only child she was never alone, her years spent entertained with her vivid imagination. She met and married her husband not long after leaving school and soon after their son was born, their family is made complete with Helen's two cats that are spoiled rotten which results in them often thinking they rule the home.
Her life consisting of home life and a few jobs in the retail industry her vivid imagination refused to stay quiet and combined with her love of erotica and all things vampire she decided to try her hand at writing and has never looked back.
Get sucked into the Journey that is Innocence Lost. Impossibilities and heartaches, wonder if love prevails all. Join us as we follow the story of Siobhan and Blake as they battle through the trials and tribulations of two very different worlds.
Blake is an Elder Vampire, over four hundred years old, dark, mysterious, bold, tall, and extremely gorgeous, as only a vampire as he could be. Centuries of feeling incomplete, knowing there’s a part of him that is missing, a part he yearns to be complete. Never knowing he would find this in the oddest way. A chance meeting with a gypsy fortune teller has him intrigued when she foretold of when and where he could find his Queen.
But he is warned there would be many brutal obstacles to be overcome before any kind of happy ever after could be accomplished, before his Queen, the missing link to his soul, the woman whom would complete him, would be safe in his arms.
Siobhan, pronounced (Ser-bi-on) is a beautiful young woman, an innocent, on holiday with her friends when she unexpectedly meets a tall charismatic man who completely and utterly sweeps her off her feet. She is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. He's so sexually dominant, taking his time to initiate her, step by slow step, patiently and completely too all the carnal pleasures, her body could endure. What he made her feel... 
But unbeknown to either of them, a dark and evil presence from Blake’s past has been observing them, planning to shred their worlds apart, and sooner rather than later. Siobhan is cruelly ripped from his embrace and is thrust into a world beyond anything she has ever dreamt of or could ever have imagined existed. 
Follow us as Blake has to battle with forces he’s not sure he can defeat all to bring home the one and only woman he would ever have, love and desire with all that he is.
Welcome to Innocence Lost
Purchase Innocence Lost on Amazon.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Submission Call

***********Permission to forward granted**********

Love, Lust, and Lipstick Stains are pleased to announce a call for their first anthology.

Theme: Love Through the Ages.

We are seeking high quality, sensually erotic stories ranging from 5k-15k words to be part of this exciting anthology.

Whilst modern stories will be considered, we are looking for unique stories with interesting historical details. Whatever period of time you love, we want to see. Are you a Viking fanatic? Does a wartime romance tickle your fancy? Do you want to rummage under the petticoats of those uptight Victorian ladies? If so, we want your stories.

All stories should be a HEA or a HFN with a view to a HEA. Romance is key. Language should range from sensual to explicit as long as the focus is on the romance.
Manuscripts should be well edited, complete and formatted as follows:
12 Times New Roman
I.5 spacing
0.5cm indents
Justified text
Please include your address, email and legal name on the front of your full manuscript and a blurb/short synopsis in your query email.
Manuscripts should be submitted to with Love Through the Ages in the subject line.
Deadline for submissions:  1st October 2013
Please allow up to four weeks for a response.

Publishing and payment details
LLALS will pay $65 - $200 depending on manuscript length. All cover art and editing services will be provided. Stories will be release individually no later than two months after the release of the anthology. A print version of the anthology will be available after sales targets have been reached.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Betrayed by Christina Phillips

Thanks to Christina for donating this hotttt excerpt to keep us all inspired through the week!

“Roman.” The word was scarcely above a whisper, and wrapped around his reeling senses like a seductive embrace of purest silk. Her right hand slid from his neck, over his shoulder and along his arm. It was a light caress and yet as arousing as if she slid her naked body along him instead.
Gods. What was he thinking? Marcellus had warned him not to have her tonight. She was injured. She was under the influence of opium.
She was his slave.
Still, he couldn’t move. He remained kneeling on the floor beside her as her hand curled around his wrist. The light was oddly dimmed and yet he could see her delicate features and the fragile outline of her enticing body. And still he could not find the strength of will to stand up and leave.
“Are you man enough for me, Roman?” Her words were heated, provocative. A blatant challenge. “I’ve never had a barbarian before.” She smiled, as if that thought gave her great amusement and he battled against the renewed lust that thundered through his blood at her taunts.
“You will lie here and rest.” It was an order. Any other woman—any other man—would have instantly quailed. But this Celt, this slave—who did not even know she was a slave—merely offered him another sultry smile and pulled on his hand.
He didn’t resist.
She dragged his hand between her thighs and pressed him against her slick core. Air hissed between his clenched teeth as her feminine dampness caressed his fingers, as she rolled her hips and a breathy sigh escaped her lips.
“Don’t you want me, Roman?” She increased pressure on his hand and of their own volition his fingers pushed against her soft gown, seeking and finding the wet opening of her welcoming pussy.
Primal need thudded through his veins, tightened his rock-hard balls. This was madness. Feverishly his fingers bunched up her gown, exposing her thighs, until he gripped the material and wrenched it up to her waist.
Honey-blonde curls crowned her glistening lips, her flesh plump and pink and deliriously tantalizing. Mesmerized by the sheer eroticism of how she angled her hips toward him and by her evocative musky scent that caused his cock to thicken, he couldn’t remember why taking her was such a bad idea.
He trailed the tips of his fingers over her belly and then lower, teasing her soft curls. She sighed in evident pleasure and collapsed back onto the pallet as if she no longer possessed the strength to entice him. But he needed no additional enticement.
Everything he needed was here, between her spread thighs.
She was wet and hot. His finger slid along her cleft, her soft folds promising a wild, unforgettable ride. Breath rasped along his throat, need pounded through his groin, sanity sank beyond the fiery horizon.
She was willing. She was ready. And she was his.
In 51 A.D., Druid priestess Nimue is injured and enslaved by the hated Roman Legions. Even though she is drawn to her captor, she’s determined to escape and complete her mission for the Briton king and her duty to Arianrhod, the goddess she is bound to.
The tough Roman warrior who captures her is far from the brutal barbarian she expects. His touch inflames her desires and passion burns between them. Though Nimue does not accept her enslavement, her heart surrenders to her enemy. When Arianrhod appears to her in the form of an owl, Nimue knows the union is blessed.
Roman warrior Tacitus is enchanted by the fiery beauty who shows no fear and challenges him at every turn. Though enslaving her goes against his heart, he’s determined to make her his. No woman has ever heated his blood as she does. But when he discovers her true nature as one who actually communes with the gods, his loyalties are torn between his heritage and a woman who could destroy everything he’s ever believed in.
A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday memes.

Hope you have all had a great weekend.  Here are your Monday memes to set you up for the week.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday Storyteller Interview: Charlotte Howard

Please welcome Charlotte today who talks turn on's and the best way to her heart! 

What’s your name and where do you come from?
Charlotte Howard, and I live in Somerset.  I was born in Oman, and have lived in Aberdeen, Nottingham, Lincoln and the Channel Islands.

Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Seven Dirty Words is about Paige Holmes who is overcoming a traumatic experience, and finds herself torn between two men – TDS, who is older than she is by 30 years, and nobody approves of, and Matt Jackson, her own age who everyone loves.  Who does she choose if either?

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere.  Books I read, conversations I hear, films I watch… Everywhere.

How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?
Obviously he has to be stunningly gorgeous – TDS for instance stands for Tall, Dark and Smouldering!  But he also has to be charming.   Not necessarily the nicest person, but definitely have some loveable qualities.

What’s your biggest turn on?
Protectiveness (is that a real word?) I can handle myself, but I still like my men to be protective of me.  Just not smothering.  Oh, and biceps.  I like muscles.  But not too much.

If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
Vet.  I always wanted to be a vet when I was growing up, and I did work as a vet nurse for years before I decided to write full-time.

Do you have a favourite character from your books? Why are they your favourite?
I don’t really, but I do like Lucky from Lucky’s Lady by Tami Hoag – he’s a charming bad boy really!

What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
Cooked for me.  The first time my husband stayed at my flat he turned up with a huge bunch of flowers, giant Easter egg, and a bag of shopping to cook dinner for me – it worked!  Ten years later, we’re married with 2 children.

What do you do to unwind and relax?
Cup of tea and a good film or book.

What’s your greatest weakness?
Food in general.  Feed me and I’m yours.

What trait do you find the sexiest?
Now that’s a tricky one!  I do fall for the ones that brood and are mysterious – I think that’s the maternal instinct in me.  I want someone I can look after.  But then there is a fine line between brooding and being grumpy!

How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
I don’t, it just happens.  I write where my characters take me.

Is there any erotic scenarios you wouldn’t write about?
I can’t think of any – if my character likes it, it will happen.  Unless I have to research it.

Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination? 
A bit of both.  I take my experiences and multiply them by a hundred and imagine how I would have felt in that situation.

What’s your idea of a perfect romantic evening?
Curry, film, cup of tea, no children.  You can tell I’m getting old!  Ten years ago it would have been wine, expensive meal, posh restaurant and a hotel!

What do you do to get in the mood for writing love scenes? Candles, music etc?
Silence, lock myself in the office with a cup of tea.  I do tend to read a book in a similar genre as well, to help inspire me!

What do you do when you’re not writing?
Being a full-time Mum.  Between school runs, kickboxing, ballet, Rainbows, birthday parties, playdates, walking the dog and homework, there isn’t much free time.

Tell us something that might surprise our readers.
I didn’t read my first proper erotic novel until last year.

Paige Holmes hides herself in a masculine world in a desperate attempt to remain safe. Just as she is ready to face her fears and her past, she finds herself torn between Matt Jackson and Vance Ellery: handsome, rich, and safe – or handsome, rich, and dangerous? Which will she choose? The one who appears to be the most perfect, or the one who makes her use all Seven Dirty Words?

Find Charlotte on Facebook and her website. You can purchase Seven Dirty Words from Amazon and RHP.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thumbs up Thursday: Tango In Paradise by Elysa Hendricks

I became familiar with Ms Hendricks books having reviewed what I would class as her more sweet romances and, becoming a fan, looked forward to reading this. I was apprehensive, however, in part because of the setting and because I had no idea if Ms Hendricks could do suspense.

My fears were unfounded. This book made my stomach twist, my heart leap into my mouth and all the great things that a wonderful story can do to you. I worried that it might be too heavy politically, but the story line was strong without drowning out the most important part - the romance.

I love tortured heroes and Jase is the ultimate one! Essentially honourable, if jaded by life, the beautiful DC tests him to the limits. He wants her, maybe even loves her, but knows he couldn't possibly fulfil her desires. In his desire to protect her, he also wants to protect her from himself. Occasionally I felt like giving him a kick up the
backside, especially when he was callous with DC, but for the most part it was balanced out by his fear that he simply wasn't good enough for her.

DC was a great heroine too. I get a little sick of these feisty females who can do everything, cope with everything and not show an ounce of fear. While she retains her strength, she shows a realistic and sensible amount of fear in the face of danger. She pulls on her courage to drive her through and I thought Ms Hendricks balanced this nicely, giving us a likeable women that most people would admire and feel sympathy for.

The love scenes were not particularly drawn out - I tend to like mine quite long and detailed - but they were sexy and sensual and well-timed. The story sucked me in and kept me gripped as I prayed for them to make it through their ordeal alive and for them to finally understand one another. With the addition of a country in turmoil and some mercenaries on their tail, Tango in Paradise is a thrilling, beautiful tale of romance and suspense, melded perfectly as one. High up on my recommendations list.

You can purchase Tango in Paradise on Amazon and Smashwords

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Blood of Isis by Elizabeth Otto

Thanks to Elizabeth for this hot excerpt to perk us up midweek! Read on for some sizzling chemistry...


(Ben and Jayda have just had a fight, and she comes storming back to demand answers from him.)

Her palms made contact with his chest and surprised by her boldness, Jayda drove him three steps back. The contact with his warmth conjured a dizzy tornado in her brain. She couldn’t think…couldn’t stop herself, and it was all his sexy fault.

“Is this some of your crazy magic? Are you doing this to me?” Jayda pushed him back another step. Ben’s hands lightly encircled her forearms.

“Doing what, sweetheart?” He licked his lips.

“Making me want you!” She balled his T-shirt in her fist. Ben pulled her forward by her elbows. She sucked in a needy breath as his head dipped.

“You’re doing that all on your own.” He held her snugly, but not enough that she couldn’t back away if she wanted to. “I’m sorry about what I said. You probably think I’m a jerk.”

She bristled. “Damn right.” The words came out in a whispery mumble. Jayda looked at his mouth, her chest hitching. She smoothed the front of his shirt, his muscles hard and warm beneath the fabric. She closed her eyes for a fraction. She was in so much trouble. Ben’s palms ran up her arms to cup her shoulders. He pulled her closer, watching her. Their chests came together and she drew a quick breath at the contact. He trembled a little, as if suddenly racked by cold, his hands sliding to her back and holding her steady.

His lips brushed hers, quickly. Softly. “Then I’d better change your mind.”

Jayda’s muscles went soft and he tightened his hold to keep her steady. His mouth claimed hers with a crushing need. She moaned as surrender and fight tangled inside her. Ben’s hands slid up her back and into her hair. Hot kisses trailed over her cheek to her ear, where he nipped her earlobe lightly.

“I’ve wanted you since you tried to order me around at the truck fire.” His words were a deep purr. Forget hands; Ben’s voice caressed her in every throbbing place. Jayda’s fingers splayed over the contours of his chest. The more she touched him, the more she wanted to explore every inch of him.

She slid a hand around his neck and licked his collarbone. “God, Ben, me too.” One of his hands slipped back down her back and cupped her ass, pressing her hips against his. Jayda jerked at the contact, then settled into the wonderful press of his hand.

“Why did you come back?” Ben hitched her up a little and Jayda gasped as the hard length of his erection pressed into her belly. Her thighs quivered. If he kept talking, she was going to come to her senses. She didn’t want to come to anything except him. All of him.

“Because you’re making me crazy!” she cried, suddenly torn between stripping him down and getting the hell away from him. He was making her crazy! “Because I can’t think straight—”

“Sweetheart, in a minute you won’t be able to think at all.” Ben grabbed her ass with both hands and hiked her onto his waist. Her yelp of surprise died inside his mouth as his lips crushed hers.


When a designer drug rocks the small town of New Brighton and makes junkies spontaneously combust, Paramedic Jayda Swenson suspects the super-methamphetamine her husband created before his death has resurfaced. She’s worked hard to create a safe, tidy life and put her meth-ravaged past behind her. Jayda has a secret to keep and her new life is the perfect cover. But when tourists start disappearing and charred body remains crop up, Jayda learns the hard way that this drug doesn’t just fry people’s minds—it also fuels demons.

Luckily, the sexy new medic, Ben Tierney, is a demon-hunter in disguise, except his demon-busting powers don’t work so well anymore. Until he realizes Jayda’s touch can refuel the energy he’s lost—a touch she’s not so willing to dish out. Now Jayda finds herself wedged between an ancient demon that knows her past and her secret, and Ben, who has plenty of secrets of his own. Fighting to hold onto her carefully controlled life, Jayda must decide if she’ll let Ben help her defeat the demons who threaten to infect the town by the 4th of July—even if it means exposing her true self and losing everything. Again.

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Saturday Storyteller Interview: Holly Gill

Please welcome Holly to LLALS today. She's telling us about her favourite character and where she gets the inspiration for her hot scenes from.
What’s your name and where do you come from?

I am Holly J Gill and come from England
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Desires is about an exclusive sex club where guests get to explore their sexual fantasies. Stacie Clifford a woman suffering with low self –esteem after being abused mentally and physically by her ex husband and has forgotten the importance of life and the enjoyment in herself, and after finding an article in a magazine her ex owned she decides to contact the club in hope to re-discover herself. She meets Angel the club manager and is assigned to a tutor, Dan turns out to be one extraordinary tutor. He takes her slow, steady and with compassion, having her session starting from the beginning, being sensual, getting her to re-discover her sensual side and moves progressively on. Stacie finds herself yearning to be with him more and more, in hope he feels the same. Although has the club contract in the back of her mind, no emotional attachment!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Sex, music, video’s and images are my main source, I find music so inspiring and intend to listen to tunes when writing, filling my head with further ideas. I also get loads of inspiration from places I visit.
Do you have a favourite character from your books? Why are they your favourite?

I have written over the years about many different characters and find myself attached to many of them, even the bad boys something ravishingly tasty about them, but as Desires is my first published book and he was the one that set my mind crazy, I will go with Dan from Desires… he is sweet, caring, younger (always a bonus), handsome, invigorating, fun and very much knows how to romance a girl, yet the naughty boy keeps us guessing.
What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
Gosh my husband has done so many romantic things for me over the 20 years being married, but last year he took me away for my birthday, a bed and breakfast having a fabulous view, and hearing nothing but quiet. The room was stunning with a four poster bed, he took me out for a fantastic dinner, sweeping me off my feet the entire time.
What’s your greatest weakness?

Chocolate, lots of chocolate with a dark stout.
How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?

I write and of the cuff, so the characters steer me in the direction as I write, I find it depends on how hot and horny they are and the scene, I don’t put a sex scene in unless it’s needed.
Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?

Can be a little of both but mostly my wild imagination.
What do you do when you’re not writing?

When not writing I like my husband to drive me around the stunning countryside and park up in a quiet spot where I can read. I also like to have a family movie night being with my family is very important and hanging out with my friends a night in with a bottle or three of wine and chocolates.
Tell us something that might surprise our readers.

This will sound upsetting, but it changed my trail of thoughts for life and helped me to appreciate life greatly and take every day with happiness. I was resuscitated when I was 27 when suffering with pneumonia, but it only made me stronger as a mum and wife and more determined to write and enjoy my wild imagination.


Desires—a place where fantasies are made flesh and dreams become real. From BDSM to being a dog, Desires can provide it with bells on, if that’s your kink.

Stacie Clifford’s only desire is to regain her sexual confidence after her recent escape from an abusive marriage. She joins Desires looking for re-education in the joys of her body. There is only one condition; her contract states emotional attraction between tutor and student is forbidden. Stacie is fine with that; her heart is so battered she has no desire to give it to anyone else.

Then she meets her instructor, Dan. Instantly attracted, at first Stacie thinks it will help to make her sexually comfortable with him. But when she realises she is falling in love, she can’t tear herself away, contract or no. Stacie knows that, no matter how kind and caring Dan appears, he’s just doing his job. Can Stacie overcome her own Desires and walk away?

About Holly

Wife and Mum of three living in England, work as a care assistant and love writing about intimacy and passion, with plenty of spice. In my spare time I enjoy reading, seeing friends and travelling around visiting Stately Homes and Castles.
Links to me:
Links to buy:
And coming very soon the second book in the series Touching Angel’s Desires.