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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Author of the Month: Anne Conley

Congrats to Anne Conley who is June's Author of the Month! Find out a bit more about Anne and her books below.

Anne is a former high school teacher, who took some time off to raise goats, and children.  Living in a rural Texas town has taught her that life won't come to me, she's got to grab what she can get.  So, she started writing.

Find Anne on her website and blog.


Dream On

​Alyssa and Dalton lead completely opposite lives.  She's a frustrated single mother, unappreciated school teacher, and completely unfulfilled woman.  He's been living the crazy life for way too long, and doesn't know how to make himself stop.  They just keep going in their separate existences until the dreams start.  Then they realize that there is so much more out there than the lives they are currently living.

Purchase is here.

Neighborly Complications

Claire moves into a house that she inherited from her Uncle Eddie.  Her entire life, she has heard the stories of the gold that is hidden there.  Dreaming of finding the gold, and opening a Bed and Breakfast, she starts fixing it up with her meager resources.  Enter the hunky next door neighbor, who has every intention of helping her, but she doesn't trust him.  Is he trying to find her treasure?  Sparks fly in this free novella.

Download for FREE here.

Chef's Delight

Connor is trying to open a restaurant in Serendipity, Texas, where Jessie is trying to keep alive a struggling goat cheese business. When his cheese suppler flakes out on him, he needs a new cheese maker, but she is a little trigger happy since her ex-boyfriend has started stalking her.  Add to the mix a ghost that has a crush on Connor, and you have a steamy romance that will send chills to your toes.

Purchase it here.

Falling for Heaven (Four Winds #1)

Uriel is one of God's Four Winds, the Archangel of Destiny.  He has helped thousands of people throughout the ages find their destiny according to His will.  This time however, what he doesn't realize, is that it's his own destiny he's supposed to fulfill.

Heather is an exotic dancer, who's stage name is Heaven.  It's not that that's what she's always wanted to do, it's just that it helps her pay the bills, and she's got a lot of bills, with taking care of her mother and her sister.  When the mysterious Uriel comes into the club, she can tell he's different, just how different will rock her world....​

Purchase it here.

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