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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Lexi's Lessons by J Wilde

Thanks to J. Wilde for this hot hot excerpt from her latest release to perk us up this Wednesday!


“Relax, my sweet.  Just take in the sound of my voice, the smell of our arousal and the feeling of being cherished as a woman.”


Lexi did as he instructed, focusing on his voice, his touch and the smell of sex in the air.  Her body loosened.  Seth’s voice was deep and rumbled against her skin.  His fingers were calloused but gentle on her skin.  He smelled of fresh air and something spicy.  As

Lexi allowed her senses to explore what she could not see, she felt her orgasm lingering, begging to be released.  She had never, ever in her life been as turned on as she was with Seth. It was as if he knew every button to push and in the exact order they needed to be done, to bring her to pleasure.

Seth’s tongue trailed up to her sex and Lexi held her breath.  She just needed him to lick her once and she’d go over.

“Lexi, you will wait for permission to come.  Do you understand?”


“It’s tough at first, but as you learn to control your body, you will have the most intense experiences you’ve ever had.”

And with that, he licked the folds of her sex, causing Lexi to buck.

“Stay still, love.”  His voice was firm, yet gentle. How the hell does he do that?

A roughened finger teased at her sex, swirling in her juices, which were dripping down between her ass cheeks.

“You are so wet.  Your pussy is begging for it, isn’t it?”

“Oh God, yes.”  Lexi’s voice was barely a whisper.

“It’s so hot and slick in here.”  Seth dipped the tip of his finger inside her aching pussy and Lexi writhed at his touch.

“Oh please, Seth.  It’s too much.”

“You can handle it, my sweet.  Not long now.”

“ohhhh….please….ohhhhh.”  Lexi was panting and moaning.

Seth dipped his finger in slowly, knuckle by knuckle until his fist hit against her mound.  Hooking his finger, he rubbed at her sensitive inner muscles. He slowly pulled out his finger and then thrust it again as she whimpered and moaned. Seth added in a second finger and continued to stroke and tease.  Lexi’s body was on fire.  He increased the tempo and began to finger fuck her.  His other hand came up her belly and kneaded her aching breast.  

“You are ready, yes?”

“Oh yes.  Yes.  Please.”


Lexi felt her frustration rise as Seth teased her pussy, her clit, and her breasts.  Every time her body clamped down on his fingers, he would slow down his teasing, keeping her on the edge without letting her go over.

At some point, Lexi had begun to chant his name.  Her voice a ragged whisper as he continued to bring her closer and then let her drift back.  Her hands were fists behind her back, her nails digging deep in to her own flesh.  She desperately wanted to grab his head and keep him on her sensitive nub, but she couldn’t.

Every thing he did was overwhelming her and Lexi felt a tear fall from her eye and soak in to her makeshift blind fold.

“Ready, my sweet?”

“Oh God, yes.  More. Then. Ready.”  Each word fell on a pant.

Seth pulled and rolled at her nipple while his fingers thrust hard and his mouth circled her clit.

“Let it go.”  Seth took her sensitive nub in his mouth, pulling and sucking gently.  “Come, Lexi.”  

Before he could finish his command, Lexi’s let go.  He pinched her nipple and nipped her clit as he rubbed her inner walls and Lexi crashed hard.  Flashes of lights blinked behind her eyelids.  Her body bucked so hard she almost came off the bed.  Seth’s talented mouth and hands rode with her, never letting go of her flesh and continued his torment, causing another orgasm to rip through her before she could recover from the first.  Lexi felt everything become suddenly very wet, but with her blindfold, she couldn’t tell what happened.  Seth slowed his touches until every last wave, jolt and spasm fled her body.  Then, Lexi went limp.
Tricked and betrayed by her lover, Lexi has run from everything she's ever known, leaving behind her best friend and her home for a sleepy town halfway across the country. And having been opened up to a world beyond 'vanilla' sex, she still yearns to learn more in spite of her lover's deceit.

And while Lexi tries to come to terms with past events, a new man, in the shape of her gorgeous and funny neighbour, Seth, enters her life. Can she forget the hurt of her past and find love in the arms of a new man?

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