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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thumbs Up Thursday: Her to Command by Particia A. Knight

I typically do not read menages, nor do I read M/M erotica.  However, with that being said, I truly enjoyed this book AND adored Fleur, Ari and Doral.  This is far more than three people having sex, it is a story about duty, honor, love, magic and commitment. 

So, now let's get to the story at hand. To begin with, we are far in to the future, with a solar date of 4633.  We are on a magical planet called Verdantia, who can speak to her inhabitants with a special connection.  I won't explain everything to you here because you need to read the story to better understand the situation. 

What I truly loved about this story is that Fleur is a hell-cat that is not only determined to help her people, and do her duty, but she has an open heart and open mind for not only Ari, but Doral as well.  Ari comes off being very harsh, not willing to go further than his duty, but ends up falling for Fleur.  Doral, always popping up where least expected (he's a spy after all) add a mystique to his character, and although flawed and hurt in the past has a good heart.

Not only do the trio find a place with each other, but a purpose that is greater than any one person's role and they get a unique happily ever after.  I truly enjoyed Ms. Knight's writing style, creativity and ability to express so much emotion.

This review was written by reviewer, Jayn Wilde. View all her reviews on her blog.
Conte Camliel Aristos deTano, Ari, has long spurned the marriage forced upon him. His contractual bride, Princess Fleur Constante, the beautiful future queen though young and inexperienced, is willing to risk everything, including her own sanity, to save her planet.

The inhabitants of the sentient planet, Verdantia, are poised on the precipice of extinction following a brutal invasion by an off-world, nomadic horde. Verdantia’s capital, Sylvan Mintoth, must have its failing energy shield restored, or the planet is doomed. The Elders know the shield can draw energy from only one thing”"a very arduous and grueling coupling of two specific people who were pre-chosen by the planet Herself and promised by prearranged marriage contract.

Verdantia draws strength from the duo, but the sentient planet whispers to Ari that a third is necessary ~ Ari’s aide de camp, Visconte Doral deLorion, an angelically handsome, skilled assassin who silently surrendered his heart to Ari long ago.

The trio struggles to make this surprising partnership harmonious, pushing through pride, scars of past abuse, fears of inexperience and distrust. To save Verdantia, they must overcome their individual weaknesses and realize their full potential. Only the tetriarch and their combined synergy, can harness Verdantia’s immense power to shield its citizens from invasion.

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