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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: What Once was Perfect by Zoe York

If you like a bit of chemistry--and we don't mean a science lesson--then read on for a hot excerpt from Zoe York! 
It took another fifteen minutes for Laney to stash her groceries in the car and grab a latte from the coffee shop/bakery, because she was stopped by three people who wanted to tell her how happy they were she was visiting for the holidays and to ask if she’d seen Kyle yet. She considered stopping at the drugstore for a gift bag, but decided if she was going to have any time for a quickie, the presents should probably just be wrapped in a grocery bag.
She parked her car on the far side of the school house from her mom’s farm. Not hiding where she was, but at the same time, she was quite done with questions for the day.
Kyle opened the door at the second knock. He raised his eyebrows and flashed a wide, easy smile. “Hey, you. I wasn’t sure if…I thought you might be busy with family stuff.”
“I have been.” She held out the grocery bag. “I was shopping and decided to get you and Buddy some Christmas presents.”
He pulled her inside and closed the door. He slid the package out of her grasp, placed it on a small table next to the entrance and closed the gap between them. “Thank you. I’ll open it in a minute. But first—” He slid one hand behind her neck “—I’m going to kiss you, okay?”
He didn’t wait for a response, but he didn’t rush either. His other hand curled against her jaw, and she saw his lips part, his eyelids drop, his nose tilt away, and as his breath touched her mouth, everything slipped out of focus and it was all warm and muzzy and delicious.
Lips on lips. Lips parting, then tongues dancing, teeth nipping, then after breaking apart for ragged breaths, they crashed together again, hungry and needy.
“Open your present,” she whispered, pressing her hips up and into his erection.
“Can I open you first?”
“It’s related, trust me.”
Kyle eased back enough to twist and grab the bag. “It’s heavy for a sex toy.”
She giggled. She didn’t giggle, ever. Except, apparently, when around Kyle. Or maybe it was Wardham, although she didn’t remember being this…whatever this was on previous trips. It was fun being this different Laney. He reached into the bag and pulled out the four-pack. “Red Bull?”
“You used to love the stuff.”
“When we had to pull all-nighters, studying. I haven’t drunk it in years.”
“It reminded me of you.” Laney angled toward him, stealing a quick kiss. “Keep going.”
“Okay. Thank you, for the Red Bull. Maybe I’ll go on a road trip in the summer.”
Come to Chicago. Her heart thumped. That was lunacy. This was a bit of fun to get Kyle out of her system. She didn’t want to start anything up again. She’d sworn as much to her sister and mother, and she’d been telling the truth. Her stomach twisted, and she swallowed hard.
He pulled out the second gift. “Peanut butter?”
“For Buddy. There’s a related—”
A black and white streak shot across the room as Kyle held up the hollow purple ball.
“It’ll keep him occupied while we use the last gift,” she whispered, suddenly nervous.
He gave her a curious look and slid the tin out of the bag. “Altoids?”
She grinned. Fake it till you make it. “You bet. Leave the Red Bull here and follow me.”
She swirled past him, letting her fingers trail across his lower abdomen as she stepped toward the living area. Her coat hit the floor, followed by her top, and she turned in the middle of the room, wearing yoga pants and a black bra. Kyle paced toward her, heat rolling off him. As he reached her, she sank to her knees and parted her lips. “May I have a mint, sir?”
Kyle groaned and opened the package. She stuck her tongue out to accept the candy he offered, drawing it into her mouth. He held onto it for a minute, feeling the warmth of her mouth around his fingers, then he slipped them out and swiped her lower lip with the pad of his thumb. “Your mouth looks so damn good glistening wet like that.”
Laney smirked and fluttered her eyelashes. “You say the nicest things,” she murmured, tugging at his belt buckle. She was eager to have him in her mouth, a curious fact that she didn’t want to explore right at that moment. Or ever. She breathed in and out, steadying her nerves.
Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun. Twelve years ago she left for graduate school, broken-hearted. She’s found professional success, but positive personal relationships have proved elusive. Running into her ex-boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished, and causes a renewed interest in love. Not with Kyle, of course. Never again. But as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear, she scrambles to keep her emotions in check.

Kyle Nixon let Laney slip away once. Their chemistry together is undeniable, but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart. Even if she did trust him again, her medical career is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown that he loves, and the life that he once chose over her.

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