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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Saturday Storyteller: Michaela Rhua

Please welcome Michaela as she shares her latest book with us and talks setting the scene for sexy writing!

What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hi, my name is Michaela Rhua and I come from England.
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Guardian Possession is book 2 of the Guardian series. The first is Guardian Awakening, which starts the whole series off. Although book 2 is the next one in the series it is not imperative that you read book 1. Of course I would be delighted if readers chose to do so.
This book is about Royanne who is a Guardian in training. She is frustrated with life and longs to be free. Meeting a mysterious stranger, who she is drawn to, confuses her. But Zachriel is on a mission to capture her for the Dark Master. Along the way they find that they have a connection that cannot be denied. I will leave it there….No spoilers here!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Hmmm. Inspiration comes from many places. It could be a conversation, a line from a film or images. I am big on images. I like to picture things and I find pictures help to inspire stories and plot directions.
If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
I would love to own a bookstore with a coffee shop – lots of comfy chairs for customers to peruse the books. Not a modern building but a small quirky, old building.
What do you do to unwind and relax?
Reading is really relaxing, especially accompanied by a glass of wine and a box of chocolates. I love films too, especially ones with sexy heroes!
What’s your greatest weakness?
Red wine and chocolate. Nomnomnom!
How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
I don't think I make that decision before I start writing. If a sex scene feels the right thing to include, then I go with the flow and see what comes out.
Is there any erotic scenarios you wouldn’t write about?
Not children, animals or faecal matter involved in erotic play are definite NO. Not sure about other things.
Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?
It's mostly imagination. Of course emotions are based on experience or at least an ability to relate to the character at the time. But I haven't had half the life some of my characters have had.
What do you do to get in the mood for writing love scenes? Candles, music etc?

I wish! I think my family might wonder what I am doing if I started to light the candles, play soft music and slipped into something sexy. For me, I need to be relaxed and have plenty of time to explore the scene.
Royanne longs to be free of everyone's expectations. Meeting a mysterious stranger who she is drawn to confuses her. He feeds her longing to be free and ignites a fire inside of her. She is aroused by this tortured soul. When he kidnaps her and reveals his plan, she is torn between loathing him and wanting him.
Zachriel is under orders from the Dark Master—kidnap Guardian demon Royanne. Only hiding away until the coast is clear draws him closer to her, especially as she seems to see the real man in him.
Rescued at last, Royanne feels uncertain what to do. For Zachriel his past is revealed and he must face the truth. This truth cuts to his very soul and questions who he really is. Now he must come to terms with the lie that has been his life. Royanne fights her feelings for Zachriel. She begins to see him as a kindred spirit. There is only one thing to do reveal her love for him. Can she convince him her feelings are real and he is worth loving?
Purchase from Breathless Press, ARe and Amazon.

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