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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thumbs up Thursday: All Hands Below by Lelani Black

Today I'm giving the thumbs up to the naughty Lelani Black. If you like your romance filled with fun characters and plenty of spice, then Ms. Black is your go-to-girl. ~ S

All Hands Below is one smoking read! It is erotic--very erotic--with such sizzling chemistry it's insane, but the emphasis remains on the storyline and the romance and is not all sex. (Though there is a ton of it and you never get bored!). Liam is one hot hottie and in spite of his alpha male ways, is easy to fall for. And he doesn't come across as a jerk as so many of these heroes do.But interestingly I really fell for Evangeline, which I think is rare for most women. We do tend to treasure our heroes. But I loved her confidence and her focus. She is someone we would all like to be like and can admire but she's still flawed enough so that you don't feel distanced. There's no fickleness to her behavior. She doesn't manipulate or fall foul to some of the more typical traits of even my favourite heroines. I think we could all do with being a bit like Evangeline. Add to it a cruise setting, a little bit of jealousy and illicit meetings, and you've got a great, captivating story. Perfect for a hot weekend read.
Twice married and twice widowed tends to leave a girl wanting, so Evangeline Spencer decides to look for roses, romance, and a happily ever after. Wild sex with a smoking-hot crew member of the Sea Sapphire wasn't on Evie's to-do list when she booked a cruise to the Caribbean, but the delicious things Liam Rossi does on a moonlit deck leaves her addicted and needy.

Newly promoted ship captain Liam Rossi is allergic to gorgeous, husband-hunting hotties with bed-me blue eyes. But after one taste of Evie's charms, he must have her in his bed. He'll give her the roses and romance she came aboard for. The happily ever after? Well...

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  1. Oh my gosh - so very kind of you ladies here at LLLS to post this :D Thank you so very, very much xx