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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday Storyteller Interview: Lucy Felthouse

Please welcome Lucy to our blog as we give her a bit of a grilling. She 'fesses up to what she finds sexy and writing hot stuff.

What’s your name and where do you come from?
My name is Lucy Felthouse and I come from Derbyshire, in England, UK.
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
It’s a femdom erotic romance called Testing Tom. It’s a very untraditional romance, about betrayal, forgiveness, reconciliation. The lead female, Katrina, has had her heart broken by Tom, and when he comes crawling back (literally) she finds it difficult to trust him. So she decides to make him earn her trust and forgiveness... in all the cruellest ways.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes they just pop into my head out of nowhere. Sometimes they’re inspired by books, TV, films, overheard conversations, people I see, favourite actors and actresses... the list goes on. As long as the ideas keep coming, I don’t mind how I get them!
Do you have a favourite character from your books? Why are they your favourite?
I have a bit of a soft spot for Ryan Stonebridge, from my A Taste of... series with Ellora’s Cave. He’s on a year off before starting University with his best friend, Kristian. They’re basically travelling, drinking, having fun and sleeping with girls. He’s not quite your typical lad—he’s actually pretty sensitive, very bright, respectful of women and interested in culture. If he was a few years older, and real, then I’d definitely try chatting him up ;)
What do you do to unwind and relax?
Spend time with my other half and dog, exploring the countryside, walking, etc... I also enjoy reading, TV, films, going to the cinema and eating chocolate.
What trait do you find the sexiest?
How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
I don’t think I do, really. I just start writing and see what happens. I’m a bit of a pantser. I guess it all depends on the plot of the book and what the characters are like.
Is there any erotic scenarios you wouldn’t write about?
The usual illegal stuff. The vast majority of what I write about doesn’t do anything for me, but I can at least understand why other people like it. So I’m able to research, read about it, get into the mindset. Some things, though, I just don’t understand whatsoever, so I steer clear.
Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?
Mostly imagination. I’m a private person, I don’t write about my life. Yes I write about places I’ve been, etc, but my life is off-limits. So the only way I write from experience is in as much as I’m not a virgin. So yeah, thank God for my fertile imagination!
What do you do when you’re not writing?
I think I answered that a little bit already. I spend time with my other half, we walk the dog, go exploring in the countryside, visit country houses, etc. I also enjoy reading, watching TV and films. I also run my own business, so that takes up a great deal of my time. It’s a marketing business ( so I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe books!
When Katrina’s ex, Tom, turns up on her doorstep, he’s literally the last person she was expecting to see. After dumping her and running off with a vanilla chick, Tom broke the Domme’s heart and left her seriously hurting. So when he returns, begging for another chance, Katrina is understandably very confused and protective of her bruised feelings. She finds it very difficult to believe that he’s turned his back on a vanilla lifestyle for good and wants to be with her, a professional dominatrix. Rather than letting her head or her heart figure out what to do, whether to forgive him, she decides to put Tom through a series of challenges that will prove his devotion to her—or not. Testing Tom is not something she’d ever expected she’d have to do, but to her, it’s the only way she can be sure whether he’s back for good.
Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over seventy publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and 2013, and Best Women's Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: The Old Star by Elodie Parkes

Thanks to Elodie Parkes for this hot excerpt from her erotic romance, The Old Star, just released from Hot Ink.
She pulled at his T-shirt and he helped her take it off. Cathy’s eyes darkened as she ran her hands along his muscled chest and kissed down his chest to his stomach. His low-rise jeans showed the shape of his lean hips and a thin line of hair going down his stomach. She looked up into his eyes as she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. She kissed and licked down his stomach, and then along his cock and saw it start to harden.
She hadn’t noticed before, but he was wearing slide on shoes with no socks, and now she got him to step out of his clothes and shoes, until he was naked before her. His erection was full now, and she looked into his eyes as she kissed him and took hold of his cock.
Owen groaned. “Take off your clothes, now, Cathy.” He stopped her kissing him. “No more kisses until you’re naked. I want you naked.”
His words made her throb with pleasure between her legs and her nipples hardened. He took her T-shirt off and then her bra and dropped them gently to the floor. She unzipped her jeans and began to push them down. Owen knelt and pulled them down to her ankles. He put his fingers into the side of her panties, and then kissed her stomach before he took hold of the front with his teeth and pulled them down slowly, his fingers sliding down her thighs, and his lips brushing against her until she was moving her hips wanting his mouth on her clit.
Cathy closed her eyes and let the feelings flow over her. She wanted his tongue inside her, his fingers too. She wanted to suck his cock until he groaned and thrust into her. The need for sex had never been so urgent and so intense.
She was looking for new office space…but it found her…what’s hidden in this spooky place? When Cathy Faraday goes out from her office to buy morning tea, a set of circumstances send her on a different route from the one she would normally take. Waiting on a street unknown to her is a house. Old and left to fade away the house looks shabby against its neighbors. The whole row of houses are now offices and Cathy sees a ‘for let sign’ outside the place. Something draws her to the house. Someone watches from the third floor window. Cathy applies to rent the building to expand her dating agency business. As she begins to make it ready, the house reveals its secrets. Erotic romance, with a twist of paranormal, set in contemporary England this story will haunt you.
Purchase The Old Star from Amazon

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cover Reveal: To Steal a Highlander's Heart by Samantha Holt

Samantha is sharing her cover for To Steal a Highlander's Heart with us today. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below to be in with a chance of winning a $50 Amazon GC or 1 of 5 $10 gift cards!

Alana sets eyes on Morgann for the first time in several years and what does he do? He captures her! But Alana refuses to go meekly with the sexy Highland warrior. Her kidnapping will reignite the rift that’s existed between the two clans since her father accused Morgann of theft and she doesn’t want to see her father harmed in the inevitable war that will ensue.

Unfortunately for Alana, the faeries seek to interfere with her plans to escape. The sidhe have a debt to repay and Tèile, the green faery, is determined to mend the rift between the clans for good. And that means ensuring Alana and Morgann marry.

Morgann has his own reasons for taking Alana and they are nothing to do with marriage or war. He wants to use her to reveal a secret from the past, the one that had him accused of theft. If only he didn’t find his childhood friend so attractive. When circumstances force them together, Alana’s life is threatened and war is imminent. Can Morgann reveal the truth without losing Alana? And will the faeries meddling help or hinder his cause?

Release date: 30th September 2013

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday memes.

Back to regular funnies today.  Hope you all have a good week :)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday Storyteller Interview: Elodie Parks

What’s your name and where do you come from?
I’m Elodie Parkes and I come from England, United Kingdom
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
It’s a little more paranormal and darker than I usually write, but the idea came to me after I visited an old building. I was sent to look at a couple of antiques in a building scheduled for demolition and rebuild. The place was very spooky and then suddenly this guy appeared. He owned the place and showed me the items for sale. He was very attractive. (Smiles)
It’s erotic, and a love story.
The Old Star released from Hot Ink Press August 23
She was looking for new office space...but it found her…what’s hidden in this spooky place?
When Cathy Faraday goes out from her office to buy morning tea, a set of circumstances send her on a different route from the one she would normally take. Waiting on a street unknown to her is a house. Old and left to fade away the house looks shabby against its neighbors. The whole row of houses are now offices and Cathy sees a ‘for let sign’ outside the place. Something draws her to the house. Someone watches from the third floor window.
Cathy applies to rent the building to expand her dating agency business. As she begins to make it ready, the house reveals its secrets.
Erotic paranormal romance, set in contemporary England this story will haunt you.
Graphic sex/love scenes. 18+ only.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
People and emotions inspire me to write. The complexity of life spurs me to write. I see emotions in people around me all the time, and often they remain unspoken. I think we don’t share ourselves enough, and are encouraged to hide our true selves. People and their situations inspire me. Meeting people and watching them battle with the love or lack of it in their lives.
Lots of my characters have some small foundation from real people who have passed through my life. They are composites of those glimpses of people and my imagination.
I find the world harsh. There’s not enough love in it. Lots of people never find love. I write contemporary love stories with happy endings to spread a little lightness around. I always have graphic love scenes in the close to real life stories, because I like to show the reader how the characters feel about each other deep down. The way they make love always shows their hopes and feelings.
I hope that my books do give the reader a lift and a sense of love.
How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?
You know what…he just happens, it’s like a magic trick, as soon as I know his name he appears and even I fall in love with him. Sometimes and I swear this is the truth, he says and does things and I have no idea where it comes from. Later I will remember and it will make me smile. For instance, I love Owen who is my lead male in The Old Star, but a character called nicknamed Ash from my last release, The Winter Girl, I totally love him, he’s such a dude, and such fun.
What’s your biggest turn on?
Sexually? I’m greedy I like the guy in a whole package…you know the toned, muscular body, smooth skin, lovely eyes, blue or some other light color. Hair can be long, short, dark, light, as long as it’s clean. I do really like the shape of the hips and muscles of a good looking guy that go into a V shape and disappear into their jeans. Sigh… I like intelligence too…
If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
Hell I have a day job now, being an author doesn’t earn money to live from, but I get what you mean so…graphic artist…
Do you have a favourite character from your books? Why are they your favourite?
I love them all. I love one or another a little more than the others now and again but I have no favorite. If I had all of my guys lined up and had to choose, I’d have to say all or nothing. Then there’s my lead females, same thing…keep them all.
What do you do to unwind and relax?
I rarely have time, but I watch movies, read, or get out to the country or the coast. I sometimes travel for my work and if I’m near anything historical or the coast I’ll have my lunch break there.
How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
That just evolves. I can honestly say I have never made that decision.
What do you do when you’re not writing?
I work, sometimes get to sleep, not much though.

Read an Excerpt from The Old Star R rated 18+
She was looking up into his eyes and as he kissed her, she put her arms up around his neck. ‘She likes me, she wants me.’ He kissed her until she was pressing her whole body along his. He nuzzled her neck and realized he was so enjoying her kiss, her touch, and that there was something real about this. ‘It’s not using her if I like her too…’
He sucked at her neck and felt her move to him. He held her face to his and whispered against her lips. “Cathy, I want you so much…”
She murmured back to him between kisses. “I want you too. I’m shocked by it. I wouldn’t normally fall into making out with the painter. Sorry, I meant so soon, as soon as….I met him...”
He smiled and kissed her again. He hugged her close. “I’m not just the painter, though Cathy. I do know the family you rent this place from.”
She was tracing her fingertips up and down his spine and she stopped.
“Do you? So that’s why you can come and go the way you do.”
He nodded not wanting to get to that part of his story yet.
He kissed down her neck again and slowly moved his hands up into her T-shirt. He found her bra and unclipped it as she sighed, and kissed his ear and jaw. He cupped her breasts and sighed too. She felt so good, her skin so soft, her nipples hard against his palms. He went back to kiss her mouth, and as she opened it to touch his lips with her tongue, he groaned a little enjoying the kiss. His cock hardened and he left her breasts to open her jeans. She kissed him and unzipped his jeans as he unzipped hers.
She had her hands in his shorts and her fingertips were cool on his cock. He wanted to thrust so badly, but he wanted his fingers against her clit. He wanted to slip a finger into her and feel the moistness, have her thrust on his hand and so he whispered. “Help me. Pull your jeans down…open your legs a little. I want my fingers in you, Cathy.” She pulled her jeans to mid-thigh and took her panties with them. She put her hands up around his face and kissed him, her tongue in his mouth as he fingered her. She was gasping and so was he. Their kisses interspersed with it.
“You feel so good…” He murmured.
She made a little sound and answered him. “It feels great, it’s delicious. Owen there are people in the house. What if they come in search of me?”
Owen felt his cock straining against his clothes.
He nibbled her lips. “I need you badly.” He was circling her clit with his thumb and working his fingers in her. She began to thrust on his fingers and held his waist hard. It made him smile against her lips as her fingers pressed hard into the sides of his body. Suddenly she was groaning softly, her mouth by the side of his. Her hips thrust and he realized she was coming. Knowing this made him harder and he groaned as she finished. He held her for a few moments waiting to judge if he should pull her down onto the floor and fuck her. His thought sent spikes of desire into his cock and up between his legs.
Cathy took his fingers gently from her body. She kissed his lips and then she pulled his jeans and shorts down to his knees. He helped her thinking she would back him against the window and straddle him, but she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.
Find Elodie online:

Friday, 23 August 2013

Cover Reveal: Tainted by Christina Phillips

Please welcome Christina to our blog today as she reveals her cover for her latest release, Tainted. Be sure to enter the rafflcopter below to win an e-copy of the previous book set in this world, Betrayed, a $10 Amazon Gift Card and swag – Bookmarks, Postcards and Fridge Magnets.


A dangerous love that Rome will never allow…

Driven by the knowledge he failed to protect his king and embittered at losing the woman he loves, Celtic warrior Gawain despises the lust he feels for the beautiful Roman patrician, Antonia. She is everything he’s never wanted in a woman, yet she ignites his passion like no other. Despite the danger of discovery he embarks on an illicit liaison with her, determined to uncover the reason for the infinite sorrow that haunts her eyes.

Newly arrived in Britannia from Rome, Antonia is inexplicably drawn to the cold, tough Celt whose touch stirs a desire she long thought died at the hands of her brutal former husband. With Gawain she learns the pleasure of sex and his unexpected tenderness thaws her frozen heart. But she hides a deadly secret that could be her undoing, and knows her growing feelings for him can lead nowhere. Yet when a shadow from her past threatens her future Antonia is torn between the Empire of her birth and betraying Gawain, the man she’s grown to love.
Inside Scoop: This medieval romance dabbles a wee bit in the paranormal.
A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
Add to your wishlist from Ellora's Cave

A door opened to her left and she turned to see Gawain stroll in from the bathhouse. Her heart thudded against her chest, making it hard to draw breath, and the pit of her stomach trembled with strange, liquid heat.
He looked utterly foreign, a savage warrior, and sunlight glinted on the barbaric jewelry around his throat and at his ear. He smiled, a slow, seductive smile that sent tremors through her blood and did nothing to ease the constriction in her breast.
Except for Elpis, she was alone with a strange man, a man she had virtually propositioned in the street. A native of a conquered land who made no secret of the fact he despised her people. And yet it wasn’t derision that glowed in his eyes. It was lust.
For her.
“Lady Antonia.” His smoky voice wrapped around her senses, as potent as though he had wrapped his arms around her naked body. “You kept your word.”
“Did you doubt I would?” She scarcely recognized her voice. She sounded like a sultry seductress. Perhaps, after all, Gawain would never guess what a novice she was when it came to playing such dangerous games.
He stopped in front of her, so close that the amber flecks in his dark eyes mesmerized her. “No.” The word sank into her blood, igniting sparks of pleasure that skittered across her exposed flesh. “You want this as much as I do.”
It was true. Why should she deny it? “Yes.”

Author Bio
Christina loves writing dark tales of tough, sexy warriors who are brought to their knees by their heroines. A mystical touch of fantasy or paranormal usually weaves its way through her stories, although strangely enough this wasn’t her intention when she first starting writing her Roman/Druid romances. But when ancient gods and goddesses get involved, it’s best just to go with the flow :)

She is published by Ellora’s Cave and Berkley Heat and has dipped her toe in the indie pub waters. She is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America, the DarkSide Down Under Group Blog and Historical Hearts Group Blog.

Christina is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her family. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

Connect with Christina:
Website    Facebook    Twitter    Goodreads    Blog   

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Book Tour Stop: Hunting Laura by J.A. Bailey

Please welcome J.A. to our blog today as she shares a hot excerpt. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below as she's giving away a $10 Amazon GC!


Laura has just signed up for a term at the exclusive school for submissives. But all is not as it seems. The sexy blonde is hiding the real reason she's there. As the classes progress, Laura is forced to face some truths about her problems with sex along with her growing attraction to her mentor, the dark and distracting Mr Hunter.

Mr Hunter promises to whip her into shape as a sub but before long he is uncovering many of her deepest secrets and desires. But will he discover her biggest secret? And can Mr Hunter really help Laura overcome her issues with his rough methods?


Niall Hunter, a teacher at the exclusive Hollybourne school, knows there's something unusual about his submissive student, Laura. And it’s not just her issues with sex...

While his desire for her wars with his duty, Hunter is determined to help her conquer her problems and find out every secret inside that head of hers. Will he be able to fix what is broken?

As their relationship heats up, Hunter realises he wants more than just a teacher/pupil relationship, but after being hurt in the past, can he trust the secretive woman? And does she feel more than just gratitude for him?
Content warning: Contains adult scenes.

Purchase from Amazon.

J.A. lives and works in England and has been writing for many years now. She loves to create stories with a distinctly British feel and all her stories involve strong, virile men, intelligent women and the raunchiest scenarios possible. You can find J.A. on Facebook at

He pulled several lengths as Laura watched, seemingly oblivious to her presence. Her heavy legs remained rooted even as she tried to persuade herself to go. Just get out, Laura. Walk away and leave. Hunter paused at the end of the lane and stared at her, sending a shiver through her. Cheeks flaming, she dove under and swam furiously. She didn’t stop until breathless and exhausted. Unfortunately he was still there and she was still frustrated.
His dark gaze studied her as she swam over to the edge and gathered her breath. “Why did you do that?”
Blinking away the water, she scowled. “Do what, Sir?”
“Swim as if you were trying to escape something. Were you trying to escape me?”
Laura released a spluttered laugh. “Of course not.” His eyebrow twitched as if he didn’t believe her. Damn him. “You were doing the same,” she added.
He chuckled, the sound unexpectedly lifting her heart. “You might be right.”
They stared at each other. Surely he heard her pulse pounding? When he looked at her like that, she was sure he could see everything. Did he know the truth? Was that why he’d taken a disliking to her? Shit. She was such a fool for agreeing to this. No job was worth this.
Courage sapped by his dark eyes, she swam over to the steps. On her like a tiger, he swam quickly after her and she failed to prevent the surprised yelp as she grabbed on to the metal steps and his arms came around her, gripping the railings. She twisted around to find him looming over her, the water dripping from his hair onto her face. The haunted look no longer lingered in his gaze, instead hunger seeped into it and twisted her stomach.
“You are trying to swim away your frustration,” he stated.
Laura gaped up at him, her shaky fingers curling around the stair railings, just beneath his hands. His body pressed into hers, making the steps dig into her back.
“Are you frustrated, Laura?”
“Are you?” she threw back.
A wry smile quirked on his lips. “Yes. God help me, I am.”
His mouth came down upon hers, causing a gasp. She heard his muffled curse as his hands twined under her damp hair and his tongue pressed into her mouth. Powerless against the onslaught, she gripped stupidly at the railings as her body responded to his touch.
Arching into him, she kissed him back. Even as she fought it, her body craved him.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Cling to You by Clarissa Wild

Ok be warned, you may get a little hot under the collar. Don't say we didn't tell you! This is from Cling to You, book 3 of the Enflamed series by Clarissa Wild.

I wrapped my arms around his sculpted shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. His sultry lips moved with mine and now his full erection poked my legs. It was a turn-on and made my insides flutter.
My fingers slid across his muscles, the trained ridges making me sizzle. I moved down toward his butt and squeezed the hard cheeks. He pulled back and said, “Ouch, Miss Young, what’s gotten into you?”
“This is my answer.” I left little pecks on his gruff chin and neck.
“Answer to what?” His voice slightly changed in pitch with each touch I gave.
“To your question.”
I trailed the kisses down his pectorals and toward his bulky abs. Bending my knees, I positioned myself right in front of his fluttering cock. He tried to back away, but I grabbed his tough legs. “I want to return the favor.”
He stopped moving, so I could do what I wanted to ever since I set my eyes on him.
I touched his tip with my forefinger, making him gasp and suck in air. His massive penis throbbed as I took it in my hand and moved it up and down, the veins pulsing under my touch.
Kaito huffed. “I don’t want to offend you, but you are too enticing and soon I won’t be able to hold myself if you continue.”
“Then don’t,” I said and enveloped my hand around his erect glory and moved it up and down. He moaned and hissed at the same time, while I slid my hand up and down, caressing the head. It pulsated from my strokes.
I moved in closer and licked the tip. He let out a pleasuring cry and leaned against the wall, his body convulsing with every flick of my tongue. I gazed up at him, his smooth, tinted skin, his mouth hanging open and his closed eyes, enjoying it.
This is what I wanted from the moment I set my eyes on Kaito. He’d only made love to me the night we spent together, but I never had the chance to get my hands on him. Now was the time.
Taking his penis into my mouth, he groaned and clenched his fingers in my hair, making me even more aroused. My clit was fluttering as I slid his manhood down my throat. I licked his shaft and he moaned at my increasing speed. His legs tensed and I felt he had trouble not shoving his member further, because he advanced.
“Oh, Miss Young,” he muttered.
His dick quivered against my cheek as I brushed my tongue along it, taking it in and out of my mouth. I let my teeth slide over his cock a bit, the slight ache making him grab my head and pulling me closer. I took his erection with glee.
“You’re too good for me,” he said and he bucked over, clasping the door. It creaked at his blunt grasp.
“Why thank you, Mister Nagao,” I teased. It felt good to be in control, to be the master of this pleasure I was giving to him.
With swiftness I rubbed his sack, still sucking his shaft from top to bottom and then taking it in my mouth again. Using my fingers as a tube, I wrapped them around his hard-on, creating a mouth-like feeling for the full length of his dick.
After she confessed, Chloe's relationship with headstrong Ethan was over and now she's gone back to sexy, mysterious and Japanese Kaito. Her last solace turns out to be more than just a fling and she wants to stay with Kaito, even though she still doesn't know who he really is. Determined to find out his secret life, she searches for the truth, but will their romance survive? 

Purchase on Amazon | Kobo | B&N

Find Clarissa on her blog and Facebook.

Monday, 19 August 2013

2000 likes giveaway!

Love Lust and Lipstick Stains is pleased to announce the start of our 2000 likes giveaway. We started our Facebook page only six months ago and we're thrilled with how it's been received. It quickly grew into a great place to share and promote romance and erotica reads of all heat levels and now we have a blog and an in-progress website. We're proud to have worked with some amazing authors on promoting their books and stand behind being all inclusive. In spite of the ever increasing popularity of hot romance, it's still hard to find avenues to promote it and we look forward to the next few months when we'll be introducing some exciting opportunities to offer new ways for authors and readers to connect.

Now we must say thank you to all the authors and also publisher, Jupiter Gardens Press for making this giveaway possible. Thanks to them we've got a great prize list as you can see! We wish all the entrants the best of luck and do remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page for more giveaways in the future.

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