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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Cling to You by Clarissa Wild

Ok be warned, you may get a little hot under the collar. Don't say we didn't tell you! This is from Cling to You, book 3 of the Enflamed series by Clarissa Wild.

I wrapped my arms around his sculpted shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. His sultry lips moved with mine and now his full erection poked my legs. It was a turn-on and made my insides flutter.
My fingers slid across his muscles, the trained ridges making me sizzle. I moved down toward his butt and squeezed the hard cheeks. He pulled back and said, “Ouch, Miss Young, what’s gotten into you?”
“This is my answer.” I left little pecks on his gruff chin and neck.
“Answer to what?” His voice slightly changed in pitch with each touch I gave.
“To your question.”
I trailed the kisses down his pectorals and toward his bulky abs. Bending my knees, I positioned myself right in front of his fluttering cock. He tried to back away, but I grabbed his tough legs. “I want to return the favor.”
He stopped moving, so I could do what I wanted to ever since I set my eyes on him.
I touched his tip with my forefinger, making him gasp and suck in air. His massive penis throbbed as I took it in my hand and moved it up and down, the veins pulsing under my touch.
Kaito huffed. “I don’t want to offend you, but you are too enticing and soon I won’t be able to hold myself if you continue.”
“Then don’t,” I said and enveloped my hand around his erect glory and moved it up and down. He moaned and hissed at the same time, while I slid my hand up and down, caressing the head. It pulsated from my strokes.
I moved in closer and licked the tip. He let out a pleasuring cry and leaned against the wall, his body convulsing with every flick of my tongue. I gazed up at him, his smooth, tinted skin, his mouth hanging open and his closed eyes, enjoying it.
This is what I wanted from the moment I set my eyes on Kaito. He’d only made love to me the night we spent together, but I never had the chance to get my hands on him. Now was the time.
Taking his penis into my mouth, he groaned and clenched his fingers in my hair, making me even more aroused. My clit was fluttering as I slid his manhood down my throat. I licked his shaft and he moaned at my increasing speed. His legs tensed and I felt he had trouble not shoving his member further, because he advanced.
“Oh, Miss Young,” he muttered.
His dick quivered against my cheek as I brushed my tongue along it, taking it in and out of my mouth. I let my teeth slide over his cock a bit, the slight ache making him grab my head and pulling me closer. I took his erection with glee.
“You’re too good for me,” he said and he bucked over, clasping the door. It creaked at his blunt grasp.
“Why thank you, Mister Nagao,” I teased. It felt good to be in control, to be the master of this pleasure I was giving to him.
With swiftness I rubbed his sack, still sucking his shaft from top to bottom and then taking it in my mouth again. Using my fingers as a tube, I wrapped them around his hard-on, creating a mouth-like feeling for the full length of his dick.
After she confessed, Chloe's relationship with headstrong Ethan was over and now she's gone back to sexy, mysterious and Japanese Kaito. Her last solace turns out to be more than just a fling and she wants to stay with Kaito, even though she still doesn't know who he really is. Determined to find out his secret life, she searches for the truth, but will their romance survive? 

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