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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt - Highland Beauty by Krystal Brookes

Today's Hot Hump Day Excerpt comes from Highland Beauty by Krystal Brookes.
It's a contemporary Scottish romance and she's encouraging him out of his kilt etc. 

“Take off your sporran,” she urged as he moved to pin her against the wall. She could just see his dark shape advancing on her. She settled herself against the cave wall.
When he pulled on her waist and crushed his mouth against hers, she couldn't help thinking that this was the right thing to do. He had been so patient and even if they could only make love properly this once, then it was better than nothing.
Moisture ran into her knickers, and she squirmed against the hardness under his kilt.
“Don't be so damned impatient,” he murmured as he started to kiss down her neck. The warm, wet pecks on her cool neck made her shudder, but she extended it to give him better access. How she wanted just to rip her clothes off.
Luckily her dress had no straps and as he kissed down her chest to the neckline of her dress, he was able to just pop her breast from its confines. As he licked around the hardened bud, she groaned loudly. They had done this plenty of times before, but she had always been ready to stop him. Aware that the moment would come when she had to say stop. Was he waiting for it this time? Was he preparing himself for frustration and yet another argument? But with her plan in place, there was no need for it. As long as she got him excited enough to not bother undressing her fully.
“Oh fuck, you have the best tits.”
She allowed herself to relax and enjoy the myriad of sensations that this one action was sending through her body. While she longed to move things on, she wanted to savour each moment of their one time together. She wondered for a moment what his tongue on her clit would feel like.

Would he let her sit on his face and ride his tongue, or would he insist on being on top? He had moved onto the other breast while he used a finger and thumb to tweak and rub the abandoned nipple. She arched into his ministrations. It was entirely possible that she could come just having her breasts suckled by his expert mouth. But he started to kiss his way back up her chest and onto her neck.


Everyone knows about Sadie MacNeil's secret apart from her ex-boyfriend, Calum. It was her secret that drove them apart. Having decided that the single life was the best thing for her, Sadie has returned to Kilrigh to begin again. She doesn't bank on Calum following her up to the small Hebridean island.

Try as she may, Sadie can't convince either Calum or herself that she's over him. She begins to find ways to continue their relationship while keeping her secret—ways that require her to be inventive in the bedroom. But will the consequences of an irresponsible night on the beach be the thing that pulls them together or destroys their relationship forever?

Available at Amazon US, Amazon UK and Allromanceebooks.

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