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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Solia's Moon by Lyn Brittan

Thanks to Lyn for getting us through the week with this scorching excerpt for hot hump day!
“Don’t do that again, unless you want me to do things to you in public.”
“It’s a tent and that was only peck.”
“You forget - I know what those lips can do.”
With every word, he grew harder behind her, his length pressing against her hips. He let go of the gun, placing it on the floor, right in front of her. “Whatever you do, keep your eye on the door.”
The arm under her neck hadn’t moved, but the one she’d kissed lowered until his hand snaked its way down her trousers, cupping her. “I never forgot how wet you get.”
“Sorry I-“
“Back to apologizing for that?”
She gasped as he shoved two fingers inside her. “Suppose we have to thank your Thomas for that. Are your eyes still on the door?”
“Yes, but Thomas isn’t my anything anymore.” She said it with no small amount of difficulty. While two fingers moved inside her, his thumb circled her clit with agonizing speed, nearly to the point of delicious pain.
“Damn straight.” It was the last thing he said before flipping her over and shoving his cock inside, balls deep, as promised.
When her terraforming company expands beyond creating habitable places to creating humanoid life, Lunar Physician Solia Calian has to find a way to stop them. She’ll have the help of Lunar Sheriff Giancarlo Sable, but they’d better hurry up. When the creatures they want to liberate start turning on them, figuring out where the real danger lies is the only way to leave the colony in one piece.

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