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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Saturday Storyteller: Tera Shanley

Please welcome our Saturday storyteller, Tera, who's telling us about her greatest weakness and how to write swoonworthy men!

What’s your name and where do you come from?
Name’s Tera Shanley and I hail from Dallas, Texas (where that southern sun is hot, and the menfolk even hotter)

Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Love in the Time of the Dead is a Romance set three years in to the apocalypse. Laney Landry has been fighting Deads with her team for years, but with the realization she’s immune to the virus that ended the world, her friends rally to keep her safe until they can track down the right doctor to trust with their secret. The goal? Extract a vaccine from Laney and share her immunity with the surviving colonies.
Amid the chaos, Laney searches for beauty in a harsh life. Sean, a colony leader who offers them shelter and supplies, has captured her heart. But is he interested in her, or the vaccine she could provide? And then there’s Mitchell, her teammate, who’s been hinting at an interest in more than her Dead slaying abilities. Two alluring men – one colossal decision to make. One where her choice could mean the difference between surviving…and actually living.
Love in the Time of the Dead is available October 22 through Amazon,, and wherever books are sold.

How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?
The perfect swoon worthy man starts with the heroine. The man she finds attractive and sexy, the reader hopefully will too because they are seeing him through her eyes and thoughts.
His eyes are first. Whatever the color, they need to ensnare the heroine with a smoldering glance, much in the same way he is captured with her. From there I work my way out, taking into consideration what traits the heroine would find appealing in a man. Stir in a fit physique, good hairline, and a no excuses die-for-you attitude and bang bong boom. Schmexyman.

What’s your biggest turn on?
Facial hair on a man, if done right, is so sexy. Not full on beards, mind you, but scruff.

What do you do to unwind and relax?
I watch The New Girl reruns and eat Swiss Cake Rolls.

What’s your greatest weakness?
The above-mentioned Swiss Cake Rolls. I need an intervention.

How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
If I have to take a shot of whiskey before I write a love scene, I’m getting too far into ‘too hot’ territory and usually dial it back. Other than that, it depends on my characters and their personalities.

Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?
A healthy dose of both. I was thankfully raised in a very, very outdoorsy family and have a lot of experience in wilderness situations which tend to influence my books. But because I love writing in the Paranormal and Dystopian Romance genres, imagination is also a must.

What’s your idea of a perfect romantic evening?
Sushi and a movie. I’m easy to take out! The way to my heart is through California Rolls and I’m such a movie fan. And no cheaping out either, not for the perfect romantic evening. I’ll need the popcorn and giant red icee.

About the Author
Tera Shanley writes in sub-genres that stretch from Paranormal Romance, to Historic Western Romance, to Apocalyptic (zombie) Romance. The common theme? She loves love! A self-proclaimed bookworm, she was raised in small town Texas and could often be found decorating a table at the local library. She currently lives in Dallas with her husband and two young children and when she isn’t busy running around after her family, she’s writing a new story or devouring a good book. Any spare time is dedicated to chocolate licking, rifle slinging, friend hugging, and the great outdoors.


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