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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hot Hump Day Excerpt - When in Rodomir by C.J. Janeway

Today we welcome C.J. Janeway to Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains to give us a scalding hot excerpt from her Erotic Sci -fi novel, When in Rodomir. This one is definitely NSFW

“That would be helpful. Can you tell us more about Rodomir—your customs.”
“Well as you know, we are not sexually repressed like humans. We believe sex is to be
enjoyed and although special between life partners, it should be enjoyed whenever we feel like it. As long as it is within curfew hours. We insist that children are protected until they are eighteen to avoid them being taken advantage of.”
“That makes sense. I take it yellow people are treated differently to other people on Rodomir,” asked Kaitlyn.
“They are not allowed an education after the age of seven and they are forced to do menial tasks to survive. The young people usually steal to survive and become part of large gangs roaming the city and causing trouble. Gary Tennant said he would help us escape. “
“Jogar is yellow. Is your husband yellow too?”
“No, my husband is green. You have met him. He was the driver for Irbuk this morning. Our skin color is completely arbitrary. It’s just luck which color you are born. Jogar was very unlucky. Oh here comes Pangu now.”
The large green alien walked in the door and smiled at his visitors and then at his wife. He was already sporting a large green erection, which his loin cloth was doing a very poor job of hiding. Somehow his expression and body language made him seem less sexually threatening than Irbuk had been.
“You must be Captain Fletcher,” he smiled. “I’m sorry. I know human women do not like our greeting customs but I urge you to get used to it as soon as possible. Would you allow me to greet you in the usual fashion?” Kaitlyn plastered a smile across her face and stood up. At least he had asked politely and not just grabbed her ass.
“It will prepare you more for Fraser. That’s the point of it,” said Daelar. “To keep you lubricated and ready for sex. And also to ask your permission to have sex. But we are aware that it's not something most humans would be comfortable with. At least not in the beginning. ”
Pangu placed his large hands on her butt and gently drew her close to him. His thick cock rubbed against her mound, sending a shard of desire through her core. She wished it was Fraser, but she couldn’t deny that the alien rubbing gently against her was turning her on. Fraser would be jealous. She would certainly be jealous if he started rubbing himself against the alien women? She stifled a groan and moved politely away, straight into Fraser’s arms—only to find herself pressed up against his erection.
Pangu was now rubbing himself feverishly against his wife and growling words that the universal translator could not pick up.
“I thought I’d be jealous, but that was damned sexy,” whispered Fraser, pressing her harder against his hips.
“I know. She was right. It does just make me want you more.”
“Make yourselves at home,” said Daelar, pressing a button on the remote control. The sofa they had been sitting on suddenly moved to become a bed, as did the sofa opposite. The blind also came down over the window. “The custom in Rodomir is that couples have sex when one or both get home from work. If there are visitors they can watch or participate. It’s considered rude to leave. You have a bed to yourselves. Please feel free to use it. I know you have already watched me have sex with Chatchu.”

As she spoke, Pangu had pulled her back against his front and slowly ran the fingers of one hand through Daelar’s labia. Meanwhile he used the other to tweak a nipple. Daelar’s hip movements suggested that, despite her calm exterior, she was very turned on. Kaitlyn could empathize. Just watching the couple was making her horny. Why could she not be as free and open about sex as the aliens were? She was a StarBird captain. Of course she couldn’t indulge in this way. Fraser lay down on the bed and adjusted his throbbing cock. She suddenly had the urge to taste it, to wrap her lips around it and hear him groan. But they weren’t alone in their little house. Daelar was now lying on the other bed—her legs splayed, while Pangu lapped at her core. 

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