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Monday, 23 December 2013

Love, Lust and Christmas Kisses Winners

Big congrats to all the winners of our amazing Facebook party. Thank you to everyone who joined in and made it such fun. And of course thank you to the wonderful authors who took time out of their busy days to drop by and of course donate some wonderful prizes. Don't forget to come like our page to find out more about upcoming events.

Here are all the lucky winners!

Grand Prize Winner $50 Amazon GC - Steph Moore

ecopy Saved by a Rake - Joseph Hawkshaw
ecopy of Highland Hogmanay - Gemma Brocato
ecopy of To Steal a Highlander's Heart – Pearls InnerGoddess
Anne Conley ebooks - Shadow Kohler, Eden Ashe, Steph Destiny
 Anne Conley Paperback - Steph Destiny
Anne Conley postcards - Steph Destiny, Joseph Hawkshaw, Shadow Kohler
2 x $5 Amazon GC from Lyncee Shillard - Lori Cannon, Rhonda Lee Carver
ebook from Marsha Casper Cook - Shadow Kohler and TBA
Katherine Rhodes ebook – Nova Manske Conover
$10/£10 Amazon GC from Natalie-Nicole Bates
ecopy of The Curves and the Cowboy - Em Taylor
Storm Chase ebooks of Lost Weekend – Jessie Dake Wheeler, Joseph Hawkshaw and Sarah Moore
Cooking up Love by Gemma Brocato – Steph Destiny
Lisa Chalmers -- 3 e-copies of If Tomorrow Never Comes – Steph Destiny, Christina AbrahamsenJoseph Hawkshaw
2 ecopies of Playing the Game by M.Q. Barber – Sarah Moore, Steph Destiny
C.D. Brennan -- e-copy of Watershed - Jayn
e-copy of Blood Gift by Amy Lee Burgess-
Nova Manske Conover
Paperback copy of The Dragon's Heart by Eden Ashe – Tina Williams
Tera Shanley -1 signed paperback – Gemma Brocato
e-copy of winner's choice of backlist by Lynn Cahoon  – Tera Shanley
e-copy of Four Weeks til Christmas by Jayn Wilde – Sarah moore
e-copy of Betrayed by Christina Philips- Steph Destiny

Swag from Christina Phillips - Em Taylor
e-copy of Borderlaird's Bride by Allison Butler -
Danielle Green-Jenacaro

Winners - if you've not heard from the authors or haven't been able to get in touch with them, please send us an email 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much!! I had a blast and barely left my computer the whole four hours. Congrats to ALL!