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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: The English Officer's Wife by Melody Stone

Thank you to Melody for this hot excerpt! Enjoy!


Matt was fed, bathed and snuggled into bed early. Rachel dropped off a scented candle as a gift, saying something about romance and ambience so Annie lit that and placed it on the chest of drawers next to the bed. With clean sheets and the bedroom curtains very slightly open, she stood back and admired her pretty bedroom.
With time to spare, she dropped a thick towel on the bathroom floor and edged her way into the deep, warm bathwater and laid back, closing her eyes. Swooshing the perfumed bubbles over her breasts, she enjoyed the silence and the feeling of the ripples on her skin.

Mike wouldn’t be back for a little while and with that thought, she slid her hands under the water and moved them down to the inside of her thighs. Annie, like many other army wives, had discovered the wonders of playing with herself. It was something that was much needed to get through the long weeks and months apart and ease the sexual frustration. It was also about the need of touch, the need to feel something. It was either that or an affair, which also happened many times on camp and not necessarily with other men. Annie knew exactly what area to touch and how to touch herself depending on her mood and need. Tonight she felt horny.
The life of an army wife can be lonely with the wives counting down the days until the husband’s return home to their quarters. Annie has always been the perfect English Officer’s Wife, but loneliness and boredom begins to affect her both physically and emotionally. Someone comes into her life for a brief moment and in an unexpected way reignite a passion that surprises and shocks her. 

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