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Monday, 3 February 2014

Hot Bargains and Free Books!

Check out the latest bargain and free ebooks for this week in our comments section! If you love a bargain or a freebie, be sure to visit us regularly. We have only the hottest romance and erotica reads here. Also be sure to like our Facebook page so you never miss out!*

Featured Bargain Title

Saved by a Rake 
Em Taylor
Price: 99c

Regency Romance
When Lady Rebecca Eversley is left ravished by the Earl of Newthorpe and facing ruination, she has the choice to point her pretty little nose in the air and face the gossips of the Ton or scurry off to the country to live out her life as an old maid. When she meets Lord Daniel Ramsey, a notorious rake, she decides on the former course of action. 

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  1. Military Romance
    Not Another Soldier
    Hot romantic suspense. When Sienna's husband dies, moving on proves harder than expected when sexy Marine, Nick reveals his true feelings for her. Nick is determined to stay close and protect the women he loves as secrets from her husband's past put her in danger.
    Price: 99c
    Dates of promotion: 02/03/2014 - 02/04/2014

  2. FREE in US, Sometimes FREE in UK, depending on Amazon's whims...:)

    Claire is a jilted bride, jumping at the opportunity to hunt for treasure in the house her uncle left her in his will. Her goal? To start fresh in this tiny town called Serendipity, fix up the old house and start a bed and breakfast. The hunky widower next door is not in her plans. And when he seems to show up all the time, butting into her business, she can’t seem to dampen her frustration. Or control her urges.

    Max has the same problem. Something about the woman next door has made him forget all about the comfortable memory of his wife. He feels an inexplicable need to explore the tumultuous emotions that Claire evokes in him, but it seems like all he can ever do is make her mad.

    But damn, she’s sexy when she’s mad…

  3. First love. Lost love. There's only been one love for Gianna. Pre-release coupon for free short at Smashwords until Valentine's Day: XH28R