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Monday, 3 March 2014

Hot Bargains and Free ebooks

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Featured Bargain Title

Price: 99c


Astrid of the Grey Stones has always been a dutiful daughter so when the invaders come, killing her people and ravaging their lands, she does the only the she can to protect her people... She agrees to marry the son of her enemy and unite their people. 

Although she finds Prince Oliver attractive, she longs to stay with her lover, Jonas--the man she always thought she'd marry. But a princess must always do her duty so it is with a heavy heart she marries Oliver. 

However Jonas asks one thing of Astrid. To be by her side as her protector. She agrees out of her love for him but it soon becomes clear that it will be more difficult than Astrid thought having Jonas at her side and not being able to touch him, 

Prince Oliver surprises Astrid. This prince is not nearly as barbaric as she thought him to be and she wonders if her marriage will not be as bad as she had assumed. But will she be able to keep her love for Jonas hidden from her new husband? And is there any chance that she doesn't need to save herself for just one man? 

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