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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: To Dream of a Highlander by Samantha Holt

The hall doors opened and a figure came barrelling out. He nearly cursed aloud when he realised it was Katelyn. Her chemise flowed around her legs, barely covered by a thin robe. He noted her bare feet and cursed properly this time. What was the lass doing outside in such a state?
Before he managed to ask her as much, she flung her arms around him and flattened a desperate kiss to his lips. He caught on quickly. With a growl, he bundled her to him, shaking hands splayed over her back and in her hair.
Hell fire, Katie, he murmured as he took another kiss from her. Breaking away, he glanced around and shook his head. What are ye doing? Anyone could see. Gillean could see.
I care not, she whispered.
When she leaned up for a kiss, he released her, snatched an arm and dragged her over to the stables. One more frantic glance around and he shoved her into the doorway and pressed her against the wall. No candlelight greeted them here, only the glow from the torches outside permeated the building, slipping through the gaps between the wood. It was enough. He saw all he needed. Once more he speared his fingers under her hair, unable to resist those glossy lips--slick from his kisses. Katelyn whimpered when he captured her mouth and curled her fingernails into his back. 
Ye play a dangerous game, lass, he muttered against her mouth.
She tugged against the hold he had on her hair and eyed him. I am no afeared of Gillean.
Ye are, ye cannae lie to me. But I mean with me. Ye play with fire here.
I need ye, Finn. I am no afeared of ye either. Im willing to risk getting burned.
Ach, we shall both be burned. No good shall come of this. His chest heaved at the enormity of it all, at what she said. Hed always known he was secretly weak. His bold endeavours and brash behaviour covered his fears. When others saw a warrior, Katelyn saw him for who he was. Weak for her.
And it didnt matter. Not here, not now. Not as long as he had her in his arms.
She flattened a kiss to the exposed skin at the nape of his shirt. He tilted his head back and pulled in a breath through his teeth.
I cannae continue on not knowing, she told him, bringing up a finger to trace circles over the skin shed just kissed as she rested her cheek against his chest. I need to know, Finn. I have lived my whole life for others. This night I want to live for myself.
Thumbs pressed into her cheeks, he lifted her face up and searched her gaze. Had there been doubt or fear, he might have been able to turn her away but only bright need shone from her emerald eyes.
Aye, he agreed. Tonight is for ye.
Then he pinned her with his chest against the wall and took her mouth. She was all scrabbling hands and rocking hips. Breathy sighs and feminine moans. He savoured and lapped at her, driven only by the need to bring her pleasure. Thoughts of anything apart from her shapely body and smooth skin drifted away like smoke in the wind. She tasted so damn divine. It forced a note from his throat that sounded vaguely animalistic.
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