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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Under Their Protection by J.A. Bailey

They led her out through the back of the studio, pushing open a heavy fire door that led to a narrow alleyway. Red brick buildings rose up around them. Suddenly a bang rang out and Ebony found herself slammed against the brick, the breath knocked from her. Both Walker and Blake had her pinned, their hard chests pushing against one breast each.

She pressed a hand against both of them but there was no moving them. She was trapped by walls of muscle. Eyes wide, she took in their intent looks as they listened, eyes narrowed, jaws tense. She’d never wanted them so badly. One blond, one dark. Both sexy as hell.

“Just a car,” Walker concluded. “Backfiring.”

Blake nodded. “Yeah, you’re right.” He turned to look at Ebony. “You okay?”

Mouth open, she tried to form a response but nothing came. His pupils darkened and he had to feel the point of her nipple pressing against him. She swallowed. He did, if the hardening arousal pressing against her thigh was anything to go by.

If happened slowly, yet almost too soon. She wasn’t quite prepared. Blake lowered his head and took her lips in a hard kiss. And before she could even register the sensation of Blake’s lips on hers, a second set pressed against the exposed side of her neck.


She gasped against Blake’s mouth and he used the moment to thrust his tongue into her mouth. Ebony tangled hers eagerly with him while Walker’s skimmed a hand down to cup her rear. They seemed to move in some perfectly co-ordinated dance. She couldn’t help but wonder if they’d done this before. When Blake gave up her mouth to kiss the skin of her neck and lower to her chest, Walker claimed her mouth. His kiss was different. Less hard, with slightly more finesse but no less exciting. Heat and arousal gathered between her thighs and she wound her hands around their necks. 

Ebony Rose has everything her little rock chick heart desires. Fame, fortune, adoration. Well, apart from one thing--her bodyguard. 

Brooding Blake has been by her side through thick and thin, remaining a loyal friend throughout her climb to fame. But friendship isn't enough for Ebony. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like their relationship is ever going to change. 

Until Walker enters their lives. 

Following several threats--the last being a message written in blood--Blake makes the decision to bring in fellow bodyguard--and best friend, Walker. Both men are determined to protect Ebony no matter what. 

When the outgoing, sexy Walker draws her attention, she discovers she doesn't desire just Blake anymore. But is there any future for her with either man? And if they turn their attentions to their sexy client, will they be able to protect her from her crazed stalker?

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