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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday Storyteller: Nicole Hurley-Moore

What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hi! I’m Nicole and I come from the Central Highlands in Victoria, Australia.
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
Dancing on Air is a historical romance which his set during the Victorian era. It has been described as Cinderella meets Swan Lake as it is set in the world of ballet. It’s a class crossing tale about a ballerina who falls in love with an aristocratic lord.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Anywhere and everywhere.
How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?
I start by thinking of all the qualities that would make me ‘swoon’ and take it from there.
If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
I would say an archaeologist but I’m not good with dirt, mummies or enclosed places. Hmm, maybe I should go for historian.
What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
A stranger once chased me down the street to give me a bunch of flowers (and no I didn’t get his number).
What do you do to unwind and relax?
Read, cook or watch action movies.
What’s your greatest weakness?
Antique jewellery.
Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?
It’s a combination of the two.
What do you do to get in the mood for writing love scenes? Candles, music etc?
I always find them the hardest scenes to write. Usually stare wide eyed at a blank screen in silence for hours. ;)
Cinderella meets Swan Lake in a cross-class, Victorian novel about a ballerina, an aristocrat, and the space in between them.

Lisette yearns for freedom, security and love, but none are offered on the run-down stage of The Imperial Theatre. Instead she has hard work, a tyrannical aunt, and the hope of one day becoming a prima ballerina. Dancing on the stage she catches the attention of two powerful men: Lord Gainswith and Lord De Vale.

Lord Evander Gainswith never expected to fall in love, let alone with a woman so wholly unacceptable to his family and his peers. The sinister Lord De Vale covets Lisette's youth and strength, and is willing to pay well for it. Lisette may dance roles in fairy tales and fantasies, but the real world is about to intrude, bringing with it the harsh realities of life for a young girl with dreams of rising above the demimonde.

About the Author

Nicole has always been a lover of fairy tales, history and romance. She grew up in Melbourne and has travelled extensively, whilst living her life through the romance of books. Her first passion in life has always been her family, but after studying and achieving a History degree and Honours in Medieval Literature, she devoted her time to writing historical romance.

She is a full time writer who lives in the Central Highlands of Victoria with her family, where they live in the peaceful surrounds of a semi-rural town.

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