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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Book Spotlight: Pleasures of the Soul by Natalie Hancock

Aidan groaned into her mouth, crushing her lips with his as he moved her dress down her shoulders, exposing her strapless bra. Leaving her dress around her waist, he moved the lacy material to expose her breasts before cupping them.
Aaliyah arched up, moaning when he ran his thumbs over her nipples.
He pulled her towards him and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, circling it with his tongue slowly, feeling the skin tighten and harden. She moaned again, gripping the back of the seat on either side of his head hard.
“ beautiful.”
“Oh!” Aaliyah gasped, arching when Aidan tugged her nipple.
He slipped his hand past her knickers, sliding his fingers through the wet folds of her pussy before he slid them over her clitoris.
Aaliyah shuddered against him, her lips parting slightly as he moved his fingers slowly and gently over her, hardly putting any pressure on her. She rocked her body in time with his movements and after blowing out a hard breath and letting go of the seat behind him, she reached for the buttons of his jeans and shimmied back slightly so she could free his erection. She gripped him gently before running her hand down the length of him, pulling the skin back over the head of his cock.
He moaned as she licked her lips slowly, her entire attention on him as she slid down until she was knelt in between his legs. Her hot breath played across him before she took him into her hot mouth.
She slid her tongue down his cock before her lips followed. When she got to the head, she swirled her tongue around, causing his hips to thrust forward.
Mmm, I love the way you taste...the way you feel...
“Aaliyah.” Aidan groaned, breathing heavily as she gripped his cock, moving her hand in time with her mouth and tongue, adding to the intense pleasure.
Aidan gripped the table hard, and the wood creaked loudly as he tensed. When she sucked and licked the head of his cock at the same time while moving her hand up and down fast, he nearly broke the table in half trying to grab her to pull her up his body.
Aaliyah straightened, kissing him gently as she put his hands back on her breasts.

Aaliyah didn’t believe in love-at-first-sight until she met Aidan—he was everything she could ever want and more. When Aaliyah discovers Aidan is a vampire, and that she and her best friend have been chosen as potential mates for himself and members of his vampire clan, she runs, losing her best friend along the way. Desperate to win her over, Aidan arranges to have her found and brought to his mansion where she could be protected from outside vampires who wish to do her harm as a means to punish him. Aaliyah’s determination to resist him despite how she truly feels, proves to be a tough obstacle for Aidan, but the closer Aaliyah gets to him, the stronger their bond grows and the lure becomes impossible to deny. Will Aaliyah give in? Or will the past, they don’t realize they share, come back to haunt them both?

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