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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Broken Armor by Bambi Lynn

A dull ache started at the back of Kier’s neck. The girl was relentless.


Before the first time she had come round, he felt like a man who had been wandering alone for longer than he could remember. He had grown used to solitude. But now he yearned for her presence like the fire behind him yearned for air.

He clenched his teeth so hard his head pounded as though he banged it against the anvil. Yet he could not drag his gaze from her as he imagined what it would feel like to draw her into his hovel and crush her body against his.

It would be so easy to pull her beneath him, to slide his hand into those tight breeches that so erotically molded to her thighs and slip a finger or two into her silky quim. He instinctively knew she would already be wet, hot, open to his seduction. Inviting heart ache, he allowed the image of her naked body to fill his thoughts. He longed to feel the tangle of hair betwixt her legs as he stroked her. To hear her soft moans in his ear, her warm breath on his skin, as he brought her to the peak of pleasure.

His fingers itched to cup her breasts. To knead them and feel her hard nipples against his palms. The tiny pebbles had poked out at him yestermorn when he had first encountered her up at the castle. He recalled his first sight of her. Given the richness of her gown, he had thought her to be a high-born lady come to snare a husband from the spoils of the tournament.

He wanted to taste her so bad, his hunger increased tenfold.

He regarded her, piqued at the slow, tantalizing sway of her hips. He had been around enough ladies to know one would never have emerged unescorted from a lodging house nor been caught dead in such a get up as she currently wore.
Red Sage Publishing, Inc. © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Ivy has grown up with this troupe of prostitutes, so she is not ignorant of relations between men and women. Imagine her disappointment and frustration when she finds it impossible to seduce the man she has chosen to be her first. How will she ever get a man to pay for it when she can’t even give it away for free?

Kier, reluctant to explain his impotence, tries to discourage Ivy. But he underestimates her determination. Without benefit of a modern day sex therapist, it is up to these medieval lovers to find a cure. Ivy’s antics while trying to learn all she can from her friends will have readers laughing out loud before racing for a cold shower.

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