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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Star Attraction by Misa Buckley

Raul was taking his time. Maybe he’d lost his nerve. I reached up and unclipped the claw grip from my hair. I shook it out, combing my fingers through to loosen some of the knots. A quick check in the mirror revealed my minimal make-up was reasonably in place. I grabbed the bottle of perfume off the dresser and topped that up. As I put it down again, the door to the bathroom opened.

He wore my dressing gown, which, fortunately for him, was a powder blue affair. I straightened as he walked into the room. His expression was mild, his mouth a serious line. I tilted my head. He
gave a slow blink, then loosened the belt and shucked the gown off his shoulders. As it pooled around his feet, his whole body blurred, like a TV losing its signal. Then he came back into focus.

I didn’t scream. There was no need to, as he was beautiful. His head lost its hair, even the eyebrows, but the eyes and lips stayed the same. His nose was flatter, the nostrils wide and flaring, and his
ears sank into the larger skull. But what entranced me was the patination of his golden skin. A crosshatch of brown lines began on the sides of his neck and ran down both arms to the wrists. His chest bore another patch, which then divided to circle his navel. The lines were darker over his thighs, then faded mid-shin. It gave the effect of scales and made my fingers itch to investigate their texture.

“May I?”

He nodded with a quick half-smile.

I stepped up to him and ran my fingers over his chest. His skin was raised in tiny bumps, not rough but very different from human flesh. It wasn’t unpleasant, though. A ripple ran through me at the thought of how it would feel rubbing against my own. My hands slid over his flat stomach and my eyes followed. They settled on his arching erection. His cock was a deeper gold. It lacked a foreskin, and the head was more bulbous than a man’s and longer, taking up a full third of his rather impressive length.

Casting him a catty glance up through my eyelashes, I wrapped my hand around it and murmured, “How interesting.”

His wary expression split into a grin. “You think so?”

“Yeah, I really do.” The condom problem nagged at me. “Um, I don’t have any protection.”

“Ascellans don’t carry STDs. And we have to make a conscious decision to impregnate our females.”

Surprise arched my eyebrows. “Really? That’s...handy.”

He grinned wider. “Isn’t it?

“So we can...” My gaze shifted to the bed. Raul gathered me into his arms and nuzzled at my neck.

“We can if I remain in this form. As a human...well, like I said before – the change is complete.”

I thought about the shifter films I’d seen, where werewolves would rip through the human body. “Does it hurt?”

“No.” He kissed my temple. “Not at all, so don’t worry about that.”

“Okay. But if you’re giving out kisses...” I turned my head and he slanted his mouth over mine.

His tongue was cool and smooth. It snaked along my teeth and swirled around my own tongue. It was utterly alien but all I could think was how it would feel against my clit. Or better yet, deep inside my cunt. I broke our kiss with a hungry groan.

He smirked. “Bed?”

“Bed,” I agreed, and grabbed his hand to lead him there.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong,” he said as he captured my waist. I shuddered at the kisses he trailed down my neck and across my shoulder. “But are you not supposed to be naked also?”

I chuckled and placed my hands over his. “Absolutely,definitely so.”

He used his teeth to draw the strap of my negligee off my shoulder, then repeated the motion with the other. I lifted his hands off my hips and the satin slid down my body. I shuddered at the brush of cool air.

“Cold?” Raul asked.

“A little.”

“Never mind, I’ll soon warm you up.”

I was counting on that. I let go of his left hand and turned to face him. His amber eyes shone like beacons in the muted darkness. I sat on the bed and used my hold on his right hand to pull him after
me. The slight roughness of his skin made for a delicious friction. Just the slide of his body over mine made my nerves sing. My nipples stiffened to hard points as he kneaded one breast with his
long-fingered hand. A low moan escaped me.

“Raul, I–” An open-mouthed kiss to my collarbone interrupted my train of thought. It took me a moment to remember what I was going to say. “ know I don’t do things like this. I mean–”

“Hush, Megan.” He kissed my mouth, and I closed my eyes.

“I know. I don’t, either. This is as unusual for me as it is for you, I assure you.”

I believed him, and told him so. “Maybe it is fate,” I added, bewildered that I was even considering that. “Or maybe I’m just crazy.”

“If you are, then so am I.” Raul stroked his hand downwards, between my parted thighs. The thought of those longer-than-human fingers inside me caused a flood of wet heat. He pulled one side of his mouth up in a mischievous smirk when his questing discovered that. “Right now, I’m thinking that crazy is just fine.”

“Yeah,” I muttered. Crazy was fine, as long as his fingers went in now. I wriggled my hips. “Raul, please.”

“Please what?”

I glared at him. “Well, for starters, you can quit teasing. Secondly, if you don’t finger me right this second, I’ll not be responsible for what I do.”

The next thing out of my mouth was a long groan as he slid a finger into me with a slowness that had me grasping his shoulders. He went in deep, then withdrew right to my entrance at the same
achingly slow pace.


“Shush, Megan. I do not do quick couplings. I want to feel you.”

I opened my mouth, but he pushed two fingers into me and whatever I was going to say scattered. He kissed me, briefly, then moved down to my breast. The lick of his cool tongue was strange but not unpleasant. More prehensile than a human male’s, he curled it around my nipple and tightened.

“Oh, God!”


“Do that again.”

He did. God, I wanted his head between my legs. I wanted that tongue to play with my clit. I pushed down on his shoulders. He chuckled against my breast, then lapped at the nipple again.

“Patience, Megan.”

“I have none,” I said, breathless with need even though he was fingering me steadily. It wasn’t enough, though; I wasn’t sure what would be. I’d not wanted this badly for a very long time. I pushed at him again. “None at all. Raul, please.”

He lifted his head. Somehow I’d forgotten his appearance, which was odd considering he didn’t feel human, and I jolted a little. Lambent eyes gazed at me, unblinking. I hitched a shoulder,
assuming that an explanation for my momentary lapse wasn’t necessary.

He gave me a crooked smile. “Oddly, my love, I have none myself.”

Observatory tour guide Megan Shaw has always had stars in her eyes, so when she all but runs down the otherworldly Raul, she barely blinks. It doesn’t hurt that Raul is hot—whether in his human form or his natural one—and that there’s an immediate mutual attraction.

But Raul is on the run from his alien overlords and soon Megan finds herself fighting against a foothold situation with nothing more than a couple of cattle prods and Muse for soundtrack.
However Earth is not the only planet at risk and with his species desperate to escape generations of oppression, will Raul’s loyalties shift as easily as his physical appearance?

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