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Friday, 1 August 2014

Excerpt: For Better or For Worse by Krissy V


“No! You’re just saying that to try and make me happy, you don’t really mean it, I saw you tonight, I saw you give him your number – why did you do that?” he asks as he closes the gap between us, he takes his hands and places them around my neck “Why Tasha, Why?”
I can’t move, he has his hands around my neck, I can’t get my words out very well, all I can feel is his hands getting tighter. “I said I would pay to get his suit cleaned, I was being nice, I ruined his suit Felix when I tripped and spilt my drink on him, I don’t even know his name Felix, honestly” I’m crying when I’m saying all of this.
He slowly moves his hands away from my neck and he pulls me to him, he wraps his arms around me and hugs me so tightly I have trouble breathing.  “I love you so much Tasha, I just can’t have someone coming in and taking you away from me”
“No one is going to take me away from you Felix, I love you” I hug him back, I’m so frightened right now, I don’t want to make him any angrier.
Felix steps away from me and sits on the bed with his head in his hands he looks at me “I’m sorry Tasha I don’t know what’s come over me, I know you love me, I just don’t want you to leave me”  I can see tears in his eyes. Where has all this come from?
I walk over to him and take his head and pull it to my stomach “Felix, please! I love you, you have to know that” I step back to look into his face, he is shaking his head and not looking at me.
I can feel my hangover starting to kick in because I have sobered up very quickly after what has happened between us since we got home. “Felix, I have to go and get a glass of water, I’ll be back in a minute ok” I turn to walk out the door and this sets him off again, it’s like flicking a switch.
“No! Tasha you are not leaving me, you said you wouldn’t” he stands up and follows me out of the bedroom door, “Tasha, where are you going?”
“Felix I told you. I’m going for a drink. Calm down!” well that seemed to be the wrong thing to say, I can hear him catching up with me, but I need a drink. I have to get a drink and a couple of headache tablets because I can really feel this headache kicking in.  I get to the top of the stairs and start to make my way down. Then I say “Felix, I have a headache and I need to take some tablets”.
“You’re going to ring him when you’re downstairs aren’t you? I know you are. Don’t lie to me Tasha, don’t lie” he is like a mad man, and when I’m halfway down the stairs he says “No one else is going to have you Tasha, just me, always me” and he pushes me down the rest of the stairs.  I can’t even tell you what goes through my head during the next minute, but I fall against the wall and bang my head, then I slip down some stairs and then land on my back, everything seems to happen in slow motion. I can just about see Felix’s face as I bang my head on the floor and then everything goes black.

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