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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saturday Storyteller Interview: Christy Pastore

What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hello! My name is Christy Pastore and I am an author with Pen Name Publishing.  I currently live in Saint Louis, Missouri, but I am originally from Indiana. I write contemporary romance with a dash of mystery and drama.  
Tell us a bit about your latest release.
My debut novel is called Fifteen Weekends, and it’s a twisty sexy read that intertwines mystery and romance.  Fifteen Weekends chronicles the lives of three very different women, Ashleigh, Emily and Amanda, all dealing with internal struggles stemming from their pasts.  I think readers will connect with the characters and will feel like they have known them forever while pulling for each heroine to win her personal battle. No worries there are three charming handsome men for you to choose from as your new potential book boyfriend/crush.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Music, film, photography, fashion and pop culture inspire me on a daily basis. Sometimes I find myself just caught up looking at fashion magazine editorials or even Pinterest boards. I will see a quote or a picture that sets the wheels of creativity in motion. My mind begins to spin a story, plotting a timeline or sequence of events—developing characters and their backgrounds.  The notepad on my phone is filled with story ideas. I feel like I am constantly drumming up new concepts for books.
How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?
With Fifteen Weekends, there are three leading men – Vince, Liam and Ethan. I knew the kind of “men” I wanted them to be for the story to work. I wrote down four main characteristics I needed each one of them to have and let that soak in for a bit. For example, Liam is charming, witty, tall and above all a gentleman—he’s Welsh {accent hotness}. In September I travelled to London with my husband to celebrate our anniversary and we were so tired one evening we happened upon a show called, 8 out of Ten Cats. Steve Jones was on the show, and everything he did and said reminded me of the character of Liam. He even looked like how I pictured Liam in my mind. And what do you know – Steve Jones is Welsh! I decided right then and there that I had found my Liam. I had already finished the book, but having a “physical muse” made it easier to go back and develop scenes with Liam even further during the edits.
I’ve been asked by many women, “Why are all the men in this book so hot, and why do they make me want to rip their clothes off?”
What do you do to unwind and relax?
Bubble baths are very relaxing. Indulging with a glass of white wine, chatting with my husband and listening to music is another way I unwind. Sometimes I turn off all technology for an half an hour or so and just enjoy the quiet.
What trait do you find the sexiest?
Confidence is the sexiest trait—hands down. Someone who is self-assured but humble will always be sexy in my opinion. Confident people have an air about them that makes them attractive and intriguing. There’s just something about a confident person that makes you want to be around them.  
How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
This might sound a bit odd, but that is not really up for me to completely decide. My characters usually direct or lead me the way they need their story told. I completely believe in author intrusion after experiencing it a few times while writing Fifteen Weekends. It was very subtle, but when it came time for editing, allowing the story to formulate more “organically” made all the difference in the world. I tried to “make” one of my characters a little too sappily romantic, and it wasn’t working out. I put the story line “on hold” for a little while, and then the “intense and more heated” direction came to me, which did make the overall story way hotter!  
Is the stuff you write about from experience or mostly imagination?
Mostly from imagination, but with Fifteen Weekends the characters of Ashleigh, Amanda and Emily are all derived from many women I have met in my life. Several readers have told me they can relate to these heroines and their emotions in some way of another. That is very good news for me because I intended this story to be relatable. The men in Fifteen Weekends are completely fictional. I don’t know anyone like Vince, Ethan or Liam. I wish I did, though.
What do you do when you’re not writing?
When I am not writing I’m reading, watching TV, usually tweeting about my favourite shows like Scandal and Game of Thrones, working out and online shopping.
Writer Christy Pastore grew up in the lakeside community of Syracuse, Indiana USA writing short stories that usually involved characters who loved to travel, had a passion for fashion and were often times swept up in boy crazy crushes.  Many of her first stores also dealt with coming of age situations with their best girlfriends.
Christy gave up reading books for several years, disillusioned with the annoying characters and predictable plot lines. Upon the recommendation of a friend, Christy picked up a much buzzed about popular romance novel which reminded her of why reading was such an enjoyable guilty pleasure.
Writing has been a constant in Christy’s life, leading her to create a popular fashion blog, Fashion Wrap Up. This endeavor allowed Christy to have the wonderful experience of working and collaborating with many talented models, designers, makeup artists and photographers in the Fashion Industry. While Pastore still writes about fashion and celebrity style in her spare time, her passion for story development, more specifically creative writing, publishing and content creation has taken her on a new journey and career path: Author.
Her debut novel, Fifteen Weekends was released in May of 2014. Her next novel, Unscripted is set to release in November 2014.
Additionally, Christy enjoys a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a warm cup of coffee, Gummi Bears, traveling and tweeting her thoughts on her favorite TV shows.
Christy and her husband Kevin currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri in the popular Italian Neighborhood, The Hill, with their two lovable dogs and cooler than cool cat.
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