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Friday, 31 October 2014

A Very Sexy Halloween Final Day

Wow, huge thanks to all the authors who took part and all you readers for stopping by. Make sure you enter the two rafflecopters below and here are three great excerpts to finish off the week. 

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John watched the alpha step between his feet.  The wolf’s ancient gaze captured him with an almost physical strength.  His pulse quickened.  His heart rate doubled.  His breath came in sharp small hitches.  The beast shifted its hind end and lifted its leg.
What the hell?
John squinted and braced for the stream of piss to follow.  No spray occurred.  His gaze moved down the wolf’s belly.  No balls.  This beast was a she-wolf.  The creature dropped her leg.
Was her conspicuous lack of balls the point?  Was this pack’s leader female?  Could that even happen?  Since this was his nightmare or head injury or hallucination, anything seemed possible.
He scanned the other wolves.  Their colorful eyes remained riveted on their leader while they each held one of his appendages clamped in their mouths.
The great black wolf realigned at his center.  She lowered her head toward his crotch and growled.  The husky, guttural noise did not inspire fear.  The sound inspired desire.  His cock jerked to life.  His track pants tented with a semi-erection.
Closeted freak much?
In one swift motion, the she-wolf clasped the elastic waist band of his track pants.  She backed away, working the fabric down his thighs.
He lay slack jawed, staring at his exposed black boxers.  Alrighty, this dream had shifted quickly into kinky.
The twin wolves at his feet released his ankles.  He sensed no hostility in their bright green eyes.  One tilted its head with almost comical inquisitiveness.
The alpha goosed his balls.
“Hey!”  His knee-jerk cry cut through the night air.
The wolf’s nose ran along his inner thighs.  It’s twitching tickled.
“What the hell?”  John squirmed.
She placed a paw on his pelvis, holding him in place.  His fingertips pressed into the dirt.  The waist band of his boxers lifted.  He stared unblinking while the alpha’s dainty teeth peeled down his underwear.  Core muscles rigid, he sucked in air.  Every muscle in his body tensed.  His cock stood free, hard and exposed.
His underwear and pants were stripped off.  Socks and shoes too.  He lay naked from the waist down, his most important parts exposed and vulnerable.  Damn, he’d gotten things all wrong.  This pack’s agenda wasn’t sustenance.  Their itinerary bent toward a perverse sexual encounter.  Was he the main attraction of an interspecies gang banging?
He stared at the moon, focusing on something other than the surrounding insanity.  A shooting star arched across the horizon.  He closed his eyes and wished to wake up safe and sound in his apartment.
A cool breeze swept across his cock, withering his erection.  He opened his eyes onto the blank expression of the moon.
So much for wishes.

Victor’s fingers danced over the keys of his grand piano, caressing each note of the piece he had first heard back when it was newly written. He had fallen in love with classical music when it was still considered contemporary, and he never tired of playing the compositions on his piano. The violin he had purchased from Stradivari himself sat in the corner of the parlor, a reminder that he hadn’t practiced in weeks.

He lifted his gaze to the ceiling as he paused and the strains of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata drifted into the near silence of the house. A moment ago, two hearts had added their rhythms to his music: one average speed, the other beating progressively slower. Now, only one heart still tapped out its sixty beats per minute. The other had stopped.

“The transition is complete,” Victor murmured and played the opening measures of Chopin’s “Funeral March.”

A smile lifted the corners of his mouth, and he switched to the more cheerful “Turkish March” by Mozart.

Soon you will awaken, love. Then we can talk.

He finished the piece and lowered the cover over the keys. She hadn’t awakened yet, that much he knew, but now that she had changed completely, it wasn’t as easy to get into her mind. Until she learned he could read her mind and control her to a certain extent, he would still have the advantage. But once she realized what he could do and figured out how to block him, things would get more interesting.

With a smile of satisfaction, he moved toward the stairs. He looked forward to the challenge of having another vampire around. The fact that this one was a beautiful woman with an intoxicating scent just added to his anticipation. His only real concern was how long she would hate him for changing her. Hopefully, not as long as some. There were two women in Romania who still wanted to see a wooden stake in his heart for changing them nearly two hundred years ago. William Congreve had been a wise man when he wrote the immortal words, “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

Only time would tell if Claudia could forgive him.

Victor arrived outside the guest room and slowly opened the door. Soft lamplight filled the large room furnished with a heavy, dark wood, nineteenth-century bedroom suite. The four-poster bed dominated the wall across from the door, and he silently approached it, his gaze on the woman resting beneath the covers. She no longer breathed, there was no need, unless she wished to speak, smell something, or appear mortal.

He stopped beside her and stroked her hair, hoping at long last he had a companion who wouldn’t die and leave him alone.

ARe | B&N

When the night grew too cold for comfort, they moved indoors, stripped out of what remained of their clothes, and got into his bed. He spooned her, holding her close so close she could feel his erection in the small of her back, the warmth of his skin against hers, the moist heat of his breath near her ear.

“Roll over. Onto your back.”

She did as he asked, suddenly afraid, but some deep-down part of her wanted him to; wanted him to take part of her into his body just as she’d taken part of his into hers. As he came over her, she saw his eyes. They were yellow, like a wolf’s. Tense and brilliant, fierce, not loving. She wanted to look away, but her will was gone. She could feel those eyes pulling her in, down and down into their depths. She was drowning, but it was a peaceful, euphoric feeling. His woodsy scent filled her nostrils, making her lightheaded and strangely detached. It was as if she watched it happening to someone else.

She shivered, dimly aware of his knees pressing between hers and his hands on her breasts, squeezing gently, teasing her nipples, sending sweet tremors all the way down to her sex. She shivered as he came over her and touched her lips with his—petal-soft—before moving to her ear.

He nibbled her lobe. “Are you sure?”

Returning to her mouth, he nipped her lower lip before moving to her throat. She clenched, bracing herself for the bite, but he only nuzzled and licked the thick cord of muscle. He then kissed her shoulder, her collarbone, and the indentation at the base of her throat. Finally, he proceeded to her left breast, where he circled the aureole with his tongue before closing his lips around the nipple. As he sucked it, thrills twitched deep in her abdomen.

When he bit down, she came back to herself with a jolt, cursing and bucking under him.  Excruciating pain echoed through her body. As he sucked, the pain gave way to euphoria. Then began a pleasurable sensation, like electrical pulses surging to points of ecstatic brilliance, making her insides quiver and melt. It went on for what seemed a long while, and then he let go, rose over her, and came into her with a smooth, deep thrust. The feeling of their merger overwhelmed her, threatened to consume her. It was too much, too intense, too amazing. She clung to him, afraid of what was happening to her. He wasn’t just inside her, he was part of her, fused with her. For the first time in her life, she felt truly alive.
The orgasm broke over her like a tidal wave. She came around him in shuddering sequences, again and again, her body spent, but unable to refuse the pleasure. By the time he finished, she felt both ecstatic and utterly depleted.

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