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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Book Spotlight: Blood Possession by Brandy Roark

Being attacked in an alley is one thing, but when your attacker bites your neck and drinks your blood, that is a whole different story. When Forensic medical examiner McKenzie Adams is turned into a vampire against her will, the normal life she led is suddenly shattered. Her sexy and charismatic assistant Ron comes to her rescue when he finds her in the alley in the arms of her new maker. He manages to get her back to the safety of her apartment, but not before it’s too late to save her mortality. The next morning McKenzie wakes as a fledgling vampire. She is confused by the attack and chalks it up as a dream, until Ron convinces her of the truth. He also has another revelation—he is a vampire as well. Even though McKenzie is in shock, with the help of Ron, she begins to adjust to her new life. But the happiness is short-lived when her maker, Aaron, comes for her. His blood courses through her veins and he is hell-bent on getting her back. Aaron gives her an ultimatum—she must come with him, or Ron dies. McKenzie has to say goodbye to everything she knows and loves to be thrust into a lonely existence, where she must fight her unwelcome desire for her maker. He is a cold-hearted creature, but she craves his touch like a drug. Can Aaron change his cruel ways and become a man she can love, or will he be the true death of her?

Fear was the only thing I could comprehend. I was terrified and helpless, my thoughts racing, my heart pumping so loudly I thought it would burst in my chest. There was nothing I could do. I was trapped underneath the man’s weight. I could only pray and hope that whatever his intentions were, I would live through it. But I didn’t have my hopes up.  
He was looking down at me almost lovingly then, like a mother would look at her newborn child. Hot tears slid down my cheeks and I could taste the saltiness of them when they reached my lips. In the next instant, he was tearing at the flesh on the side of my neck with his teeth. His teeth…oh they were so, so sharp. Not dull at all like human teeth. I heard the slurping, and felt the suction of his cold lips against my skin. He was drinking my blood! My life began to flash through my mind. There was so much I still wanted to do, so many things I hadn’t gotten to experience. But I knew deep within that I would never get to experience them.  
I was fading quickly, and the only thing I could do was lie there and wait for the last bit of life to escape me. As I clung to my attacker’s coat, my arm became limp and fell to my side. He removed his hand and laced his cool fingers through mine. I wanted to scream now that my mouth was free, but I was too weak. In my last thoughts, I pondered how strange I felt. It was like agony and pleasure all at the same time. I felt sluggish, sleepy, light and warm. For a reason that I wasn’t sure of, with the last bit of strength I could muster, I gave my attackers hand a gentle squeeze and he squeezed mine back as if to comfort me. On some level the need to be comforted, even if it was by the hand of my killer, was strong. It disturbed me, but that didn’t matter.  I was about to die. Everything became hazy and black around the edges. The man extracted his teeth from my flesh and cradled my limp body in his arms, stroking my hair affectionately. “It will be over soon, my beautiful child,” He whispered into my hair. “Then you will be mine, forever.” He placed kisses down my cheek and over my still lips. “So beautiful, even while you’re dying.”  


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