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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Midnight's Atonement by Isobelle Cate

“Are you forbidden fruit, Kate? Will you tempt me to distraction and not allow me the pleasure of tasting you? Or will you allow me to foray into you?”
Her sex tingled and she could feel her liquid heat start to soak her panties, the prolonged anticipation almost unbearable. Damn! Foray? She’d never been forayed before and the way the word rolled from his mouth sounded erotic. Her breath came out in short gasps and she didn’t realize that she’d whimpered.
Graeme stepped even closer so that her breasts pillowed his chest. He leaned down to whisper in her ear even as his other hand rose to caress her waist to trail up and cup the underside of her breast.
The water boiled furiously behind them, the steam coming from the spout adding to the carnal steam in the kitchen.
“Your choice, Kate,” he said before licking her earlobe which caused her to shiver with need. She moaned when his mouth trailed down the column of her throat to swirl his tongue and gently suck at the erratic pulse at the base of her neck. “Forbidden or permitted?”
The kettle popped.
Kate couldn’t hold back. She needed Graeme’s kiss like she needed air. “Permitted. Forayed. Whatever you bloody call it…”
She felt Graeme’s mouth widen in a smile before his lips moved across her jaw. She needed no prodding as she turned her head to meet his mouth. Sweet elation flowed through her at the feel of his mouth on hers. He kissed her tentatively as though he was dipping into the pool to test and tease. She let out her own growl of frustration.
“Damn it, Graeme, stop teasing. Kiss—”
Kate melted against him as his mouth slanted and immediately plundered her own. She opened to him, allowing complete access to her mouth. Their moans mated as did their tongues. Kate held on to Graeme’s biceps, anchoring herself to him lest she fall, and arched her back when his hand completely cupped her breast. She couldn’t help herself. Her need slammed through every pore in her body. She removed his shirt from his waistband, making a sound between a sigh and a groan when her hands came in contact with his skin. Graeme growled his approval before lifting her around the waist. Kate immediately encircled his waist with her legs. Heart hammering in her chest, she placed her head in the crook of Graeme’s neck and before long she felt the end of the dining table on her bottom.
“Graeme.” She gasped when he released her mouth to trail it down the column of her throat, grazing his teeth against her skin as he went, making her burn. She pushed away gently, which caused Graeme to growl in protest. A vaguely sensual light passed between them, the light in the hallway casting shadows over their bodies.
Graeme’s mouth lifted to the side. “Why do you look bemused?”
A blush stole up her cheeks. She cupped his face before letting her hand move slowly down to his beating heart.
“Why would you want me?” she asked softly. Trepidation edged its way from the deepest recesses of her mind. Would he kiss and tell? Then again, why would it matter? Having sex was hardly something that could destroy a woman’s reputation nowadays. It was no different from a free for all sale where people discarded or returned what they didn’t like. No questions asked.
No strings attached.
Graeme leaned towards her. She moaned when he licked the shell of her ear. “I don’t kiss and tell, Kate.”
She exhaled a puff of breath. “Honestly, Mr. Temple. How do you do that? Are you a mind reader? And your eyes, they have gold flecks in them that glow?”
“Are we going to just keep talking or will you allow me to pleasure you? I’m really not in the talking mood and I’m desperately trying not to hunger for your cream on my tongue.”
“Oh my God.” She shuddered. Excitement flowed like liquid silk inside her. Her body hummed with the anticipation of pleasure.
Biting her lower lip, she removed her T-shirt. “Is this what you wanted?”
Her hardening nipples poked through the beige lacy cups of her balconette bra. Graeme’s eyes seemed to burn brighter and Kate couldn’t stop herself from arching her back, offering her breasts for his taking. Sensual flames licked her skin everywhere Graeme’s hands touched, her body welcoming the contact. He moulded her waist up her ribcage to cup the underside of her breasts again before grazing the peaks through the lace cups with his thumbs. The rubbing of her nipples sent electricity down to her sex, causing her to become wetter. Then his thumbs were replaced by his mouth and tongue. Kate was caught up in the dizzying pleasure of his mouth. She moaned when he spoke against her nipples, the vibrations rippling through her.
“My eyes turn gold when I desire someone.”
Kate braced one arm against the table while she held on to Graeme’s head with the other, the pleasure she felt becoming unbearable. She needed something more. She needed something inside her.
She wanted Graeme.
Her back arched and her breath sighed out of her when Graeme ripped her bra and feasted on her breasts.
“Ohh…” she moaned as her legs went around Graeme’s waist, pulling him closer with her thighs to rub herself against the thick stalk inside his denims. When Graeme let go of her nipples and demanded that she submit to his kiss, she opened up to him. She allowed him to explore every crevice of her mouth as she gloried at his taste. She kissed him hungrily, sucking on his lips, nibbling and teasing his tongue, giving as he demanded and taking as much as she wanted.
“Graeme please….I need more. Please give me more.” She licked against his throat, taking small nips and bites, grazing her teeth against his salty skin. God, she’d never felt this wild before! She purred at the feel of his taut skin against her palms, his flesh rippling and tensing everywhere she touched.
He captured her mouth in another torrid kiss that sent her pulse to a frenzy. She couldn’t get enough, the pain in the middle of her core becoming slightly uncomfortable. She nipped at his mouth and sucked on his tongue before letting her own swirl around it. She tasted traces of mint even as her nose was filled with his masculine scent.
Graeme let go of her mouth to graze his teeth against her jaw to reach the sensitive spot behind her ear.
“Tell me what you want, Kate.”
Graeme gently squeezed her breasts before he rolled her nipples between his fingers. Kate cried out in pleasure.
“Tell me.”
“I don’t know,” she whimpered against his neck, feeling as though she was deliciously melting. She turned her head slightly, her mouth against his skin. Her tongue snaked out, tasting his saltiness before she sucked the skin over his pulse. The need to suck some more became stronger and she sucked harder, until she could taste something coppery against her tongue. Graeme growled.
“Ancients!” He pushed her away gently.
Kate looked at him in confusion and alarm. Then realization dawned.
“You don’t like me,” she whispered, her heart thundering in her throat. Desire didn’t cause it. Rejection did.
“Not like you?” Graeme asked, his breathing laboured. “Kate I’ve wanted you since the day I first saw you. You sucking on my neck almost made me come in my jeans.”
A deeper blush stole over her cheeks. “Oh.”
“I want you inside me too.” She sighed before looking down. “But I haven’t done this in a very long time. I don’t know how else to ask.” She looked up. “Except to say that I need you.”
Graeme chuckled. “You’re doing pretty good so far.”
“Please don’t tease.”
Graeme gave her a hard kiss that sent her senses reeling towards sensual meltdown.
“I’m not teasing.” His eyes darkened, his lust apparent. “Lie down.”

Graeme Temple is nearly killed during the Cynn Cruors’ siege of Dac Valerian’s fortress on the Isle of Man, when he takes a silver bullet intended for his Dux, Roarke Hamilton. While on the mend, Graeme meets Kate Corrigan, a woman who enkindles his lust, his desire to possess, his need to protect.
Kate is an investigative journalist who has been following a local councillor she believes is involved in human trafficking. When she meets Graeme one rainy day, the attraction she feels toward him is something she longs for but refuses to have. Kate is about to expose the councillor when her friends are kidnapped to silence her. But she refuses to let go. Knowing that the councillor can wield his extensive influence over the police, she looks for help from outside.
Thrown together, their attraction for each other becomes a passionate conflagration that will not leave them unscathed. A great sacrifice is made that can break them apart. Will the feelings they have for each other be more than enough to get them through this storm? 

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