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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Book Spotlight: Harvest Moon by Dawn L. Lubertowicz

Abby is an average girl that doesn’t seem anything special. She doesn’t recall much about her past, but believes the only family she has is a man she calls Uncle Ben. She does have the ability to read people’s futures. One night, Abby’s average life changes when she decides to take the train instead of a cab. A mysterious man named Zero, who she feels safe with, saves her from a strange man. After that night, Zero keeps showing up and saving her.
She soon discovers that she and Zero shared a past. She finds out Zero is a wolf demon, the ability to change from human to wolf and she is a Lyking, who has mental powers. She realizes she’s not afraid of him as she becomes aware their lives won’t be the same. As Zero continues to protect Abby from strange beings, they become closer as dreams help them understand their past. He has always felt cold and distant with no concern for himself. When he’s with Abby, he feels his heart beating as he feels warmth.
He also started having urges where his body wants Abby and the wolf demon inside of him wants her blood. He can’t think of not having her in his life as he tries to stay with her longer. He soon has to decide to continue the job he was hired for or protect the one he loves from the ones who hired him.

Abby blushes. She doesn’t know why, but his soft look gives her butterflies. His face seems to perk up when he sees her embarrassed. He puts his hand down, wraps his arm around her then he pulls her into him. She freezes, not sure what to do. She feels him inhaling her scent from the top of her head. She moves her face into his chest and inhales too.
He smells really good.
“Let’s do whatever you want to do,” he finally says.
She looks up at him. “Do you want to watch some television?”
“If that’s what you wish.”
If that’s what you wish?
She would rather stay like this, even though it’s odd that he enjoys sniffing her. But she doesn’t mind it. Her heart flutters each time he inhales. She smiles.

He doesn’t even know why he pulled her into him and why he’s inhaling her scent. His body so wanted to do this while she was working on loading the dishwasher. He could stand here all day just inhaling that sweet scent of cherry blossom. Then he starts to feel that urge again. He wants her and so does his body. He wants to feel her. He wants to smell her. He wants to taste her…again. He pauses as he opens his eyes. He feels his breathing has become erratic.
He needs to stop this.
He pushes Abby at arm’s length and looks down at her. He sees she’s concern and confused of what just happened. He knows if he continues like this, then he might do something they will both regret later. Plus, he needs to focus on the job at hand. He can’t lose focus of that as he feels a slight burning on his chest.


D. L. Lubertowicz spent most of her childhood traveling the world with her family, where she learned all of the different cultures. She was born in Denver, Colorado and never stopped moving until 1990 when the Persian Gulf War forced her, her mother and her older sister to move back to the States. She finally settled down in a small town, Tunkhannock with her husband, Jason and their three “furry children”, Gremlin, Storm, and Ashes. She went to college and graduated with a bachelor degree in psychology, minor in criminal justice, and a certificate in Forensic science. She finally settled in the medical field, working at a local family practice clinic.
D.L. Lubertowicz brings great sense of humor and great personalities to each of her characters in all her stories. The combination of her endless imagination and witty personality, will keep you reading.  Each story, you will feel the pain, happiness, laugh, and cry along with the characters while falling in love with them. Take a dive into the first book, Harvest Moon: My Guardian coming out in January.

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