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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hot Hump Day Excerpt: Out of Control by Tory Richards

The Alaskan wilderness is the backdrop for this story about two strangers who find themselves stranded in a cabin for the winter. Both are tortured souls struggling to go on in life, only to discover survival can be found in each other's arms. 

“Luke?” His lack of response caused her to try again. “Luke?”
She saw a glimpse of naked arms and legs as he thrashed beneath the quilt. The cold apparently hadn’t affected him, but she was shivering so badly her teeth were rattling. Luke began to thrash about even more, and Charlie reached out to lightly touch his arm, gently shaking him.
He moved so fast that a scream of surprise escaped Charlie. She suddenly found herself grabbed and pulled down to the bed. Before she could catch her breath Luke rolled, pinning her beneath his naked weight. It was obvious he was still trapped in the dark nightmare that gripped him and didn’t know what he was doing.
“Luke!” Panic raced through Charlie as she realized her helplessness against his strength. “Lu—”
The rest of what she’d been about to say was cut off by the sudden pressure of his unyielding mouth on hers. His kiss was rough, demanding, and frightening in its intensity. She struggled briefly but she was no match for him. He easily forced Charlie more deeply into the bed in an attack that quickly escalated into something sensual and profoundly explosive. Lost in the moment, she ceased her struggling, and began to kiss Luke back with an ardor that bordered on recklessness.
Without thinking she opened her mouth beneath his and accepted his thrusting tongue against hers. Yet when Charlie felt his hands at the buttons on her shirt she stiffened, suddenly terrified. She didn’t want Luke like this, not if he was making love to a ghost. Her fingers flew to his in an effort to keep him from undoing the buttons. She twisted her head to break the kiss, but he followed her every move.
One by one the buttons gave way and then he parted her shirt, curling his callused hand around her naked breast. His firm touch was like fire licking Charlie’s skin, causing her to cry out against his mouth with pleasure. She arched wildly with response, in spite of trying to halt his progress. Her hands moved over his naked shoulders, first pushing him away, and then clutching him to her. She cried out in pleasure when his mouth abandoned hers to latch onto a hardened nipple.
Oh God!
Charlie writhed impatiently beneath him, lost in a vortex of spinning, dizzying emotions. She forgot about everything but the moment and arched her back in total abandon. It was surprising and frightening, how fast he turned her on.
His hand moved between her thighs, causing an explosion of sensation that consumed Charlie. The heat spiraling through her body pooled where his hand covered her. In the next instant his finger was flicking across the swelling bud of her arousal.
She had to find a way to resist but the feelings he roused were like none she’d experienced before. It wasn’t until she felt his hand move beneath her long johns and slip inside her panties that real panic set in. And desire.
But it was too late. His finger slipped inside her. Charlie bit down hard on her bottom lip, moaning with desire as her hunger was satisfied by that simple pleasure. She squeezed her eyes shut and moved her hips against his invading finger. As Luke finger fucked her, he paid special attention to her swollen clit.
Charlie’s breath caught when a second finger joined the first. His mouth left one breast for the other, before traveling up her chest to her throat, leaving a trail of hot little kisses. But it was what Luke was doing to the lower half of her body that caused Charlie to squirm wildly beneath him. He ground his cock against her thigh and she responded by thrusting faster against his fingers. They both made a sound at the same time. As the passion built and Charlie felt the hot rush of release surge through her body she knew it was just a matter of seconds before she climaxed. It was all happening too fast!
Her scream echoed through the cabin. Finally the sound of her voice seemed to reach Luke, causing him to react as if a bucket of ice water had been dumped over him. He froze, the breath hissed through his teeth. He removed his cock from her thigh.
“No…God no,” he groaned, obviously misinterpreting her cry for one of fear.
Slowly he withdrew his fingers and relaxed his body, which tore a moan of deep disappointment from Charlie. She’d been so close to climaxing that the urge to put her fingers there and finish it was overwhelming. Luke rolled away from her and lay on his back, panting heavily for breath.

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