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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Book Spotlight: Fallen Daughters by Monica Owens

The Devil has Daughters.

Meet Ember, Amaryllis, and Ruby as they tangle with the Devil Bones Motorcycle Club. These rough bikers live and ride hard and they've never met their matches until these women saunter into their lives. Cage, Dominguez, and Maddox are unafraid of the challenge to secure their chosen woman's love--most times stomping on the Devil himself to win. Come along on a Devil Bones ride with a twist of the exotic.


“You telling me to take over?”
Fire surged in Ember. If her life couldn’t be the way she wanted it, then she damn sure was going to make sure his would be.

“I’m telling you to do the right thing.” His nostrils flared. “The right thing.”

“I don’t think I’m the only one who believes you can do it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the guys came back when they hear you’re going to make a play.”

“You want me to do the right thing.”


“In a wrong situation.”


He stared at her long and hard. She met his stare. She didn’t even flinch. Finally, he leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers.

“Not that easy, sugar.”

“Why not?”

“No capital. No back up.”

“Are you afraid?”

He jerked back. “What? What the fuck? No, I’m not afraid.”

“Then don’t make excuses.”

One minute she was sitting on her knees in front of him, the next he’d yanked her to her feet and spun her around. Ember landed on her back on the bed, Cage trapping her beneath him.
“You think I’m a coward?”

“No, that’s not what I meant—“

“That’s what you said.”

“No, that isn’t—“

“You better explain real fast then, sugar.”

“What I mean is,” she sighed, and then started over. “What I mean is that everyone is waiting for you to do something. So do it.”

He stared down at her through the gloom in his crappy room. She couldn’t even begin to fathom what he was thinking. He held his upper body off her with his strong forearms, but his lower body burned into her. Ember shifted, her legs coming apart, and his hips slid down into her further.

His thumb rasped along her cheek.

“What are you waiting for me to do?” He wondered.

Her heart thundered. This incredibly gorgeous man wanted her, that was no mistake. And despite their differences, Ember wanted him, too. One thing he’d been right about, she hadn’t been living her life. She wore blinders all the time, deflecting the pain of not having family but compounding it by not giving it to herself.

Time to live.

Time to open up.

“Just waiting for you to kiss me,” she whispered.

Red Sage Publishing, Inc. © 2014 All Rights Reserved


Monica Owens is originally from Wisconsin and has romance in her blood. Married for twenty years to the love of her life, Monica has been writing since the fifth grade (and yes, that was a romance, too). She's got a nine-to-five job, but the real fun starts when she sits down to write. Her house is overflowing with animals who might've figured out that they've got the humans outnumbered. She is diligently working on the next installment of the Fallen series.


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