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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sultry Southern Nights by Elle LeBeau

Beth Franklin’s huge, tortured eyes still haunt Rafe LaRue as he recalls the announcement of his betrothal to Amanda Hamilton. Marrying an heiress allows him to save his plantation and position in 1858 Charleston society. But at what cost? Enraged that Rafe cannot quell is obsession with Beth, Amanda acquires forged papers proving Beth to be an octoroon, arranges Beth’s kidnapping, and lends her to Geoffrey Mandeville as his love slave. To her great shame, Beth finds herself submitting to her captor’s relentless seductions and lascivious demands. She hates Geoffrey. How can her body betray her so completely? Rafe believes Beth is dead. Only months later does he learn the depths of Amanda’s perfidy when she brings Beth into their household as her personal slave. Beth convinces Rafe of her innocence and that he will find proof of her heritage in the Ashley family Bible, now in the possession of her former mammy in Philadelphia. Will Rafe be able to find the Bible and prove that Beth has no black blood that would condemn her as a slave? Will Beth be able to escape Geoffrey and his heavily-guarded house? Will she be able to move beyond her trauma? Will Amanda and Geoffrey escape retribution for their evil actions? Sultry Southern Nights is a gripping, spell-binding tale of sex, violence and love.

“Beth, you must learn not to retreat from my touch. It will only anger me. You know what will happen if you anger me,” Geoffrey said, tone soothing, almost kind.
Beth rallied her reserves of strength and remained facing him, spine straight. Inside she quaked with fear.
“That's better,” he murmured. “You know as long as you obey me, we will get along very well.”
“Why are you doing this? Please, let me go. I will never tell a soul. I promise.”
“Oh, but I can't do that. You’re mine for now and I have yet to really get to know you.
Come. We will sit on this chair to get better acquainted.” Geoffrey held out his hand.
Beth backed up but Geoffrey grabbed her arm and dragged her to the peach silk wing chair by the cheery fire. Then he sat down and pulled her to a sitting position across his lap. Tears pooled in Beth’s eyes.
“Now, Beth, I'm going to get to know your beautiful body.” Geoffrey stripped off her meager blanket and tossed it to the floor.
Beth tried to cover her breasts and the private place between her limbs. Geoffrey chuckled.
“Beth, you know you can’t escape me.”
Beth sat up straight, her back rigid. Geoffrey trailed his fingers through her hair, much as he might try to gentle a recalcitrant mare. Then he moved one hand to caress her throat while his other arm moved to support her back.
“God, you are beautiful.”
Beth shrank from his touch, but Geoffrey’s hand continued its slow, sensuous trek from her throat down her body until his finger touched her nipple. It tightened at the contact. Beth gritted her teeth and clenched her hands. She wouldn’t let him affect her.
Then Geoffrey caressed her breasts and circled her nipples with whisper light touches as though he knew the effect his touch elicited. Darts of feelings shot down Beth’s body. Geoffrey’s hands felt dry and warm. She tried to move away from his arousing ministrations, but his rock-like strength trapped her.
With nothing between them except his trousers, Beth could feel her effect on him. Geoffrey’s swollen staff probed her exposed bottom; Beth squirmed. Then Geoffrey bent his head and laved a nipple with his tongue. He sucked on it while his fingers tortured her other nipple.
Beth struggled to remain unmoved, but Geoffrey’s relentless assault continued. Beth hated him. So, how could he still evoke such wondrous feelings in her? Without warning, Geoffrey suckled hard on her nipple. Beth cried out at the unexpected sensation. A kind of pleasure-pain cascaded through her.

Red Sage Publishing, Inc. © 2014 All Rights Reserved

A voracious reader, one night several years ago she dreamed the continuation of a paragraph she had been reading before bed. When it happened a second time, she decided someone was trying to tell her something. She sat down at the computer, started writing and hasn’t stopped since.

Her dream is to live by the ocean where she can always see and hear the crashing waves as she writes the novels she so loves to write. Elle lives with her husband, a White German Shepherd, and a white English Setter in Tennessee. She has three adult children of whom she is very proud.

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