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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Blog Tour Stop and Giveaway: Shadowed Origins by Syla Wolff

The road to freedom is rarely an easy journey.

Following a lifetime of captivity and torture, fate tosses Kyley into a world of freedom and opportunities, danger and espionage. During her inspirational journey, discovery of life’s offerings shores up her determination to conquer the fears that keep her from exploring a world where romance is more than a fantasy. Her continued hard-won freedom hinges on the abilities of the paranormal group that rescued her. Always looking over her shoulder, she knows Roth must reacquire her to complete his plan for mass annihilation and anarchy.

Taylor’s telekinesis and special-ops training granted him seamless passage to work with Kenner’s paranormal unit. When he rescues a young waif from the clutches of her psychopathic guardian, he’s unprepared for the emotional backlash created by their connection.

The knowledge that her emotional baggage includes years of abuse dictates he help her conquer her triggers and fears. Aware she’s not encountered a kind touch, much less any expression of passion, he represses his own desires in order to teach her that not all physical contact includes pain. He longs to free her adventurous streak and inspire her to achieve emotional as well as physical confidence.

Since being adopted by her psychic warriors as a kid from the streets, Kiera’s never doubted her place in life or the direction of her path. Her unusual upbringing included weapons training, unique fighting skills, and how to maximize her paranormal abilities. After pulling Carlin, a computer prodigy, from death’s grasp, she learns you don’t always get to choose whom you love. Her destiny is twofold. Protect Carlin from the monster who wants to destroy the USA and find her mate—a man who will save her life, more than once.

A chance meeting between Kiera and Kyley sets off a chain of events they couldn’t prepare for and might not survive. Can the girls work together and prevent Roth from destroying the ones they love?



“No portals tonight, Kiera. Absolutely not. For tonight, I agree with him.”


He pulled her closer. Mere inches separated them. He saw the switch flip in her expression and knew her thoughts no longer centered on portals and risky missions. Dawning, then hunger—came in slow degrees of decreasing tension in her arms. They dropped in sync with her eyelids. Her torso swayed forward, pressing her firm breasts against his chest.

This is where he needed her to be to face what existed between them. Days had passed with nothing more than hungry looks and an ache he couldn’t satisfy. Now, he could drive her need for him past the reticence that engulfed her whenever the warriors were present.

“Jeez these new clothes are driving me nuts. All I’ve wanted to do is rip them off every time I see you.” Scooping her up in his arms, he headed for the back stairs. The long braid of her hair nestled between her breasts. Jesus. Though their first time together resulted in a storm of lust, now he’d go slow and show her what lay ahead for them both.

“Where are you taking us?” With a sensuous glide, she let her fingers swirl and tease the chest hair visible at his open collar.

He took the stairs several at a time.

She cupped his chin then caressed his cheek.

At the top of the stairs now, he ran for his room.

She cupped the back of his head to pull him down for kiss.

He ran into the wall. “Shit! Sorry, babe. But you gotta stop till I get us to my room. You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Do you think you could hurry?”




Life teaches us many lessons. One of the most important ones Shyla’s learned is to take the time to enjoy family and friends. Our circumstances change on a daily basis. However small the differences may seem, they add up over time. Through a lifetime of various trials and tribulations, she’s discovered the enjoyment of sharing her stories with those that would relish participating in the journey of extraordinary people through their everyday lives.


Shyla will be awarding $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

New Release Spotlight:Jewel of Winter by Kirsten S. Blacketer

A simple country girl at the mercy of a cold-hearted thief with more secrets than scruples.
As a widow, Jessamine gained the freedom she’d always desired. Her late husband left her his sole possession, an inn on the north road to Scotland. When a trio of gentlemen appear at the doorstep of her isolated inn during a snowstorm, Jess can’t help the curiosity coursing through her veins. Eavesdropping on their conversation only entangles her in their web of deception.
To the petite innkeeper, Edmund is a wealthy thief. Allowing her to think what she will, he decides to use her to his advantage. That is until she hides the stolen jewels and refuses to reveal their location. Never cowed by a challenge, Edmund issues an ultimatum: return the jewels or repay the debt with her body.


"You want people to think you're cold and indifferent, calloused and uncaring." She whimpered as his fingertips trailed over her chest and came to rest against her neck. Her pulse pounded beneath his hand. "You manipulate, steal, and lie while maintaining a proper gentleman's persona."
"You've said as much already. Enough." He whispered as he leaned down pressing a soft kiss against her fluttering pulse. "My question is, do you know me well enough to satisfy me?"
"No one will ever be able to satisfy you, Edmund."
He grasped her chin in his hand and turned her face to see her flashing eyes. Brushing his thumb across her lower lip, he admired the flush of pink as it stained her cheeks. "Such a smart mouth for a country lass. I can think of a much more pleasurable way to utilize that tongue of yours."
Her eyes widened as he closed the remaining space between them and kissed her. He turned her in his arms, not breaking the sweet contact as it stole her breath. Different from previous kisses, this one demanded nothing. It requested her submission to him. He'd longed for her since the night of the masquerade. Hell, even before that. He slid his hand into her hair, pulling her closer and forcing her to open to him.
Heat and brandy mingled on his tongue as he explored her mouth. She sighed when he slowly loosened her gown with his free hand. He stepped back briefly to pull the cumbersome gown from her body and toss it onto the floor. As he feathered kisses along her jaw, he untied the bustle, then let it tumble to the ground. Jess moaned, and he hooked his thumbs into her drawers, pulling them down her legs.
"Why am I the only one being undressed?" she murmured as he kissed her throat.
He covered her lips with his and whispered in her mouth. "The only thing I want to hear is you moaning my name."
He kissed her hard, nipping her lower lip in warning. He pulled the strings of her corset loose with the skill befitting a jewel thief. Tearing it from her body, he focused on the thin chemise she wore. His hands slid beneath the material and cupped her breasts. They filled his palms, and he couldn't help but brush his thumbs across her nipples. The ragged gasp from her lips made him grin. Her clouded gaze betrayed the need raging through her. He pulled the material over her head and glanced at every glorious curve of her naked body. Edmund licked his lips.
"Sit down on that chair." He pointed to the wing-backed armchair before the fireplace. "Place one leg on each arm."

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Blog Tour Stop: Love in a Dangerous Season by Gloria Gay

Love In A Dangerous Season - Banner


TITLE – Love In A Dangerous Season AUTHOR – Gloria Gay GENRE – Regency Historical Romance PUBLICATION DATE – January 21, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 192 Pages PUBLISHER – Amazon Kindle Direct COVER ARTIST – Killion Group


For her insulting behavior toward the Earl of Ashcom, on whom her family depends for subsistence, beautiful Fantine Delmere earns for herself an unwanted London season and is forced to leave her beloved Evergreen and venture into the hard glare of the heartless haut ton she abhors. But Fantine’s arrival awakens jealousies and dangerous forces are put into motion…
Love In A Dangerous Season - Medium Cover



Fantine struggled in Ashcom’s arms as he pressed his mouth to hers, but to no avail. Her strength pitted against his was but a sigh to a powerful gale. Then even against her will she felt her treacherous lips responding hungrily to his bruising lips that tasted of recently sipped coffee and felt a rush of passion course madly through her limbs as he parted her lips forcibly and thrust his tongue into her mouth.
A thrilling rush of sensation shot out throughout her body, making her listless.
For a while he kissed her, hard and with a desperate hunger answered in measure by Fantine. He tasted the chocolate in her mouth and inhaled the sweet light scent he had chosen for her. He felt a tremor shoot out in sparks throughout his body and a strong response in his loins.
Hating his reaction to her and his weakening resolve, he let go of her suddenly and still holding her by her shoulders looked angrily into her eyes.
"Have you ever been kissed by a moneyed title, Miss Delmere? Well now you have." And with that he turned on his heel and strode out of the breakfast room.
Scandal At Almacks - Author Photo


From an early age I was drawn to painting and writing. Both have always been linked for me throughout the different stages of my life—studies, work, marriage, children, grand-children. Curiously enough it was a novel given to me as a prize for art excellence at the Catholic nuns’ academy where I studied through sixth grade that I was introduced to literature. Up until that time I only knew books as history, math, etc. Those nuns were very strict: novels only as a prize! I was amazed that a book could open doors into imagined worlds. I probably thought, as a nine-year-old, that movies just appeared on the screen by magic. :)
From that day forth I would make up stories to tell my brothers and my sister. Later on I started to put the stories down on paper. Then among the many novels I read I started one day to read “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier. That first line in the novel: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…” was the spark that drew me toward serious writing, first the gothic novels popular at the time and then when I searched for more romance than mystery, to the novels of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer.
Regency romance became my genre and I self-published four, then two more with a traditional publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, and two with Amazon’s Kindle Direct. And although I will probably always write Regencies, I am also branching out to romantic suspense and will soon be publishing two of those and, hopefully, re-write the first gothic novel I wrote and abandoned many years ago.



Copy of the ebook
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Friday, 10 April 2015

Book Spotlight: Wicked Lustful Tales by Maria Cox

Phone Sex
“God, Dylan, it’s so good to hear your voice.” Gina poured a second helping of red wine into her glass.
Dylan laughed. “That bad, huh?”
In her ear, Gina adjusted the hands-free device, a priceless business accessory without a doubt. “Not bad really.” She sighed, setting the Merlot bottle to the side, “Just an extremely long day.”
For several hours that day, Gina paraded in five-inch heels and talked to several dozen would-be customers. Now her voice was gone, her cheeks hurt from a forced smile and to complicate matters, a throb settled at the back of her neck.
“But...” She paused, and sipped the woodsy flavored red. “On the upswing of things, we managed to secure two meetings for this Thursday.”
“Two meetings? That’s great,” Dylan said with genuine enthusiasm in his voice. “Possible clients you think?”
“Well, they sound interested.” Gina discarded her heels, chucking them next to the love seat. “Marc did most of the talking this time.” Her toes grasped the rich thick carpeting below, it was good to stretch her tired achy feet.
“So Marc’s playing nice, then?” Dylan said with a slight change in his tone. Was it sarcasm? Perhaps. Or perhaps Gina’s fatigue caused her to over analyze things.
“I guess you can say he’s playing nice.” She sipped again this time a more liberal drink.
“I don’t know why you keep him on staff,” Dylan muttered in her ear. “Marc is difficult.” He paused a moment. “You know damned well there’s no guarantee he’ll have the same attitude tomorrow and the day after that.”
Definitely sarcasm. “Marc is not a bad guy, Dylan.” Gina ambled to the window and parted the curtains.
“You insist on making excuses for him.”
The sunset in Boston tinted the gray skies pinkish at the horizon, and from her twelfth story hotel suite, the view captivated to say the least.
“I’m not making excuses. Mark’s just temperamental.”Temperamental was a pleasant way to describe him.
“You’re doing it again.”
Gina didn’t want to argue with Dylan, but she needed to defend her stance. “Doing what?”
“Sugar coating,” Dylan snapped. “Marc is an asshole, plain and simple.”
Gina perched against a large decorative hallway table and stared at the spectacular view of the Charles River. “Don’t you think that’s a little harsh?”
“No.” Dylan was direct. “I don’t think I’m being harsh at all, and deep down inside, neither do you Gina.”
Okay, so Marc Leon was complicated, but during the course of a year Gina learned to deal with the man’s moodiness.
“I hired Marc, because he’s competent and happens to be good at what he does,” Gina said. “Not for his amiable qualities.”
Marc’s attitude needed adjustment at times, but Gina opted not to tackle that particular subject and especially not with Dylan over the phone.
“What I meant is Marc appears more even-tempered.” She chewed on her bottom lip, “It kind of makes me wonder about him.”
Gina attributed Marc’s cordial behavior to a significant other, but whatever it was, it came at the most opportune time. With the conference and two new clients, their advertising department needed to be at the top of their game.
A chuckle came from the other end of the line. “Yeah, it kind of makes me wonder about him, too.”
Good grief Dylan was on a rant. For a moment, Gina wondered what possessed her to bring up the subject of Marc in the first place. She swallowed a generous serving of her wine, allowing the warmth of the California vintage to diminish her concern. Unless she managed to assuage her feelings, the day’s stress, her headache, and her own hostility would give way to surliness.
“Perhaps Marc is acting gracious because he has ulterior motives,” Dylan suggested in a sarcastic tone.
Gina closed the curtains and pushed away from the table. “Ulterior motives,” she repeated. “What ulterior motives?”
“Well, getting in bed with you is one of them,” Dylan said matter-of-factly, “Have you considered that angle?”
Stumped, Gina choked on her wine. Dylan’s blunt and direct comment surprised her. She mulled over his tongue-in-cheek remark for a few seconds before responding.
“No, I hadn’t considered that actually,” she said, dabbing her lips with a cloth napkin. “May I add how bizarre a theory that is?”
“It’s not so odd, you know,” Dylan explained, “Boss-employee infatuation.”
Office liaisons, in modern day society, were more a trend than the exception, and Gina knew this. Nevertheless, Dylan’s comment defied common sense.
“Did you by chance forget that Marc is gay?”
A husky chortle rumbled in Dylan’s throat. “I didn’t forget,” he said. “I suspect Marc is not being a hundred percent truthful about his sexuality.”
Gina held back a laugh. “Are you serious right now?” She set her wine glass on the table behind. “You’re telling me that you believe Marc is faking being gay?” That was an outlandish thing to say.
“No,” Dylan responded. “What I’m saying is that Marc’s not just gay.”
Not just gay? “Oh for heaven’s sake Dylan, just spell it out?” Gina’s spit out in frustration.
“I think Marc is bisexual.”

Wicked Lustful Tales is a compilation of stories that blend, drama, friendship and most certainly steamy romance.

During a group cycling vacation in the Caribbean Shana White learns that her boyfriend is moving to New York to further his career without her. With no intention of sulking Shana opts for a day excursion with former beau and fellow cyclist Nick Marino. After a biking accident leaves them stranded the rekindling of an old friendship and memories of their torrid past emerge leaving Shana to struggle with conflicting emotions. Now on the rebound can she afford to seek solace in Nick’s arms and risk heartache all over again?

The Charity Event
With a career in photography about to take off Adam Baxter is at the top of his game. Office buddy Jennifer Silva has been a supportive friend from the start and the two have an easygoing platonic relationship. But when Adam’s assistant Nellie singles out Adam’s jealous behavior he’s forced to analyze his true feelings for beautiful, caring Jennifer. Adam knows all too well that a romantic involvement can complicate matters. So, is Adam ready to put it all on the line and take their friendship to the next level?

Snowed In
When Nina Bates discloses her pregnancy she’s soon shunned by her boyfriend and her mother. Alone and confused Nina turns to her grandmother who suggests she leave her hometown of Seattle and move to Alaska. In Anchorage, divorcee Dexter McIver hires Nina as live-in nanny to his son. An emotional bond develops between them and after Nina delivers her baby the smoldering attraction that existed for months threatens to boil over. With so much at stake should Nina and Dexter go out on a limb for a brief liaison?

Phone Sex
Advertising executive Gina Blanchard has her hands full with not only a busy conference schedule, but a difficult employee too. Fatigued, she calls her boyfriend Dylan Jessup. He encourages Gina to unwind and experiment with a one of a kind sexual experience.

Summer Love
Bryn Banks, a city girl at heart, travels to North Dakota for a summer program in rural Coleharbor, North Dakota. There, she works with biologist Kyle Norman, a small town guy. As they work closely together, the relationship becomes intimate. When the summer draws to a close, Bryn urges Kyle to come with her, but he resists.

Married and in Lust
After three weeks on the road, professional hockey player Ethan Lewis returns home for Thanksgiving. When he sees another man approach his wife Whitney as she waits for him, jealousy and desire take over. Ethan conjures a wild intimate encounter but is he able to persuade a reluctant Whitney to take part? 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Blog Tour Stop: Borrowing the Doctor by Victoria Pinder

Borrowing The Doctor - Banner


TITLE – Borrowing The Doctor AUTHOR – Victoria Pinder GENRE – Contemporary Romance PUBLICATION DATE – 1/14/2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 80000 PUBLISHER – Soul Mate Publishing


Party girl. Art thief. All around bad girl. It’s what all the newspapers call socialite and heiress Kate Sparrow. It’s all untrue. Kate’s been set up and she’s following the orders of the FBI to get the real criminal, her father. She’ll have to put up with her sister, the wedding fiasco, and her own fears that someone is after her, trying to stop her to get what she needs to prove her innocence.
Doctor Daniel Collins joins his brothers on a cruise to the wedding of his young cousin. His cousin begs him to keep a close watch on the bride’s sister, Kate. He's to keep her from ruining the wedding.
Kate doesn’t trust Daniel's help in her life, but the man’s interference is blocking a few problems. She lets him. After all, he spent a few years in the military and having a friend like Daniel is nice. But when her fears become true, someone is after her, pretending to be in a relationship with the sexy doctor has its benefits. What she hadn’t planned was opening her heart to trusting him. But if she doesn’t open up, she’s going to lose out on far more than her life, she’d lose out on love.
Borrowing The Doctor - Book Cover



Daniel slid into his seat and away from Eric, but his arms remained tense. His brothers wouldn’t like this plan. He didn’t like this plan. “I’m to babysit the spoiled rich princess and keep her away from the cops and the alcohol, this trip.”
He pressed his lips together. He expected his brothers to have an opinion, but silence greeted his ears.
All eyes went back to the door.
His collar grew warmer. Daniel glanced around to stare in the same direction. He assumed Kate Sparrow had stepped into the club.
His eyes scanned the room, and then the crowds parted. He had his first look. Time might have stopped, and he heard his own heartbeat. Brown hair with a bit of a curl, brown eyes, small frame, unusually large breasts for a woman her size, and an energy that took his breath away. He also noted that Kate’s eyes held a gleam, and Daniel’s mouth fell open. Kate Sparrow was the most beautiful woman he’d seen in a long while.
Beauty meant trouble. He turned back to his beer and refused to stare at her.
The pictures in the papers hadn’t done her justice at all. How did they turn that pretty woman into a viper with a camera? His mind raced. Did she have a Jekyll and Hyde personality that came out at night?


Victoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston then moved to Miami. Eventually, found that writing is her passion.
She always wrote stories to entertain herself. Her parents are practical minded people demanding a job, but when she sat down to see what she enjoyed doing, writing became obvious.
The Zoastra Affair, Chaperoning Paris, Borrowing the Doctor, and Electing Love, Mything the Throne and Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush will be published in 2014.
Now she is represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency.
Also she’s the Vice President for the Florida Romance Writers. Her website is


Website – Facebook – Twitter – Blog – Goodreads


$5 Amazon Gift Card
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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Book Spotlight: Bound by Natalie Hancock

Cursed by a witch, Amelia must keep herself alive to stop the world ending with her—but that’s hard when she’s dying from a poison that’s slowly spreading through her body. Locked up by the demons, she has grown weak against the poison and has lost her eyesight, but she won’t let that stop her from escaping, straight into the arms of demon, Gabriel Chase.

To keep the poison from spreading quickly, Amelia must accept the help from the demon to keep her strong, but after she drinks his blood for the first time, their desires for each other grow fast and when he touches her, her body burns with lust only he can satisfy.

When Amelia grows weak quickly, she has to make a choice: die, and take the world with her, or let Gabriel bind her life to his, stripping her of her humanity in the process.

Which will she choose?


Amelia shifted, slipping her hand in her back pocket and grabbing the key she carried everywhere with her. She never went anywhere without one, always one step ahead. She slipped it into the key lock and smiled at the soft click it made as they opened. When a demon walked past her, she kicked him hard and jumped to her feet, slipping the key into her mouth as she moved. She attacked the demons around her, drawing blood and stirring the hunger inside.

The demons attacked back, drawing their weapons but Amelia flipped away from their shots, kicked a demon in the head hard. She dodged out of the way from another attack and slammed her head into the face of a Demon when he got too close.

Sensing Gabriel, Amelia teleported away from him and spun around when she landed. She came face to face with Gabriel, once again underestimating his speed. He grabbed both of her hands and held them behind her back, keeping her pinned against his body.

“Give it to me.”

Keeping her eyes locked with his, Amelia smiled but said nothing and didn’t give him what he wanted.

Gabriel tightened his hold on her hands, pulling her closer. “Give it to me.”

Amelia clenched her teeth together, rolling the key around in her mouth before sticking her tongue out and raising her eyebrows.

A low growl came from Gabriel. After meeting her eyes briefly, he moved forward and sucked the key from her tongue, making Amelia moan and her eyes shine with arousal.

Gabriel spat the key out, never taking his eyes off Amelia. “Leave us.”

“Chase, that animal needs to be locked away—


The room filed out quickly at Gabriel’s command.

Once the room emptied, he pushed Amelia backwards until she was pressed against the wall, and kissed her. Amelia moaned, feeling her body come alive as he touched her.

“Don’t rip my clothes,” Amelia told him in between kisses. “I like these ones.”

Gabriel chuckled and slipped a dagger from his trousers and ran them down her body, cutting through her clothes before stabbing it into the wall. “You did say no ripping.”

Amelia growled but when Gabriel kissed her and pulled her ruined clothes away from her body, she gasped in pleasure. She clawed at his clothes, ripping them from his body so she could get to his skin. His muscled rolled underneath her fingertips.

He stopped her when her fingers trailed down his stomach. “Have you ever made love under the full moon?” He asked against her lips.

“I have not.”

Gabriel smiled and linked his fingers with hers and pinned them above her head. “Take us to Mount Ashor


Red Sage Publishing, Inc. © 2015 All Rights Reserved

AUTHOR TWITTER: @Author_NHancock

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Submission Call: Some Like it Hot

Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains are pleased to announce we are opening submissions for a historical excerpt only anthology that will publish in the summer. This will be marketed as a bargain anthology with proceeds going to charity and after the initial free period, it will run as a perma-free for 45 months. All featured excerpts will be followed by buy links, newsletter or website link and a Facebook link.

This is a great opportunity to reach new readers and display the hottest scenes from your historical books.

What we are after:

We are searching for your steamiest excerpts. They should be from already published books that are either independently published or you have permission from your publisher to share. Excerpts must be at least 2000 words in length. They must be historical. You must be able to promote the anthology and we will be arranging some small giveaways in conjunction with it.

How to submit:

Send your excerpt with buy link/s, social media links, newsletter or website link in a word or RTF doc to with 'Some Like it Hot Submission' in the subject line. Expect a response within 2 weeks. Submissions close April 30th.

Excerpt: A Lady's Best Friend by Sally Smith

Every woman should take the time to escape from the tedium of everyday life and what better way to do this than to embark on a journey of pure pleasure through the pages of this book.  Allow yourself to be transported into a fantasy world where nothing is forbidden and you can drowned yourself in a sea of desire and ecstasy.  As you travel through stories you will encounter characters with whom you can relate to as you return time and time again to your favourite.   You will soon discover that this is truly A Lady's Best Friend.

Chris leaned his head down over Sarah and began licking the trifle from her chest allowing his tongue to move down her cleavage until every morsel of fallen trifle was gone. The audience loved it and began clapping and hooting with delight.
Emily joined in the applause, but was slightly shocked at what she was witnessing play out before her. This was not new to this group; they had done this sort of thing before, of that she was sure, so why had she been invited into their little world? She asked herself. Was she expected to participate in this titillating role-play and more important did she want to?
She answered the question herself as honestly as she could and that was yes. She did want to be part of it, in fact, the whole experience was overwhelmingly turning her on. While observing Sarah, she couldn’t help wishing that she was the one sitting there and wondered when they would call upon her to join in. Her hands were clammy and she could feel the sting of sweat emitting from under her armpits as the anticipation grew within her.
“Trifle, definitely trifle,” Sarah was shouted out her answer.
“Well done! Four points to Sarah,” continued Chris.  
“Okay, now for round two, and this is where the contestant, in this case our beautiful Sarah, needs to identify the food item as well as the person offering that said item with only the use of her mouth and tongue for detection. She is not allowed to use any other part of her body,” Chris explained to his eager audience.
Lee stepped forward and placed two blueberries in her mouth and moved towards Sarah where she kneeled down in front of her. Lee leaned forward to allow her mouth to meet Sarah’s where they both opened lips to match each other, at which point Lee, with lips together, pushed the blueberries into her friend’s mouth. The touching of the lips evolved into a full-on kiss as the women appeared reluctant to break the seal. This was heightened by the fact that only the mouths were in contact and no other part of their bodies.

AUTHOR BIO: I am privileged to have a world filled with the most amazing women.  Throughout my life I have been blessed with knowing the most wonderful women, whether that is through being related to them, or friends with them or colleagues. They have helped influence and color my life, therefore I feel that I have written for those women.