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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Blog Tour Stop and Giveaway: Shadowed Origins by Syla Wolff

The road to freedom is rarely an easy journey.

Following a lifetime of captivity and torture, fate tosses Kyley into a world of freedom and opportunities, danger and espionage. During her inspirational journey, discovery of life’s offerings shores up her determination to conquer the fears that keep her from exploring a world where romance is more than a fantasy. Her continued hard-won freedom hinges on the abilities of the paranormal group that rescued her. Always looking over her shoulder, she knows Roth must reacquire her to complete his plan for mass annihilation and anarchy.

Taylor’s telekinesis and special-ops training granted him seamless passage to work with Kenner’s paranormal unit. When he rescues a young waif from the clutches of her psychopathic guardian, he’s unprepared for the emotional backlash created by their connection.

The knowledge that her emotional baggage includes years of abuse dictates he help her conquer her triggers and fears. Aware she’s not encountered a kind touch, much less any expression of passion, he represses his own desires in order to teach her that not all physical contact includes pain. He longs to free her adventurous streak and inspire her to achieve emotional as well as physical confidence.

Since being adopted by her psychic warriors as a kid from the streets, Kiera’s never doubted her place in life or the direction of her path. Her unusual upbringing included weapons training, unique fighting skills, and how to maximize her paranormal abilities. After pulling Carlin, a computer prodigy, from death’s grasp, she learns you don’t always get to choose whom you love. Her destiny is twofold. Protect Carlin from the monster who wants to destroy the USA and find her mate—a man who will save her life, more than once.

A chance meeting between Kiera and Kyley sets off a chain of events they couldn’t prepare for and might not survive. Can the girls work together and prevent Roth from destroying the ones they love?



“No portals tonight, Kiera. Absolutely not. For tonight, I agree with him.”


He pulled her closer. Mere inches separated them. He saw the switch flip in her expression and knew her thoughts no longer centered on portals and risky missions. Dawning, then hunger—came in slow degrees of decreasing tension in her arms. They dropped in sync with her eyelids. Her torso swayed forward, pressing her firm breasts against his chest.

This is where he needed her to be to face what existed between them. Days had passed with nothing more than hungry looks and an ache he couldn’t satisfy. Now, he could drive her need for him past the reticence that engulfed her whenever the warriors were present.

“Jeez these new clothes are driving me nuts. All I’ve wanted to do is rip them off every time I see you.” Scooping her up in his arms, he headed for the back stairs. The long braid of her hair nestled between her breasts. Jesus. Though their first time together resulted in a storm of lust, now he’d go slow and show her what lay ahead for them both.

“Where are you taking us?” With a sensuous glide, she let her fingers swirl and tease the chest hair visible at his open collar.

He took the stairs several at a time.

She cupped his chin then caressed his cheek.

At the top of the stairs now, he ran for his room.

She cupped the back of his head to pull him down for kiss.

He ran into the wall. “Shit! Sorry, babe. But you gotta stop till I get us to my room. You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Do you think you could hurry?”




Life teaches us many lessons. One of the most important ones Shyla’s learned is to take the time to enjoy family and friends. Our circumstances change on a daily basis. However small the differences may seem, they add up over time. Through a lifetime of various trials and tribulations, she’s discovered the enjoyment of sharing her stories with those that would relish participating in the journey of extraordinary people through their everyday lives.


Shyla will be awarding $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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  1. Amazing cover! This sounds like an intriguing book! Thank you for the great post and contest!

  2. Beautiful cover. I enjoyed the excerpt.

  3. I enjoyed the excerpt and the cover looks great!