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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Book Spotlight: Bound by Natalie Hancock

Cursed by a witch, Amelia must keep herself alive to stop the world ending with her—but that’s hard when she’s dying from a poison that’s slowly spreading through her body. Locked up by the demons, she has grown weak against the poison and has lost her eyesight, but she won’t let that stop her from escaping, straight into the arms of demon, Gabriel Chase.

To keep the poison from spreading quickly, Amelia must accept the help from the demon to keep her strong, but after she drinks his blood for the first time, their desires for each other grow fast and when he touches her, her body burns with lust only he can satisfy.

When Amelia grows weak quickly, she has to make a choice: die, and take the world with her, or let Gabriel bind her life to his, stripping her of her humanity in the process.

Which will she choose?


Amelia shifted, slipping her hand in her back pocket and grabbing the key she carried everywhere with her. She never went anywhere without one, always one step ahead. She slipped it into the key lock and smiled at the soft click it made as they opened. When a demon walked past her, she kicked him hard and jumped to her feet, slipping the key into her mouth as she moved. She attacked the demons around her, drawing blood and stirring the hunger inside.

The demons attacked back, drawing their weapons but Amelia flipped away from their shots, kicked a demon in the head hard. She dodged out of the way from another attack and slammed her head into the face of a Demon when he got too close.

Sensing Gabriel, Amelia teleported away from him and spun around when she landed. She came face to face with Gabriel, once again underestimating his speed. He grabbed both of her hands and held them behind her back, keeping her pinned against his body.

“Give it to me.”

Keeping her eyes locked with his, Amelia smiled but said nothing and didn’t give him what he wanted.

Gabriel tightened his hold on her hands, pulling her closer. “Give it to me.”

Amelia clenched her teeth together, rolling the key around in her mouth before sticking her tongue out and raising her eyebrows.

A low growl came from Gabriel. After meeting her eyes briefly, he moved forward and sucked the key from her tongue, making Amelia moan and her eyes shine with arousal.

Gabriel spat the key out, never taking his eyes off Amelia. “Leave us.”

“Chase, that animal needs to be locked away—


The room filed out quickly at Gabriel’s command.

Once the room emptied, he pushed Amelia backwards until she was pressed against the wall, and kissed her. Amelia moaned, feeling her body come alive as he touched her.

“Don’t rip my clothes,” Amelia told him in between kisses. “I like these ones.”

Gabriel chuckled and slipped a dagger from his trousers and ran them down her body, cutting through her clothes before stabbing it into the wall. “You did say no ripping.”

Amelia growled but when Gabriel kissed her and pulled her ruined clothes away from her body, she gasped in pleasure. She clawed at his clothes, ripping them from his body so she could get to his skin. His muscled rolled underneath her fingertips.

He stopped her when her fingers trailed down his stomach. “Have you ever made love under the full moon?” He asked against her lips.

“I have not.”

Gabriel smiled and linked his fingers with hers and pinned them above her head. “Take us to Mount Ashor


Red Sage Publishing, Inc. © 2015 All Rights Reserved

AUTHOR TWITTER: @Author_NHancock

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