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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Excerpt: A Lady's Best Friend by Sally Smith

Every woman should take the time to escape from the tedium of everyday life and what better way to do this than to embark on a journey of pure pleasure through the pages of this book.  Allow yourself to be transported into a fantasy world where nothing is forbidden and you can drowned yourself in a sea of desire and ecstasy.  As you travel through stories you will encounter characters with whom you can relate to as you return time and time again to your favourite.   You will soon discover that this is truly A Lady's Best Friend.

Chris leaned his head down over Sarah and began licking the trifle from her chest allowing his tongue to move down her cleavage until every morsel of fallen trifle was gone. The audience loved it and began clapping and hooting with delight.
Emily joined in the applause, but was slightly shocked at what she was witnessing play out before her. This was not new to this group; they had done this sort of thing before, of that she was sure, so why had she been invited into their little world? She asked herself. Was she expected to participate in this titillating role-play and more important did she want to?
She answered the question herself as honestly as she could and that was yes. She did want to be part of it, in fact, the whole experience was overwhelmingly turning her on. While observing Sarah, she couldn’t help wishing that she was the one sitting there and wondered when they would call upon her to join in. Her hands were clammy and she could feel the sting of sweat emitting from under her armpits as the anticipation grew within her.
“Trifle, definitely trifle,” Sarah was shouted out her answer.
“Well done! Four points to Sarah,” continued Chris.  
“Okay, now for round two, and this is where the contestant, in this case our beautiful Sarah, needs to identify the food item as well as the person offering that said item with only the use of her mouth and tongue for detection. She is not allowed to use any other part of her body,” Chris explained to his eager audience.
Lee stepped forward and placed two blueberries in her mouth and moved towards Sarah where she kneeled down in front of her. Lee leaned forward to allow her mouth to meet Sarah’s where they both opened lips to match each other, at which point Lee, with lips together, pushed the blueberries into her friend’s mouth. The touching of the lips evolved into a full-on kiss as the women appeared reluctant to break the seal. This was heightened by the fact that only the mouths were in contact and no other part of their bodies.

AUTHOR BIO: I am privileged to have a world filled with the most amazing women.  Throughout my life I have been blessed with knowing the most wonderful women, whether that is through being related to them, or friends with them or colleagues. They have helped influence and color my life, therefore I feel that I have written for those women.

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