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Friday, 29 May 2015

Book Spotlight: Cheating With My Rock Star - An Erotic Los Angeles Encounter by Amy Hillcrest


At some point, I began assuming he wouldnt ever be back in my life. So I married Jason. Sweet, devoted, supportive Jason. He was everything to me, in every way. Except one.

He wasnt my man. Through no fault of Jasons, that title belonged to Lincoln. I knew that it always would.

So I made myself available to Lincoln. And him to me. Whenever we were in the same town, I knew I could reach out and be the one he spent that night with.

I never skipped the opportunity.

Linc knew about Jason but we never talked about him. Truth is, there wasnt much room for anyone else in our relationship, as it existed today. We gluttonously consumed the few hours we had and it rarely involved practical discussion. Naked together, we were a force of nature that demanded every bit of energy we had at that moment.

Keeping this in mind, I found myself at the window, looking across the undulating crowd. Linc was in the middle of crushing one of his greatest hits, a power ballad I knew was partly about me.

I touched the glass and felt his deep, grumbling voice vibrating the smoky surface. Knowing Id have this god among men in less than an hour was exhilarating; a shadow queen watching her king control his adoring masses.



Kendra's got a scorching secret - whenever her high school boyfriend is in town, she slips out of her married life and backstage to his concert for the night. 

Lincoln's become an international rock star after leaving Kendra a decade before. Despite a painful break, they reconnected - on one level, at least. And their blisteringly-hot sessions always take place right after his concert. 

Tonight it's Downtown Los Angeles, where Linc's playing to a sold out crowd at the Staples Center. Kendra watches him perform from an empty luxury suite. Watching him control the crowd, she's overtaken with passion. 

...and when Linc finally arrives, what follows is their hottest encounter yet. But when he suddenly raises the stakes higher than ever before, Kendra realizes she might have to make it their last. 

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