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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Book Spotlight: Fallen Justice by Monica Owens

Insanity. The Devil's children. Love. Lust. Be prepared...this is not a love story for the faint of heart. It does not fit a mold. Dagon's madness sparks an anger and rage most women would run from. Ah, but be patient, Dagon may win it all in the end...

Dagon is a fallen Archangel. When he fled Hell, he took along his soul-killing sword of Hellfire. After centuries with his sword, Dagon has it stolen, causing him to descend into a whirling madness. Gina Marcos has just found her grandmother and now is forced to bury her. The murder of the ex-nun comes to the attention of the church and they ask the Fallen Angels to investigate. Gina, and her many secrets, finds it necessary to coexist with Dagon and his roommates. As the investigation into Sister Mary Ruth's death continues, Gina and Dagon enter into a dangerous relationship. And if Gina's past doesn't come between them, then Dagon's madness surely will.

Sister Mary Ruth settled down into her recliner, a bowl of popcorn clutched in her arms. The television came to life after she arranged herself and her snack. Wind swirled outside her tiny apartment and the television program flickered in and out. She tossed a blanket over her legs as the chill outside permeated through her thin windows.
   A floor board creaked.
   Sister Mary Ruth looked toward the corner where the noise had come from. She strained to see into the darkness, but her dull eyes could make out nothing but blackness. Settling again, she returned her attention back to her television program.
   Another creak.
   This time, Sister Mary Ruth sat up straighter. This time, Sister Mary Ruth was alarmed.
   She clicked the television to mute and set the popcorn aside. Since leaving the convent several years before, her biggest fear had been being found. It broke her heart to leave her sisters, her faith. But to keep those sisters safe…
   “Who’s there?” She whispered.
   The next creak accompanied a tall, male figure emerging from the shadows. She drew in a breath, held it. Terror gripped her. She knew why this man was here. Why, oh, why hadn’t she agreed to stay in the house with her employers? They had offered. She had turned them down. Repeatedly. And now here was her worst nightmare.
   “Good evening, Sister.”
   She meant to correct him, tell him she was an ex-nun, but the words froze on her tongue as he got closer to her. People still called her Sister out of respect, but how could this man respect her when he was, no doubt, sent to kill her?
   Calmly, she folded her hands in front of her. She would not go kicking and screaming. Death would come to her with dignity. That did not mean she had to make small talk with him. Pretend that something other than Death would be her outcome.
   “You know why I’m here,” he said. As he came closer, she saw the slash across his throat, heard the rasp in his voice. At some time he had suffered a nearly deadly blow that had, for the most part, destroyed his vocal cords. Interesting that he should be the one to come looking for answers.
   “I do.” She said softly. Sister Mary Ruth had never been a boisterous woman. For that reason she believed she was singled out so long ago. Terrorized then as they attempted to terrorize now.
   He pulled up the coffee table to her chair and gracefully lowered his big frame down. He loomed close to her, attempting to intimidate her. But Sister Mary Ruth was not intimidated. She knew Death would arrive in a handsome package. In fact, now that it was here, she felt the fear bleed out of her. She had come full circle. The end was upon her and there was no circumventing it.

Monica Owens is originally from Wisconsin and moved to Texas over ten years ago with her husband. Her imagination keeps her busy with the stories of the Fallen Angels and the popular Jillian Christie books. She is happy to call Red Sage home!

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