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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Featured Book: A Latin Lover in The Secret Cove by Shawn Brittner

Shawn's at it Again, This Time He Get's Seduced by a Younger Hot Latino Guy

Easygoing beach bum Shawn is enjoying some time relaxing in the sun after a long week at work. When he goes for lunch at a nearby food truck, one of the boys working there begins flirting with him outrageously.
He doesn’t think much of it until he runs into the same boy that night at the club. Once they have a chance to talk, it becomes clear to Shawn that his weekend’s going to be even more fun than he had planned.

"Although I can’t tell if he does it by accidental clumsiness or on purpose, when he leans back out of the truck he spills about a third of the salsa on my face so that a glob of it slides down my cheek and around the corner of my mouth. I can taste the spiciness on my lips--it’s their extra hot, just what I like.
“So sorry, so sorry, lo siento. Let me get that for you.”
He leans even farther over the counter and stretches out with a napkin"
Wait,” he says with a grin. “I need to inspect you first.”
Even though we’re still out on the open beach and anyone could walk up and see, he makes me stand there completely naked
I can’t take it anymore. He’s toying with me, this cute little Mexican boy, and it’s driving me mad. My cock is stiffening, straining with excitement, and I want to badly to have the chance to inspect him, too. his uncut brown cock looked enormous, but as he drew closer to me this seemed to because it was completely shaved and the rest of his body"

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