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Friday, 12 June 2015

Book Spotlight: #99c Played by my Steptwins by Maya Love

Lacey has always wanted her stepbrother, Ethan. He’s nothing like his cocky and no good twin, Austin.

Austin has nothing that Lacey wants. But suddenly Lacey has something that Austin wants? And something Ethan wants too? 

The whole thing is way too complicated for Lacey to understand. 

But in a house where her stepbrothers look exactly the same, anything can go. Especially in a house that’s filled with lies and secrets that Lacey never imagined possible. Soon she’s caught up in a sexy game of cat and mouse that she just might become obsessed with. The question is… who does she really want? Or, just maybe, could she want them both? FIND OUT IN PLAYED BY MY STEPTWINS BY MAYA LOVE! 

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