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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Book Spotlight: The Choice: Weighted Letters by Audrey Burke-Moore

"“To keep her means the death of hundreds, to lose her means the 
death of me” was written in Austyn’s fate after meeting Kayla at 
Brinley’s Coffee and Pie. Love is a powerful emotion, but is it 
strong enough for Austyn to chance losing it all." 


“Would you mind? I asked her.
“Would I mind what Austyn?”
“Would you mind if I made love to you Kayla James?”
She smiled and looked at me. I studied her face, the way her
nostrils flared slightly before she smiled. The way she raised
her right eyebrow and bit her lip when she became excited.
She simply replied, “Yes”. I pulled off my t-shirt at the door
and walked up to her….

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