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Friday, 19 June 2015

Book Spotlight: #FREE Seduced by the Shifters by Mia P. Mallone

“We will not hurt you,” Aiden promised, his voice hoarse. Richard swayed forward with a whine, but Aiden stopped him with a firm grip on his arm. “We won’t,” he repeated, as if convincing himself. 

Betty Chadwick is an intelligent, curvy, and dedicated student, but life has forced her to make sacrifices. Trapped in a trailer, taking care of her ailing but abusive stepfather, each and every day, she struggles to come up with enough money to pay the bills and her tuition. When a potentially disastrous expense arises, she knows she needs to make a change. Then, a chance encounter with a dead-sexy man looking for an assistant challenges everything she knows to be true and ever wanted from a man. 

But when she arrives for the interview, Betty gets even more than she bargained for. Not only does Mr. Aiden Pierce have a boyfriend, but he also leads a lavish lifestyle and holds a dangerous secret. 

Aiden and his boyfriend, Richard Barnes, are partners in both business and life, handsome lovers whose secret causes them to lead lonely lives. Betty stumbles into their lives (and their bed) and brings about a dramatic change, along with a temptation their inner beasts cannot ignore for long. 

Their beastly secret is a treacherous one, but as it turns out, Aiden and Richard aren’t the only ones tempted. Betty has never had anyone appreciate her body like this before and is entranced by these two sexy men, who seem to find her irresistible. Just her scent is enough to set them off, and after that, there’s no going back. Even when things take a turn for the supernatural, she cannot make herself leave. Will she be able to escape the wild, erotic night unscathed? 


“How did it get so late?” she said, glancing down at her phone to see it was nearly eight. Aiden stiffened beside her as he caught sight of the time, and she looked up to see him catch Richard’s eye. The tension in the room suddenly peaked as Richard all but fell off of his stool in his hurry to back away. Aiden was a bit more controlled, but he also stood and took a step back.

“You’re right, it’s late,” Aiden agreed, his voice tight. Betty watched in confusion as he clenched his fists at his sides. Had she said something wrong? He’d been so relaxed only a moment ago. “You should probably—”

“Go,” rasped Richard from behind her. She whirled around to see him leaning against the counter on the other side of the kitchen, gripping the counter for dear life. “Betty, please, you have to go.”

“Richard, are you sick?” she asked hesitantly. She could see sweat beading on his face and arms, and he looked as if he was barely holding himself together.

“He’s fine,” Aiden started, “he just—”

“Dammit, Aiden, get her out of here,” Richard growled — and it was a true growl, a primal, animal sound that raised goosebumps on Betty’s skin. She took a startled step back as he doubled nearly in two. She glanced over at Aiden, who was also starting to look affected; he was panting and gripping the back of the bar stool for support.

“I can’t,” Aiden ground out, “I’m—”

And that was all he got out before he let out a roar, a deep, bone chilling sound that resonated throughout the house and was echoed seconds later by Richard. Betty watched in silent horror as the two men contorted, as if bones were shifting under the surface of their skin. Within seconds, they grew impossibly taller, wider. Their clothes ripped and fell away as fur sprouted over their skin. Betty pressed a hand to her mouth to hold in her screams as she realized she was no longer standing before two men, but two very large bears. She took one step back, and two large heads swiveled around to look at her. Suddenly, all of the hunting trophies made more sense, and Betty had the terrifying mental image of her head joining the others on the wall.

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