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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Book Spotlight: Kickass Billionaire: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance by Summer Cooper

Mia is kind, caring and dependable; perfect characteristics for a young mother. Single-handedly raising her karate-mad son Lincoln, she finally takes him to her local dojo. Here, Mia meets the devilishly handsome Jonathan and insanely jealous Ronan. Mia cannot stop thinking about Jonathan’s sinewy, lean muscles when she goes on a business trip... until she discovers Jonathan is there too. 
Passions and lust reach dizzying heights as Mia and Jonathan spend a steamy weekend alone together, with Mia experiencing a sexual reawakening. Jonathan reveals surprising secrets about himself, as Mia falls madly in love. Upon their return to normality, things do not go as smoothly as hoped. But can these new lovers overcome wicked Ronan’s scheming? With Mia choosing family over everything, Jonathan must too make a choice. In this emotion filled roller coaster, who will Jonathan choose: sweet, sexy Mia or jealous, wild Ronan? 

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