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Friday, 26 June 2015

Book Spotlight: Diary: From the Outside Looking In by Brandon Harper #99c

Diary: From the Outside Looking In... The heart that Understands is an insightful guide with a hard hitting edgy message that gives couples and singles an overview and outlook on situations. As it relates to the topics of life, love, sex and relationships. When you are on the outside looking in, a true heart pays attention to what goes on and understands the reality that life brings. The happiness, the joy, the sadness and pain, the complications, discovering self worth, powerful romance and the sexually charged encounters. Everything that looks good or seems like it's swell isn't always as it may appear to be. The heart that Understands tackles various subjects and gives an in depth look on life, love and sex on different levels by being honest and straight forward in hopes of getting people to see what really goes on inside of people's hearts and minds. 


What is the definition of a cheater? This is the question many of us ask quite often in order to gain some form of clarity and understanding as to why the ones that we love and care for would ever hurt us this way. Now to my knowledge, a cheater is someone that partakes in sexual activity with another person or person(s) regardless if it's knowingly or unknowingly. Being cheated on has got to possibly be one of the top worst feelings in the world because when it happens at a person's expense, that shit hurts. It cuts like a knife being carved into our hearts. It stings painfully and above all, it messes with you mentally. Remember, we are all human and have feelings. No matter how hard we try to forget, we never will because the thought of knowing that someone did it to us hurts. It's a form of trickery that men and women use to their advantage for selfish reasons. A lot of the time, most know when they're cheating and know that it's wrong, but they just don't give a fuck. Then, you have the very few that are cheating but really don't even realize that they are.

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